List of Unique Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘I’

Name Meaning
Iaan God is gracious ; in the bible
Iain God is gracious ; in the bible
Ian In Hebrew
Iann God is gracious ; in the bible
Iassen Ash tree
Iben It means ‘ perfect harmony’
Iden Pasture in the wood
Ignatius A fiery man ; one who is ardent
Ihaka It means
Ihu God rescues
Ike From the name isaac
Ikee Full of laughter
Ilahi Aramaic word meaning
Imanol God is with us
Immanol God is with us
Immanuel God is with us
Inapo It means a wave. Used to denote the energy or bubbly nature of a nature
Ingemur The person who is bound to get famous for his deeds
Ingouf The warrior who is like God ing’s wolf
Ingram Angel
Ionel He who is blessed by the mercy of God
Iorama This shows that God has been exalted
Iraj Lord hanuman
Iram Bright;Garden in Paradise
Irao It denotes one who is very loving
Irwin A form of irving
Isaac In Hebrew
Isaak He will laugh
Isaiah In Hebrew
Isaias God is salvation
Isaie Yahweh is salvation
Iseul One who is as delicate as a dew drop
Isham Home of the iron one
Ishmael God will hear israel – wrestle with god
Isidor Gift of isis
Isidore A gift of isis
Isidro Gift of isis
Isrrael Contender with god
Issai Music
Issaiah God is my salvation
Issaias God is salvation
Itzak Laughter
Ivaan God is gracious ; in the bible
Ivaan The name means ‘God’s gracious and glorious gift
Ivann God is gracious ; in the bible
Ives Young archer
Ivrit The hebrew language
Izzaiah God is my salvation
Izzy He will laugh

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