Best Modern Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘F’

Name Meaning
Fabi One who farms beans
Fabian One who sells beans
Fabio A grower of beans
Fabyen A person who is a bean farmer by profession
Facca One who stays with the family like a sheep
Faddei A valiant and brave person
Fadeyka A courageous person
Fadeyushka One who fears nothing
Faine One who is good natured and well mannered
Falito A familiar form of rafael
Fane Joyful
Faresego One who thinks a lot
Farley Bull meadow; sheep meadow.
Farnell Fern-covered hill
Farnley Fern meadow
Faron A form of faren
Farr Traveler
Farrow Piglet
Fayvel A smart and outstanding boy
Fearne One who lives among ferns
Fearnleah The person who lives in the fern covered lands
Febian A member of the fabius clan
Febin It means a curious boy
Fecca It indicates a low-born child
Feerouzah It means a semi-precious stone of Turkish origin
Feivel God assists
Felabeorbt A lad who is brilliant
Felamaere One who becomes famous
Feldtun The one who earns from the fields
Felician It means a boy of luck
Felicio One who is blessed with Luck
Felicjan It means a man who can reap fortune
Felix Cheerful
Fellipe One who loves horses
Felten An active and healthy man
Felton Field town
Fenton Marshland farm.
Fenwicke A man whose life dwells on the farm
Feologild A traditional name from the old English days and one who is religious
Feolomaer A man of justice
Feoluca The name is derived from a lake in the English country side
Feolugeld A traditional name indicating a person lives by a lake in England
Feolumaer A name that shows english harmony
Feoras One who is tough yet looks like a smooth rock
Ferdinandus One who travels with courage
Fergus The first and supreme choice
Fernald The person who belongs to fern lands
Fernall One who lives by the fern covered hillside
Fernlea A man who belongs to the meadows
Fernlee One who is said to have settled in the fern meadows
Fernly He who has built his house near ferns
Ferruccio One as bold as a sword
Feruzi He holds the beauty of Turquoise
Fessler One who has the cooper occupation
Fethee The capacity ot judge well
Feye The beginning of life
Fiadh As secretive as a raven
Fidel Faithful
Fidele One who is faithful to his work
Fides The man known to be truthful to his people
Fie The dark side of a peaceful life
Field A short form of fielding
Fien One who is elegant
Fife An ancient Scottish name from the ancient days
Figaro One who is cunning in thoughts
Fil He who loves his horses
Filbert Brilliant.see also bert
Filberte A learned person who lives well
Filbuk A witty and jolly person
Filip Lover of horses
Fillan A wolf like sharp instinct person
Fillip One who loves horses
Filmer A famous person in his locality
Finja The name is a variation of the name Finn meaning fair
Finlo A brave warrior
Finnbogi A merchant who does good business
Finnlay Haired soldier
Finnula One who is fair in thoughts and actions
Finnur The man who hails from Finland
Finvarra A name that represents the King from the Mound of Fairies
Fionnghuala A man who is not partial in his thoughts
Firdose The person is blessed by the Paradise of the Gods
Firouzah He who is precious
Firth Woodland
Fischer A form of fisher
Fisher Fisherman
Fiske Fisherman
Fitch Weasel
Fitz Son
Fitzhugh Son of hugh
Fitzwilliam This name has a meaning of “the male offspring of William”
Fiu The male descendant of the family
Fiyero A person who is proud
Fjall One who lives by the uneven hill
Flaminio The holy one who guards the flames
Flaviu The one who is admired for his yellow hair
Fleming From denmark; from flanders
Fletcher From the old french
Flint The name denotes- a strong rebel type man.
Floki The name denotes a Viking who is heroic by nature
Floyd A form of lloyd.
Flurry Flourishing
Flyn It refers to a person with red hair
Fobb Highly energetic individual person
Fonzy Fonzy represents someone who is worthy of honor and ready to defend a cause
Ford River crossing
Forester Forest guardian
Forestt A wood- land dweller forrest
Forrestt A wood- land dweller forrest
Fowler Trapper of wildfowl
Francesco From france
Francis Belonging to france
Franco From france
Frank A short form of francis
Frankie A familiar form of frank
Franklin Free landowner.
Franklyn A form of franklin
Franky A familiar form of frank
Fraser Curly haired
Frayn A person who is a foreigner
Frayne Stranger
Fredderick A peaceful ruler
Freddrick A peaceful ruler
Freeborn Child of freedom
Freeman Free
Frewin Free; noble friend
Frey Lord
Frick Bold
Fridolf Peaceful wolf
Fulton Field near town

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