Popular Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘C ‘

Name Meanings
Caaden A battle maiden
Cab A rope maker
Cabail It means a rope maker by profession
Cabal A private people’s group
Cabales cheerful and friendly
Cabbrieli A variation of Gabriel and servant of God
Cabdi Arabic word for servant
Cacumattus A rare name that means one who survives through hardships
Cadassi The name is connected to a person in the sea
Cadby Warrior’s settlement
Caddam A strong willed person from the warrior\s land
Caddaric It means a fearless battle leader. An old Cerdic English name that resembles a Saxon King..
Caddarik The one who leads a battle
Cadden A battle maiden
Cadmon A strong willed warrior
Cadmus Intelligent person who hails from the east
Cadog One who survives through a battle
Cador The name of nephew of King Arthur
Cadwalader One who leads the battle
Cadwallader A battle leader
Cadwur It means the soldier of wisdom
Caelic A man from the heavens
Caiden fighter or battler
Calder Brook
Cale A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish)
Caleb In Hebrew
Callixtus Depicting beauty
Callum Dove
Calum Dove
Calvin Bald
Cameron Bent or crooked nose
Camerron Having a crooked nose
Camilo A free born child
Cammeron Having a crooked nose
Cammron Having a crooked nose
Campbell Beautiful field
Can heart or soul of life
Cane Spear
Carl A short form of carlton
Carlington A person of fine character
Carloss Manly
Carlsmith Strong blacksmith
Carlton Literally means carl’s town.
Carlyle A form of carlisle
Carnell Defender of the castle
Caron A person to be loved
Carrson The son of a marsh dweller
Carsen A form of carson
Carson Son of carr
Carter In English
Cartland Cart builder’s island
Carvell Village on the marsh
Carver Wood-carver; sculptor
Case Brave
Cash Hollow
Caspar Treasurer
Cassius It means hollow and lends an antique feel to the name
Casson A seer
Castor It is a Greek name that means pious one
Castro It means a walled city/ castle/ fortress
Casworon It means a battle hero.
Catacvs A boy who is tolerant
Cater Caterer
Catgen Emotional and intelligent person
Catgual It means a Creative and interesting person
Catguare It means a capable
Catgucaun Trustworthy and capable person by character
Catguocaun This is a humble and highly sensitive person
Catomagli One who loves his people dearly
Catuoconi A man who comes from the British Lineage
Caturugus It means a calm
Caulfield The person from caulfields
Caulton One who lives in the calf farm
Caveti It means a detail oriented person
Cawley Cow meadow
Caydenn One who is round / of the cask
Caydren The person who will battle in high spirit
Ceadd A very fierce man who wars with nations
Ceaddi A brave person
Ceallachan One who wages war bravely
Ceatta The name of a Anglo-Saxon saint
Cebe A calm personality
Cederic A form of cedric
Cedric An alternative form of kedrick
Cedrick A form of cedric
Cedrik A form of cedric
Ceger Creative and helping person
Ceirin The young black child
Ceiro One who is loved by all
Cenek One who can conquer the world
Cenewyg The warrior who fights bravely
Cenfrith A realistic person who achieves goals
Cenn One who is known for his strong and stable character
Cenred A King who day dreams
Ceobba One who gives importance for education
Ceofel A passionate person who thinks the good for everyone
Ceol The leader of the ship
Ceolbald A confident and bold person
Ceolbeald A level headed person
Ceolfrid One who is lonely in life
Ceolfrih A person of high authority and bold to take decisions
Ceolfrith One who holds the position of an abbot
Ceolla A daring and straight forward person
Ceolmaer A person who is mature and cheerful
Ceolnoth An outspoken person accepted by all
Ceomma The name means one who makes all happy
Cephas Stone
Cerenhir A rational believer of God
Cerne The one with a dark complexion
Cesar Hairy person
Cestmir He who has the quality of a sturdy fortress
Chacko Means a cute
Chad From the celtic meaning warrior
Chadd A form of chad
Chaddrick One who is warlike
Chadrick Meaning uncertain
Chadwik A warrior who stands for his people
Chaga He who can dominate over others
Chagai The one who celebrates and shares happiness
Chaika Life chaim – life
Chal The brave son
Chaleins The lad who is sharp sighted
Chanait The one who is graceful
Chanandip He who shines within the light of the Lord
Chancellor Record keeper
Chancelor A form of chancellor
Chances Good fortune
Channce One who takes risks
Chant Sang
Charles Free Man
Charleston A form of carlton
Charlie A familiar form of charles
Charlles One who is manly and strong / a free man
Charlton A form of carlton
Chas A familiar form of charles
Chasse A hunts- man
Chauncey Chancellor; church official
Chauncy A form of chauncey
Chaz A familiar form of charles
Chazz A familiar form of charles
Chester A short form of rochester
Cheston A form of chester
Chet A short form of chester
Chett From the camp of the soldiers
Chick A familiar form of charles
Chip A familiar form of charles
Chipper A form of chip
Chris It is a Greek name that means ‘carrier of Christ’
Christiaan A follower of christ
Christian In Greek and Latin
Christianus Follower of christ
Christo Follower of christ
Christoopher One who bears christ inside
Christopher The Greek origin name means ‘follower of Christ’.
Christophor Bearer of christ
Churchill Church on the hill.
Claudius The lame one
Clayton Town built on clay
Cleavon Cliff
Cleve A short form of cleveland
Cleveland Land of cliffs
Cliff A short form of clifford
Clifford Cliff at the river crossing
Cliffton From the town near the cliff
Clifton Literally
Clint A short form of clinton
Clive A steep bank.
Clyde In Scottish this name means ‘river’
Coady A form of cody
Coddy One who is helpful ; a wealthy man / acting as a cushion
Codey A form of cody
Codie A form of cody
Cody Cushion.
Coen Brave
Cohen In Hebrew
Colbert Famous seafarer
Colbey A form of colby
Colby Dark; dark haired
Cole A short form of colbert
Coley A familiar form of cole
Colley Black haired; swarthy
Collier Miner
Colson Son of nicholas
Colt Young horse; frisky
Coltan A form of colton
Colten A form of colton
Colter Herd of colts
Coltin A form of colton
Colton Coal town
Coltyn A form of colton
Connie Among the famous people
Cook Cook
Cooper It means a seller or barrel maker
Corbett Resembling a young raven
Cordaro Lamb
Corderro Resembling a lamb
Corliss Cheerful; goodhearted
Cornellius Ivory colored
Cornwallis From cornwall
Cortland A form of courtland
Corwin Heart’s companion; heart’s delight
Coulter A form of colter
Coy Woods
Craig Cliff; rock
Cramer Full
Crandall Crane’s valley
Crane Crane
Cranston Crane’s town
Crispin Curly haired
Crist Christ
Cristofer Follower of christ or anointed
Cristoffer Follower of christ or anointed
Crosley Meadow of the cross
Crowther Fiddler
Culver Dove
Curt Short
Curtiss Polite or courteous
Cuthbert Brilliant
Cyril Master or lord
Cyrus Sun ; lord ; throne
Cyruss The sun

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