A Complete List of Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘T’

Name Meaning
Taariq Resembling the morning star
Taavon Of the staff of the gods
Tabbart One who is highly intellectual
Tabner Drummer
Tad Poet
Tadd Courageous
Tadeu A blessing of the Lord Almighty
Tadgh One who is loved by God
Tadleigh Poet from a meadow
Taetel One who is authoritative and the leader of all
Taevas One who is as high as the heaven
Tafaye He who is not wise
Taft River
Takvor One who is destined to wear the crown
Talebot One who is a friend of God
Talen A form of talon
Tallon A form of talon
Talon Claw
Tamton A peaceful town near the banks of a river
Tancred A well tought advice
Tandie Team
Taneli One who is judged by God
Taner A form of tanner
Tanguy One who is a great warrior
Tannil Another form of the name Daniel
Tannin Tan colored; dark
Tanny A familiar form of tanner
Tapio Ruler of the forest
Tarrik One who crosses the river of life
Tarver Tower; hill; leader
Tasher One who is born on christmas; energetic
Tashvin One who is an approachable and generous individual
Tassilo A mighty warrior
Tatel One who is divine and sacred
Tatwulf One who is strong and powerful
Taulard One who is a great visionary
Tavarris Of misfortune ; a hermit
Tavian Eighth
Tavonn Of the staff of the gods
Tchad One who is a defender and a protector
Teale Small freshwater duck
Ted A short form of theodore
Tedd A gift from god
Teddy A familiar form of theodore
Tedor A gift from God
Teffan One who displays the grace of God.
Tegernacus A great lord
Teilo A man who is saint
Teitri One who is passionate and powerful authoritative
Teleola One who reaps wealth
Teller Storyteller
Telmo Tiller
Teniayo The foundation of joy.
Tennant Tenant
Tennyson A form of dennison
Teo A form of tom
Teobald One who is strong and determined
Teodocio A gift offering to God
Teodorico One who is a mighty leader
Teodors The name is a variant of Theodore
Teodosio A perfect blessing of the God
Teodosiu An offering to the Lord
Teorra One who is easy going and respectful
Tepiltzin One who is a fortunate and privileged son
Teralea One who is optimistic
Terenzio The name comes from the Latin word ‘terenus’
Terry A familiar form of terrence
Tesca He who is energetic and passionate
Tetley Tate’s meadow
Teudiric One who is kind-hearted and compassionate
Teuvo A precious blessing from the Almighty
Teyrn One who is a great harvester
Teyrnfal One who is high-spirited and full of life
Thanasis One who is blessed with long life
Thanchere One who is wise and friendly
Thaw Melting ice
Thebault One who is bold and lionhearted
Thedric Leader of an assembly of people
Thel Upper story
Thelred A man of high repute
Theo A short form of theodore
Theobaldus One who is bold and courageous
Theodbeald One who is courageous and fearless
Theodbeorht One who is strong and powerful
Theodlac One who is the friend of God
Theodon A true blessing of the Almighty
Theophanes Manifestation of God’s power
Theophilius A true friend of the Lord
Theosiphus One who is a friend of God
Theoxenos One who is a good immigrant
Therron A great hunter
Theyn One who follows
Thibaud Leading light of the people
Thingfrith One who brings peace
Thom A short form of thomas
Thomas In Greek
Thomass One of twins
Thommas One of twins
Thompson Son of thomas
Thor It means the thunder God
Thorley Thor’s meadow
Thormond Thor’s protection
Thorne A short form of names beginning with thor
Thornley Thorny meadow
Thrymma One who is successful and highly intellectual
Thrythwig A mighty warrior
Tiaan One who is the follower of Christ
Tiago Saint james
Tibon One who loves mother nature
Tidhild The battle time
Tidwulf A mighty warrior
Tiergan One who is strong-willed
Tifeoluwa Blessing of the God
Tige A short form of tiger
Tigernach One who is superior and limitless like the God
Tigernaci One who is a leader; Another Name of an Irish Lord
Tighe A short form of tiger
Tihalt A fearless and bold leader
Tikhomir One who is peaceful and humble
Tilbert Leading light who rules the people
Tiller One who reaps
Tilmund One who protects the people
Timandros One who is considered honorable
Timm One who honors god
Timmothy One who honors god
Timothhy One who honors god
Timothyy One who honors god
Timus To give glory to the God
Titgual One who is honest and cheerful
Titus In Latin
Tizian He who is held in high regard
Tobby The lord is good
Tobias God is good
Tocho One who is as strong as the lion of the mountain
Tod A form of todd
Todd Fox.
Todros One of the precious blessings of the Almighty
Toft Small farm
Toli One who is a great harvester
Toller Tax collector
Toltecatl One who is an expert innovator
Tolulola The name means ‘To God be the glory’.
Tom A short form of thomas
Tomm One of twins
Toms Twin
Toney A form of tony
Toni A form of tony
Tonny A form of tony
Tony A short form of anthony
Torey A familiar form of torrence
Torr Tower
Torrey A familiar form of torr
Torry A familiar form of torr
Tory A familiar form of torr
Trader A form of well-trodden path
Trae A form of trey
Trai A form of trey
Traviss To cross over
Travonn Fair town
Tray A form of trey
Trayton Town full of trees
Trea A form of trey
Trevin From the fair town
Trevion Fair town
Trevonn Fair town
Trevvor From the large village
Trey Three; third
Treyton The third- born child
Tri A form of trey
Tripp A traveler
Tristian Outcry or tumult
Trot Trickling stream
Trumane One who is trustworthy and faithful
Trumball One who is sturdy and powerful.
Trumbehrt One who is confident
Trumbell Mightyful or full of strength.
Trumhall One who is strong and powerful
Trumwin Onel who enjoys life
Trumwine One who is responsible and mature person
Trycan One who has intense personal feelings
Tuan Intelligent
Tucca One who is diligent and imaginative
Tucga One who is a patient and  passionate individual
Tudda One who is daring and decisive
Tudeca Idealistic and inspirational human being
Tuffa One who has firm ideas and ideals
Tulliu A form of Tullius. It was the name of a famous king.
Tumai One who is trustworthy or upright.
Tumma One who has dual personality
Tutush One who is confident
Tuudur One who is a true blessing
Twain Divided in two
Ty A short form of tyler
Tycho Hitting the mark
Tychon Hitting the mark
Tye A short form of taylor
Tyee From the fenced-in pasture
Tylar A form of tyler
Tylor A form of tyler
Tyquann Vivin
Tyrel Thunder ruler
Tyrion Means a purple dye that indicates life
Tyronn From owen
Tyronne From owen
Tyrrel Thunder ruler
Tyrrell Thunder ruler

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