Complete List of Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘M’

Name Meaning
Maalik Master
Maanav Man
Maas One who lends joy to others
Maau The one who loves poetry
Mabayoje It means that the joy in life will not be destroyed
Mabu A persevering and hard working person
Mac It means dear son
Maccabee The meaning indicates a hammer of strength
Mace Simple but powerful weapon
Macha The person will have a simple
Mahlon In Hebrew
Mahoga One who is thirsty for knowledge
Maipe One who is hot by character
Makafui One who praises the LORD
Maksims The greatest one
Malachi My messenger
Malakii A messenger of god
Malcom Follower of st. columbus
Malden Meeting place in a pasture
Malera It means a person who follows a good friend
Maliik Master
Malikk Master
Mallaki A messenger of god
Mallik Master
Malohi A man of strength
Maloney Descendent of a servant of church
Malvyn One who takes authority
Mamani The name represents the earth
Manfredi The peacemaker of a society
Manley Hero’s meadow
Manning Son of the hero
Mansel Manse; house occupied by a clergyman
Manton Man’s town; hero’s town
Manuel God is with us
Marcelino From the god mars
Marcellino The little warrior
Marcellus Little marcus
Marcelo Little marcus
Marcus From the god mars
Marcuss From the god mars
Marden Valley with a pool
Mariano From the god mars
Mark From the god mars
Markham Homestead on the boundary
Markk From the god mars
Markkus Of mars the roman fertility god mars for whom march was named
Marko From the god mars
Markus From the god mars
Marley Lake meadow
Marlin Deep-sea fish
Marlo A form of marlow
Marlow Hill by the lake
Marquiss Nobleman
Marrio A manly man
Marrk From the god mars
Marsden Marsh valley
Marsh Swamp land
Marston Town by the marsh
Martel A form of martell
Martell Hammerer
Marv A short form of marvin
Marvin Lover of the sea
Mason In French
Massey Twin
Massimo The greatest
Masson One who works with stone
Mateo Gift of god
Mather Powerful army
Matheus Gift of god
Mathew In Hebrew origin meaning ‘Gift of the Lord’.
Mathhew Gift of god
Mathias Gift of god
Mathieu Gift of god
Matias Gift of god
Matteo Gift of god
Matthias Gift of god
Matthieu Gift of god
Mattias Gift of god
Mattthew Gift of god
Maximilian The greatest
Maximillian The greatest
Maximus The name is of Latin origin and means ‘greatest’
Maxxim Maximum ; the greatest
Maxximus Maximum ; the greatest
Maxy A familiar form of max
Mayes Field
Mayhew A form of matthew
Maynard Powerful
Maynor A form of maynard
Mead Meadow
Medric Flourishing meadow
Mel A familiar form of melvin
Meldon Mill hill
Meldrick Strong mill
Melvin Mill friend; council friend
Menachem One who provides comfort
Mendel Repairman
Mercer Storekeeper
Merivale Pleasant valley
Merlin Falcon.
Micchael Who is like god?
Michaael Who is like god?
Michaeel Who is like god?
Michael In Hebrew
Mickel A form of michael
Miichael Who is like god?
Mikee Nickname for michael
Milburn Stream by the mill
Miles A short form of Michael
Millan An eager and hardworking man
Miller Miller; grain grinder
Mills Mills
Milt A short form of milton
Milton Mill town.
Miner Miner
Mitch Who is like god?
Mitchel A form of mitchell
Mitchell Originally a Hebrew name that means Gift from God.
Mith A short form of mitchell
Moe A short form of moses
Moisses A savior ; in the bible
Montee From gomeric
Montel Little mountain
Montell Talk show host ‘montel williams’
Monty A familiar form of montgomery
Mordechai Warrior
Morley Meadow by the moor
Morse Son of maurice
Morton Literally town near the moor.
Mosses A savior ; in the bible
Myer A form of meir

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