Famous Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘G’

Name Meaning
Gaabriel A variation of Gabriel
Gaarwine One who strikes like a spear
Gabai Delight
Gabe From the name gabriel
Gabriel In Hebrew
Gabrijel God is my protector
Gabryjel It means God will protect me
Gacoki It means The God will return
Gadebo The one who is successful to bring the crown
Gadi The name means the person will reap profits in the future
Gaenbeald One religious person
Gaenburh It means a noble person
Gaera One who is respectable in society
Gaerwulf The individual who helps nature
Gaery Variable
Gaete The considerate individual
Gagan Sky
Gaidar He who shares joy with all
Gaidon The one who admires the beauty of life
Gainor He who is fair in wisdom and looks good
Gais It means the cheerful person
Gale The name means a jovial and boisterous person.
Galton Owner of a rented estate
Galvin Signifies the white colour
Ganit Defender gavriel – man of god
Gaphrick One who controls the spear
Gapson It means the son of Gilbert
Gar A short form of gareth
Garen A form of garry
Garett One who is mighty with a spear
Garfield A philosophical
Garin A form of garry
Garion A form of garry
Garman Spearman
Garnet A form of garnett
Garnett Armed with a spear
Garrad A form of garrett
Garre One who is strong and sharp as a spear
Garren A form of garry
Garreth Gentle
Garrick Oak spear
Garrin A form of garry
Garrison Garry’s son
Garry Spear
Garson Son of gar
Garth The keeper of the garden
Garvin Comrade in battle
Gary A familiar form of gerald
Gascon The person who is from Gascony.
Gathii A person who travels a lot
Gatimu Sharp as a spear
Gau Means as calm as the night sky
Gaudinus The Lord of Colours
Gauge Measurer
Gaukroger One who is clumsy and lovable
Gaulterio The military head
Gauthier It means the chief commander of an army
Gavi Religious person
Gavinn A little white falcon
Gavril A man of God
Gavvin A little white falcon
Gavynn A little white falcon
Gawanna As sharp as a hawk
Gawin It indicates a boy who resembles a white falcon
Gearey The person who is unstable
Gearoid One who bravely uses the spear
Geat A person who belongs to Gautland
Geatela The boy who is happy always
Gebhard A powerful and hard person gifted by the Lords
Ged As sharp as a spear
Gedel One who is grateful to God
Geffrey A form of geoffrey
Geiger A professional violnist
Geldart One who looks after oxen
Geldhere The heir of a rich person
Geldwine A wealthy man’s friend
Gellan It indicates a person who simply shouts for nothing
Gelle It shows the color yellow
Gellert One who knows to spear rightly
Gemariah He who is purified by God
Genek One who is born to a high family
Genesis Origin
Geniinewab He who is sharp as an eagle
Genilles A well mannered individual
Gennarino One who follows and blessed by God Janus
Gent Gentleman
Gentile A calm and humble person
Genty Snow
Geoff A short form of geoffrey
Geoffraie A powerful monarch of the country
Geofri One who rules his country peacefully
Geofry He who rules with the grace of God
Geol The boy born during Christmas
Geor Another name that means farmer
Geord A variation of the name Geordie meaning farmer
George In Greek
Georgius It means one who looks after his field
Geraldo Spear ruler
Gerard Brave spearman
Gerardus He who is firm to his promises
Gerbaga The one blessed by the God of Spears
Gerdt He who is bold and courageous
Gereint A talented spear man
Gereon He who will live for long
Gergely One who is careful and vigilant
Germanus A good son for his parents
Gerodi The one who returns home like a champion
Gerome A form of jerome
Gerrald One who rules with the spear
Gerrard One who is mighty with a spear
Gerrod A form of garrad
Gerry A familiar form of gerald
Gersham Exiled
Gerson Son of gar
Gervasius An experienced and talented spear man
Gervaso One who is brave to fight for his people
Geteye One who loves his master
Gethrude A person of dark skin
Gewargis A variation of George
Ghadhanfar He who lives the master like the lion which is master of all animals
Gherman The one who belongs to the army
Ghy It means the one who lives like an open pool
Giancarlo One who is gracious and mighty gyancarlo
Gianncarlo One who is gracious and mighty gyancarlo
Gib A short form of gilbert
Gibby Gibby is an Irish name that means Son of Gilbert.
Gibson Son of gilbert
Giddeon A mighty warrior ; one who fells trees
Gideon In Hebrew
Gig Horse-drawn carriage
Gil A short form of gilbert
Gilbert Brilliant pledge; tristworthy
Gilen Gilen means a vow or a pledge
Gillean Saint john’s servant
Gilmer Famous hostage
Gilon Circle
Ginno A well- born man
Giovanii God is gracious ; in the bible
Gipsy Wanderer
Giuseppe Form of joseph
Gladwin Cheerful
Gleen From the secluded narrow valley
Godwin Friend of god
Goldwin Golden friend
Gomer Famous battle
Gonzalo Fight ; combat
Gordon Triangular-shaped hill
Gordy A familiar form of gordon
Gore Triangular-shaped land
Graddy One who is famous ; noble
Graeme Abode
Graham Grand home
Grant A short form of grantland
Grantley Great meadow
Gray Gray haired
Grayden Gray haired
Graydon A form of Grayson; Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
Graysen A form of Grayson; Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
Grayson In English
Greeley Gray meadow
Greggory One who is vigilant ; watchful
Gregory Watcher
Gresham Village in the pasture
Grey A form of gray
Greydon A form of Grayson; Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
Greyson A form of Grayson; Son of Gray; Son of Grey haired one
Grimshaw Dark woods
Grover Grove
Guifford Chubby cheeks
Gunner A bold warrior
Gur Baby lion

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