List of Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘B’, Meaning of Names

Name Meaning
Babasolaf Father’s property has been inherited
Babatunji My father returns
Babis Analytical person from the legends
Badada Person with a big heart
Badrick Axe ruler
Bail A form of vail
Baker Baker
Baltasar God or lord protect the king
Balthasar One of the three wise men
Banagher It means a Pointed Hill
Banaing The slayer’s son
Bancrofft A field rich of pasture
Bancroft Pasture filled land
Band It means a hill covered with broom
Bani Goddess saraswati
Banjo It is an old English musical instrument
Bankole The name means Build a home for me.
Bankroft Pasture field
Bannan It would mean Commander
Banner Flag bearer
Banny Petite and good-looking person
Banquo Shakespearean name used in The Tragedy of Macbeth
Baptiste Baptiser
Barabas Barabba
Barak Of the lightning flash
Baranan A variant name for ram- the hindu god
Baranar It means a strange
Baraz A person who is regarded as high
Barclay Place where birches grow.
Bardalph A strong and courageous person
Bardan One who lives Near the Boar’s Den
Bardarik A bold ruler
Barde A ballad singer
Barden Barley valley
Bardi A bearded man
Bardon A poetic person who lives in tne valleys
Bardou Bright and smart wolf
Bardrick A soldier who works with the axe
Bardulf A clever
Barend Person like a bear
Baret As strong as a bear
Barivendus An idealistic person
Barley A barley seller by occupation
Barlowe A hill filled with barley
Barnab Son of consolation
Barnabas Barnaby son of prophecy
Barnabe One who consoles
Barnaby A form of barnabas
Barnardo Courageous as a bear
Barnes Bear; son of barnett
Barnim Protective person
Barnum Baron’s home
Barocunas Practical natured person
Baron Nobleman
Baronet Survived from the burnt land
Baronett One who survives through problems
Barratt Strong by mind
Barrclay A valley filled with birches
Barrey Rough and brave like a bear
Barric Grain farm
Barrlow One who lives by the hillside
Barron A form of baron
Barrow One who lives by the grove
Barrton Settled near a field full of barley
Barth Son of tolmai
Barthelemy Son of a farmer
Barthelmy A farmer’s son
Bartholemew Hill
Bartholomeus A man whose father farms by occupation
Bartilmew A logical person
Bartle One who has intuition and thinks carefully
Bartleah A traditional name from Bart’s Meadow
Bartleigh An old English name from Bart’s Meadow
Bartlet A form of bartholomew
Bartley Barley meadow
Bartold It means being like a Furrow
Bartolmeu Taimai’s son
Bartolom A variation of Bartholomew
Bartolomej Another name for ploughman
Bartolomeu One who is son of the great Taimai
Barton Barley farm or bart’s town. the epon..
Bartram Bright and God gifted Raven
Bartt The son of the farmer
Bartulme Tulme’s son
Barwick Name comes a person who lives near a corn farm
Barwolf Some equivalent to a bear
Barwon A lover of nature and other beings
Barwyn White haired person
Basa It means wood or the forest
Base A person who works with the resources at hand
Basil A saint and prominent scholar of the earl Christian church; royal; grand
Basilus A person with leadership qualities
Basse Fierce as a Wild boar
Basset Short and sweet person
Bassett Little person
Bat A short form of bartholomew
Bate A variation of the name Bartholomew
Bathsheba Daughter of the oath
Battah A name popularly used in Lebanon
Batte A traditional brazilian name which indicates an elephant
Baudelaire It means a small but sharp sword
Baudet One who is always joyous
Baudkin A self assured and independent person
Baudoin A fearless and trustworthy friend
Baudoyn Boys who are loved for their individualistic character
Baul Person who is slow like a snail
Baumer Renowned person in his tribe
Bavol It means strong winds or storm
Bawden One who dwells at the top of the hill
Bawer A fellow faithful citizen
Baxter An alternate form of baker
Bay Howler
Baynes One bonded by relations
Bayode One who can please himself
Bayowa One who shares joy with everyone
Bayron A form of baron
Bayu The force of a wind
Bazyl Person of royal character
Bazyli Person from the kings heritage
Beacher Beech trees
Beachy A variant of beacher
Beada It means a group of cows
Beagmund One who shares peace with everyone
Beagnoth A traditional name used for boys in England
Beaman Beekeeper
Beamann One who looks after bees
Beamen He makes honey from bees
Beamer Trumpet player
Beanburh A strong fortress
Beanie It means  a Cat Like behaviour
Beard The man who loves his beard
Beardsley A person famous by his beard
Beasley Field of peas
Beat One who is blessed
Beaudean It means a place of protection
Beaumund The protected one
Beauvivant A boy of divine beauty
Beauxregard The one with a graceful look
Beaver Beaver
Beaw The man who is beautiful
Bebak A daring lad by character
Bebba A man who has brotherly affection
Beceere He who lived beside the Beech tree
Beck Brook
Bede Prayer.
