Unique Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘L’

Name Meaning
Laban In Hebrew
Labrencis It is a Latvian variant of Lawrence. and means laurel or bay.
Ladd Attendant
Laidley Path along the marshy meadow
Lain A form of lane
Lake Lake
Lamaar From the renowned land / of the sea
Lamarcus From the god mars
Landan A form of landon
Landdon From the long hill
Landen A form of landon
Landenn From the long hill
Landin A form of landon
Landon Open
Landonn From the long hill
Landry Ruler
Lane Narrow road
Langston Long
Lann A sword
Lanndon From the long hill
Lanney One who takes the narrow path
Laren It is a Latin name that is derived from the place name Laurentum
Lars Man from laurentum
Latimer Interpreter
Lawley Low meadow on a hill
Lawrence Helping hand to the world
Lawry A familiar form of lawrence
Lawson Son of lawrence
Lawton Town on the hill
Layne A form of lane
Layton A form of leighton
Lazare God has helped
Lazaro God is my help
Lazarus The Greek version of Hebrew origin
Lazzaro God has helped
Leandro Lion man
Leannan It is a Gaelic word that means ‘little cloak’
Lee A short form of farley.
Leenart Estonian name that means ‘ as brave as a lion’
Leeo Form of Leo; Lion; Brave
Leeon Form of Leo; Lion; Brave
Leeroy The king
Leevi We are united as one ; in the bible
Leevon Lion
Leferich The one who lives by the ridge
Lefricus A beloved and religious person
Lefsued He who has an enjoyable character
Lefsuet One who agrees to the comfort of his loved ones
Lefteris He who is free by thoughts
Lefuuinus The dear man of his town
Lefwyne Avery easy going and cheerful person
Leifr The heir to a family
Leifur Heir or successor.
Leks The one who defends his people
Leksik Another variation for Alexander
Lekso The one who defends his men
Lel The one who lives his own way
Lemuel Devoted to god
Lennerd The person who is brave
Lennon Means a small cloak or cape
Leo Lion
Leocadie A variation of Leonard meaning lion
Leodbriht The king who is sharp in thoughts
Leonel Little lion
Leonell Little lion
Leopoldo Bold people
Levi In Hebrew
Levii We are united as one ; in the bible
Lew A short form of lewis
Lewin A form of louis
Lex A short form of alexander
Liam In Irish ‘William’
Liamm Will of god
Libor Slovak name meaning
Liiam Will of god
Linc A short form of lincoln
Lincoln In English
Linden A form of lyndon
Lindley Linden field
Lindon A form of lyndon
Linton Flax town
Lionell Young lion
Lissandro Liberator
Lister Dyer
Litton Town on the hill
Lleyton A form of leighton
Lochlann Home of the norse
Locke Forest
Logan In Scottish
Loggan From the little hollow
Long Dragon
Lorrenzo Crowned with laurels
Lorry A form of laurie
Loukas Man from lucania
Louvain Lou’s vanity
Lovell A form of lowell
Lovino A man who is ‘loved by many’
Lowell Beloved
Loyal Faithful
Luc A man from lucania
Lucas In Latin
Luccas A man from lucania
Lucciano Surrounded by light
Lucian Light
Luciano Surrounded by light
Luke In the new testament
Lukka Light
Lukkas A man from lucania
Luukas A man from lucania
Lyman Meadow
Lyndal Valley of lime trees
Lynden A form of lyndon
Lyndon Suggests linden tree hill.

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