Unique Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘D’

Name Meanings
Daan God is my judge
Daaron A great man / a gift from god
Daavi Daavi is a variant of David and means beloved.
Dace Southerner
Daduidog The courageous leader
Dae-hyun The honorable one
Daecca He who possess supernatural powers
Daedca The blacksmith by profession
Daeddel The dove that lives in the woods
Daegel From daegel
Daegga The individual who is genuine
Daelen A form of dale
Dafydd Welsh form of Biblical hebrew name David; meaning “beloved”
Dagan Grain or corn
Dagbjart The day is bright with sunshine
Dagbjartur The life resembles a bright day
Daghan One who is good at heart
Dagur It means a new day or a new beginning
Dalan A form of dale
Dalbert Bright
Dale Valley
Dalen A form of dale
Daley A familiar form of dale
Dalin A form of dallin
Dalit Draw water
Dallan A form of dalan
Dallen A form of dalan
Dallin Pride’s people
Dallon A form of dallan
Dallton Town in the valley
Dallyn Pride’s people
Dalon A form of dale
Dalvin A form of delvin
Dalyn A form of dale
Damarcus From the god mars
Damean It is a Greek saint’s name.
Damiann One who tames or subdues others
Dammian One who tames or subdues others
Dammon To tame
Damonn To tame
Dan From the name daniel daniel – a great hebrew prophet
Dane From denmark.
Daniel In Hebrew
Danilo God is my judge
Danish From denmark
Dannon From daniel-judged by god
Dantee An enduring man ; everlasting
Danyl From the name daniel
Darell A form of darrell
Daren A form of darren
Dario Maintain well
Darnal It means ‘to hide’ or ‘a secret’
Darnall Well kept secret
Darnel A form of darnell
Darnell Hidden place
Daron A form of darren
Daronn A great man / a gift from god
Darrbie The one who does not have hatred and envy
Darrel A form of darrell
Darrell Name of an ancient French place d’Airelle
Darren Small; rocky hill
Darrio A kingly man ; one who is wealthy
Darrius A kingly man ; one who is wealthy
Darroch It means ‘strong willed’
Darryll Darling
Darthmouth Name of a Port
Darvin A form of darwin
Darwin Dear friend.
Daube One who has the qualities of the Dove
Daubeney It means the Albinius’ place
Daulton A form of dalton
Dave From the name david david – beloved
Davenja One who is kind hearted to mankind
Davet A variant of David
David In Hebrew
Davidde A person who loves his family
Davionn Brilliant finn
Davis Beloved
Davorin The person who is powerful to wage a war
Davvid The beloved one
Dawe An individual who is cherished and loved
Dawson Son of david
Dax Water
Daylann A steady and strong individual
Deaborn Deer brook
Deagmund The protector of his people
Dean Valley
Debson He who is renowned for the wisdom he is blessed with
Deddrick The ruler of the tribe
Dedo The one with a sympathetic character
Dedrik The powerful ruler who is talented and brave
Deedrick The ruler of the tribe
Deemer A character that is capable of judging others
Deems Judge;s child
Deerick The ruler of the tribe
Deerward The one who protects deer which live by the river
Deeshawn God is gracious
Deevon From the beautiful farmland ; of the divine
Degare The one who goes stray but survives
Dei Blessed by the grace of God
Deison The strong and mighty person
Deiter One who lives in an unselfish manner
Dekle The leader with many talents
Del A short form of delbert
Delany The dark challenger / from the elder-tree grove
Dell Small valley.
Dellwin He who is respected by all
Delton A form of dalton
Delun One who lives by being just to all
Delvin Proud friend; friend from the valley
Delvon A form of delvin
Delwin A form of delvin
Demarco From the god mars
Demarrio Gentle
Demonte Man of the mountain
Denali It means a mighty person
Denham Village in the valley
Denis God of wine; mountain of zeus
Denley Meadow; valley
Denly Denly means an optimistic person
Dennis God of wine; mountain of zeus
Dennison Son of dennis
Denton A name that means settlement
Denver Green valley
Denzell A place in cornwall
Dereck The ruler of the tribe
Deronn A birdlike woman
Derreck The ruler of the tribe
Derrek The ruler of the tribe
Derron A birdlike woman
Derwin A form of darwin
Devaughn Small
Devven From the beautiful farmland ; of the divine
Devvin From the beautiful farmland ; of the divine
Dexter Fabric dyer
Dickson Son of dick
Dieudonn Given by god
Dino One who wields a little sword
Dionn The god of wine and revelry
Dirk Ruler of the people
Dixon Son of dick
Doane Low
Dob A familiar form of robert
Dominic Belonging to god
Dominicc A lord
Domminic A lord
Domminick A lord
Donnald World leader
Donnovan Dark warrior
Donovann Dark warrior
Doron Gift
Dov Bear
Drake Dragon
Draven It means child of beautiful shadows
Dre Man
Drew A short form of andrew
Dru A form of drew
Drue A form of drew
Dryden Dry valley
Dudd A short form of dudley
Dudley Common field.
Dunley Hilly meadow
Dur A short form of durwin
Durell Son of hureau
Durrell One who is strong and protective
Durwin A form of darwin
Dustin Strong-hearted leader.
Dusty A familiar form of dustin
Dwight A form of dewitt
Dyer Fabric dyer
Dyke Dike; ditch
Dylan It Welsh
Dyson A short form of dennison

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