Latest Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘E’

Name Meaning
Eadbhard One who is a rich protector
Eadfrid One who is responsible.
Eadfrith One who is generous
Eadhelm One who is full of life
Eadmer One who is of high esteem
Eadred One who is affluent
Eadsele One who is strong
Eadsige One who is full of wisdom
Eaduin One who is idealistic
Eadulf One who loves to serve others
Eadwald One who is a great leader
Eadweald The one who is rich and kind
Eadwiella The name that person lives by the Old Spring
Eadwinn One who is wealthy
Eadwold One who is an independent and a very tolerant person.
Ealdbehrt One who is independent and happy
Ean A form of ian
Eann God is gracious ; in the bible
Earl Nobleman
Earnest Ernest
Eban Stone
Ebenezer In Hebrew
Ebin A helping stone
Ebner A form of abner
Ed A short form of edgar
Edbert Wealthy; bright
Eddie It means to be happy and good friend
Eddison Son of edward
Eddward A wealthy protector
Eddy A familiar form of edgar
Edelhard One who is sincere and candid
Eden Delightful
Edgar Wealthy spearman.
Edgard A form of edgar
Edgardo Prosperous and powerful warrior
Edgarton One who is a buoyant ruler
Edik One who is a prosperous custodian
Ediline One who is soft-hearted and polite
Edingu A passionate and efficient ruler
Edison Son of edward
Edisson Son of edward
Edmond A form of edmund
Edmonde A great saviour
Edmund Which means prosperous protector
Ednyfed One who is a great warrior
Edred Affluent and successful leader
Edric Prosperous ruler
Edsel Rich man’s house
Edson A short form of edison
Edward Prosperous guardian.
Edwardd A wealthy protector
Edwarya One who is full of life and trustworthy
Edwin Prosperous friend.
Edwinn A wealthy friend
Effren One who is fertile ; productive
Efrat Honored
Efrem From the name ephraim
Efren Fruitful
Egbert Bright sword
Egric One who lives forever
Eilwen An old dear friend
Einan The one who has lovely eyes
Einbresel One who works for greater good
Einion One who is very generous
Eisig He who laughs
Eitan Strong and staunch
Eithin One who is imaginative and creative and enduring; long lived
Elais The name is of Greek origin meaning Yahweh is life-giving
Elan Hebrew name for light
Elave One who is highly intellectual
Elbert A form of albert
Elden A form of alden
Elder Dweller near the elder trees
Eldon Sacred hill.
Eldred A form of aldred
Eldwin A form of aldwin
Eleuver One who is passionate and free-willed
Elgin Noble; white
Elgued One who is energetic
Eli A Hebrew name a high person
Eliada One who has the knowledge of God
Elian A form of elijah
Elias Jehovah is god
Eliezer God has helped
Elii Uplifted or ascent
Eliijah Jehovah is my god
Elijaah Jehovah is my god
Elijah In Hebrew
Elijahh Jehovah is my god
Elijha A form of elijah
Elio A form of elliot
Eliot A form of elliot
Eliott Jehovah is god
Elis God is the Lord
Elisee God is my salvation
Eliseo God is my salvation
Elisie The Hebrew name means ‘My God is my salvation’
Eliyas Messenger of God
Eljah Form of elijah
Ellgar One who is like the shining spear
Ellian A spirited man
Ellias Jehovah is god
Ellijah Jehovah is my god
Elliot Crime fighter
Elliott A form of elijah
Ellis A form of elias
Ellmer One who has a noble heart and soul
Ellston The one who belongs to the farm
Ellsworth Nobleman’s estate
Elmer Noble or famous.
Elmet One who is independent
Elmo Protector
Elmore Moor where the elm trees grow
Eloy Selection
Elrond One who is a ruler; a star dome
Elston Noble’s town
Elton Old town
Elvin A form of alvin
Elvis One who has wisdom
Elvy Elfin warrior
Ely Form of eli
Emanuel God is with us
Emilliano One who is eager ; an industrious man
Emillio One who is eager ; an industrious man
Emmanuel God is with us
Emmiliano One who is eager ; an industrious man
Enar One who is a great warrior
Enoch Dedicated or consecrated ephraim – doubly fruitful
Enrrique The ruler of the estate
Enzo The ruler of the estate
Enzzo The ruler of the estate
Eoin God is gracious
Ephraim In Hebrew
Ephrem Fruitful
Eran Form of aaron
Erastus In Greek
Eric Brave ruler
Ericc A form of Eric; Meaning: Ever powerful
Erick A form of Eric; Meaning: Ever powerful
Erickson Son of Eric; Meaning: Ever powerful
Erikk Ever the ruler
Erland Nobleman’s land
Erling Nobleman’s son
Ernest Earnest or sincere.
Ernie A familiar form of ernest
Eron Peace
Erric Ever the ruler
Errick A form of eric
Errik Ever the ruler
Errol Uncertain
Ervin Sea friend
Ervine A form of irving
Erwin Sea friend
Esav Coarse
Esmond Protected by grace.
Etan Steady
Ethan In Hebrew
Ethann One who is firm and steadfast
Ethen One who is firm and steadfast
Eugenio Well born
Evaan God is gracious ; in the bible
Evan A form of john
Ewald Powerful lawman
Ewan Actor ewan mcgregor
Ewert Ewe herder
Ewing Friend of the law
Eyal Strength
Ezekial God make me stronger
Ezekiel In Hebrew
Ezequiel Strength of god
Ezio Friend
Ezra In Hebrew language it means Helper.

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