Unique Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘K’, Meanings

Name Meaning
Kaaj Latin name that means ‘ to rejoice or celebrate’
Kaapro Kaapro is a Nordic name that means
Kaarel Estonian form of Charles. It means man.
Kaarle Kaarle is a French derived names that means Strong
Kaarli Estonian variant of Charlie. It means man.
Kabos Swindler
Kaine A spear
Kala Art
Kaleb Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish)
Kaleeb A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish)
Kalem Dove
Kalleb Resembling a dog
Kaltan A form of colton
Kalum Dove
Kalvin Bald
Kamdilichukwu It is a Nigerian name that means
Kamfeechi Nigerian name that means
Kammeron Crooked nose
Kanakachur This names could mean rice field or paddy
Kanchanpreet The person who is as precious as gold
Kandot The one who lives by philosophy
Karl Free man
Karlton A form of carlton
Karson A form of carson
Kay Kay means to rejoice and be happy
Keaton Where hawks fly
Kedem Old
Kedric A form of cedric
Kedrick A form of cedric
Keen A warrior / one who is sharp
Keene Smart
Keeon God’s gracious gift
Keeshawn Filled wih happiness
Keevan A beloved and handsome man
Keevin A beloved and handsome man
Keeyon Guiding leader
Keifer Barrel maker
Keiffer One who makes barrels
Keilah Citadel
Keldon A form of kelton
Kelson A form of kelton
Kelton Keel town; port
Kelvin From the river c
Kelwin Friend from the ridge
Kemp Fighter; champion
Kenaan Possession kenaz – bright
Kenan Possession kenaz – bright
Kendale A form of kendall
Kendrell A form of kendall
Kenn Of the bright waters
Kenndrick A royal ruler / the champion
Kenneth Royal oath
Kenric A form of kenrick
Kenrick Bold ruler; royal ruler
Kenton Literally signifies from kent
Kentrell King’s estate
Kenward Brave; royal guardian
Kerrick King’s rule
Kervin A form of kerwin
Kerwin Friend of the marshlands
Kester A form of christopher
Kestrel Falcon
Kevin gentle
Kevinn A beloved and handsome man
Key Key; protected
Keyonn Guiding leader
Khaalid Eternal
Khalill Beautiful
Khallid Eternal
Khallil Beautiful
Kiaan Archaic
Kidd Child; young goat
Kiefer One who makes barrels
Kieffer One who makes barrels
Kieron Little dark one
Kierron Skinned
Kiing An attendant of the
Kilian Small
Kimball Warrior chief
Kingsley King’s meadow.
Kingston King’s estate
Kipp Pointed hill
Kirby Cottage by the water
Kirkley Church meadow
Kirklin A form of kirkland
Kirton Church town
Klay A form of clay
Klayton A form of clayton
Knox Hill
Kobby Woman from california
Kobe Supplanter
Kodey A form of cody
Kodi A form of cody
Kodie A form of cody
Kody A form of cody
Kohl A form of cole
Kolby A form of colby
Kole A form of cole
Koleman A form of coleman
Kolin A form of colin
Kollin A form of colin
Kolt A short form of koltan
Kolten A form of colton
Koltin A form of colton
Kolton A form of colton
Koltyn A form of colton
Konrad Wise counsel or honest advisor
Konstantine Cognate of Constantine
Korbin A form of corbin
Kordell A form of cordell
Korrey From the hollow; of the churning waters
Koshy South Indian christian variant of the name Joshua
Koty A form of cody
Kraig From the rocky place ; as solid as a rock
Kramer A form of cramer
Krisstopher A follower of christ
Kristoffer Bearing christ (the patron saint of travellers)
Kristopher Bearer of christ
Kuper Copper
Kurt A Turkish name that means ‘wolf’
Kylar A form of kyle
Kyle A narrow piece of land.
Kyler A form of kyle
Kyller From the narrow channel
Kylor A form of kyle

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