Modern Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘H’

Name Meaning
Habakkuk One who embraces life
Habel One who breathes
Hac A variation of Haca
Hacca A variation of Hac
Hachi Little prince
Hackett A traditional Scottish name which means woodsman
Hadden Heather-covered hill
Hadeed Rejoice in the Lord
Haden A form of hadden
Hadriel Majesty of god
Hadwin Frind in a time of war
Haemath Gifted person
Hagley Enclosed meadow
Haiden A form of hayden
Haig Enclosed with hedges
Haines From the vine-covered cottage
Hal A short form of harold
Halbert Shining hero
Hale A short form of haley
Halford Valley ford
Hall Manor hall
Hallam Valley
Hallan Dweller at the hall
Halton Estate on the hill
Ham Hot
Hame This means a cave
Hamie A reliable friend
Hamill Scarred
Hamilton Proud estate
Hamish Supplanter
Hamisi A bold
Hammet Village
Hammond Village
Hampton Geography:a town in england
Handel A form of john
Hanes An idealistic person
Hang The means the moon
Hank The ruler of the house
Hanker Determined person
Hanley High meadow
Hannibal Baal has favored
Hanns God’s gracious gift heman – faithful
Hans God’s gracious gift heman – faithful
Harac It means oak tree
Haraford It means a hare’s ford
Harald A leader of the army
Harbel The natural one who lives in Liberia
Harbux One forgiven by the Holy One
Harby It means Owen’s son
Hard The feelings that are delicate but strong
Harda He who lives with a good heart
Harden Valley of the hares
Hardi Blessed by the holy heart
Harding Brave;hardy
Hardit The boy gifted by the Lord
Hardred The one who is born with red colored hair
Hardwin Brave friend
Hardwyn The associate who is courageous
Hardyn The one who lives by a field full of hares
Hare A variant name for rabbit or one who is evergetic
Hareford The one who hails from Hailford
Harelache He who lives by a lake believed to be used by hares
Hareleah The one who resides by the hare’s dwelling place.
Harford Ford of the hares
Hargreave A place where hare lives in a grive
Hari Om saluting brahma
Haria An old name of a village in Iceland
Harimann One who protects his people
Haris A form of harris
Harlan Hare’s land; army land
Harlow Hare’s hill;army hill
Harman Forms of herman
Harmon Forms of herman
Harold Famous person
Harper Harp player
Harris A short form of harrison
Harrison Means Son of Harry
Harrold The ruler of an army
Harry It means House protector
Hart A short form of hartley
Hartley Deer meadow
Harvir Warrior of god
Haslett Hazel-tree land
Hassel Witches’ corner
Hawk Hawk
Hawley Hedged meadow
Hayden Hedged valley
Haydn A form of hayden
Haydon A form of hayden
Hayes Hedged valley
Heath Heath
Heaton High place
Hedley Heather-filled meadow
Hehu God rescues
Henley It means high clearing woods.
Hennry The ruler of the house
Henrry The ruler of the house
Henry In German
Hermann A soldier
Hernan Intelligent and
Herschel Deer hiram – exalted
Hewson Son of hugh
Hezekiah In Hebrew
Hobson Son of robert
Hodgson Son of roger
Holbrook Brook in the hollow
Holden Hollow in the valley
Holmes River islands
Holt Forest
Hommer The name of the epic greek poet
Horrace An hour in time
Horton Garden estate
Hosea To deliver
Howard Which means watchman.
Howie A familiar form of howard
Hubbert Having a shining intellect
Hubie A familiar form of hubert
Huck Short form of Huckleberry
Hudson Son of hud
Huey A familiar form of hugh
Hugh A short form of hubert.
Hung Wonderful
Huntley Hunter’s meadow
Huntter A great huntsman and provider
Hurst A form of horst
Huston A form of houston
Hutton House on the jutting ledge
Huxley Hugh’s meadow
Huy Shining
Hyatt High gate
Hyde Cache; measure of land equal to 120 acre
Hyder Tanner
Hyman A form of chaim

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