Bedel The holy messenger of people
Bedenis A resourceful boy for the family
Bedfrith Boy who is restless and active by character
Bedgeat One who can command the crowd
Bedhelm A leader in the battle
Bedla The name of a town
Bedric One who has the capacity to command well
Bedrisek The ruler who rules justly and peacefully
Bedros One who is sturdy as stone
Bedwig The one who dictates the war
Beechy He who lives by the beech trees
Beeman The one who has the occupation of a Beekeeper
Behrtferth The one who brings peace
Behrtwald The rule that is everlasting
Beini The person who works as a smith
Beirne The name means a brook
Bejit A name that is developed in Denmark
Bekkr He who lives by the narrow river
Beldan He who Lives by the Beautiful Glen
Beldane The one who lives by the Beautiful Valley
Beldin He who settles by the valley
Belgr An ambitious and independent person
Bell Bell ringer
Bellamey The person who looks good and is your perfect companion
Bellangere He who represents Alexander’s son
Belldon The person lives by the peaceful vale
Bellinor A dark beauty
Bello He who helps his kin and friends
Beloc He who lives by the barn
Beltrano The one who is sharp like a raven
Bemelle He who is strong like a young bear
Bemot One who shows bravery like a bear
Ben Son
Benajah He who is built by the power of God
Bendiks He who is blessed
Benecroft The person lives near a field of beans
Benedict Blessed
Benjamen Son of my right
Benjamin In Hebrew it means ‘Son of my right hand’.
Benjammin Son of my right hand
Benn Son of the south ; son of the right hand
Bennjamin Son of my right hand
Benny Son of my right hand
Benson Ben’s son
Benssen This is the child of Ben
Bentley Moor; coarse grass meadow
Benton Ben’s town; town on the moors
Bernard Brave as a bear.
Bernardo From shakespeare’s play hamlet
Berry Berry; grape
Bertie A familiar form of bert
Berton Bright settlement; fortified town
Bertram Bright raven.
Beryl Dazzling jewel
Beval Like the wind
Binky A familiar form of bancroft
Birch White; shining; birch tree
Birtle Hill with birds
Bishop Bishop
Bjergen Movie name
Blain A form of blaine
Blake Signifies dark.
Blaze Flame; trail mark made on a tree
Bo A form of beau
Boaz In Hebrew
Bob A short form of robert
Bobbi Shortened name of Robert or Robertia
Bobby A german name that means to shine.
Bond Tiller of the soil
Booker Bookmaker; book lover; bible lover
Bosley Grove of trees
Boston A form of bosley
Bourne Brook
Brad A short form of bradford or bradley
Bradd Broad
Bradden Resembling salmon / from the wide valley
Bradey A form of brady
Bradlee A form of bradley
Bradley Broad meadow.
Bradly A form of bradley
Bradshaw Broad forest
Brady Broad island
Bradyn A form of braden
Braedan A form of braden
Braeden A form of braden
Braedon A form of bradon
Braedyn A form of braden
Braiden A form of braden
Braidon A form of bradon
Brainard Bold raven; prince
Bramwell Bramble spring
Brandan A form of brandon
Branddon Beacon hill
Branden Beacon valley
Brandenn From the broom or gorse hill
Brandin A form of branden
Brando A form of brand
Brandon Beacon hill
Brandonn Beacon hill
Brandt A form of brant
Brandyn A form of brandon
Branndon Beacon hill
Bransen A form of branson
Branson Son of brandon
Brant Proud
Brantly A form of brant
Branton Brant’s town
Braulio One who is glowing
Braxton Brock’s town
Braxxton Brock’s town
Brayden A form of braden
Braydenn Resembling salmon / from the wide valley
Braydon A form of bradon
Brayton A form of brighton
Brendan Sword
Brendon A form of brandon
Brendyn A form of brendan
Brenen A form of brendan
Brennan A form of brendan
Brenndan Born to royalty ; a prince
Brennden Born to royalty ; a prince
Brenndon Born to royalty ; a prince
Brennen A form of brendan
Brenner A form of brendan
Brennon A form of brendan
Brenten A form of brenton
Brentley A form of brantley
Brenton Steep hill
Brentt From the hill
Brentton From the hill
Brewster Brewer
Brice Son of rice
Brick Bridge
Bridger Bridge builder
Brighton The one who is loved
Brinley Tawny
Britt The helpful one
Broc A form of brock
Brock Badger
Brockton A form of brock
Brod A short form of broderick
Brodderick Broad ridge
Broderick Broad ridge
Brodrick A form of broderick
Bromley Brushwood meadow
Bronson Son of brown
Brooks Son of brook
Bruno A brown- haired man
Bryden A form of braden
Brydon A form of braden
Bryon Bear
Brysonn Grandson of a nobleman ; son of bryce
Bryton A form of brighton
Buck Male deer
Buckley Deer meadow
Bud Herald
Buell Bull
Buford Ford near the castle
Bundy Free
Burdan Birch valley
Burford Birch ford
Burgess Town dweller or shopkeeper.
Burl Cup bearer; wine servant; knot in a tree
Burleigh Meadow with knotted tree trunks
Burne Brook
Burnett Burned nettle
Burney Island with a brook
Burr Prickly plant
Burris Town dweller
Burt A form of bert
Burton Fortified town.
Butcher Butcher
Byram Cattle yard
Byran A form of byron
Byrd Birdlike
Byrne A form of burne
Byron Barn

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