Unique Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘W’

Name Meaning
Wacian A man who is alert always
Wadee To cross the river ford
Wael A form of wales
Wain A form of wayne
Waite Watchman
Wake Awake
Wakely Wet meadow
Walby House near a wall
Walcot One who is a humble and righteous man
Walden Wooded valley
Waldron Ruler
Wales From wales
Wallace A Scottish name for foreigner
Wally A familiar form of walter
Walsh A form of wallace
Walt A short form of walter
Walton Walled town
Walwyn Welsh friend
Wamwarav One who is smart and intuitive
Warden Valley guardian
Wardley Watchman’s meadow
Ware Wary
Warick Town hero
Warley Meadow near the weir or fish trap
Warmond One who is a loyal custodian
Warton Town near the weir or fish trap
Watkins Son of walter
Watson Son of walter
Wayde A form of wade
Waylon Land by the road
Wayne Wagon maker
Waynne One who builds wagons
Webb Weaver
Webley Weaver’s meadow
Welie A blessing of God
Welsh A form of wallance
Wendel One who travels ; a wanderer
Wensley Clearing in a meadow
Werner A form of warner
Wesley Western meadow
Wesly A form of wesley
Wessley From the western meadow
Westin A form of weston
Westley Means from the west meadow
Weylin A form of waylon
Whit A short form of whitman
Whitey White skinned; white haired
Wickham Village meadow
Wid One who is kind-hearted
Wilbert One who is resolute and brilliant
Wilbur Wall fortification; bright willows
Wiley Willow meadow
Wilfredo Resolute protector and peacemaker
Wilkie A familiar form of wilkins
Wilkins William’s kin
Wilkinson Son of little william
Willbert Bright
Willem Will
Willfred Resolute protector and peacemaker
Willfredo Resolute protector and peacemaker
William In German
Wills Son of will
Willson Son of will
Wilson Son of will
Wilton Farm by the spring
Winchell Bend in the road
Windell Windy valley
Windsor Riverbank with a winch
Winfred A form of winfried
Winfrid One who is a peaceful individual
Winn Of the joy stone ; from the friendly town
Winston Friendly town
Wrisley A form of risley
Wriston A form of riston
Wyatt In English
Wybert Battle bright
Wylie Charming
Wymer Famous in battle
Wyn Friend
Wynton Winston

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