Latest Christian Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘Y’

Name Meaning
Yaakov One who supplants
Yadid Friend
Yadon He will judge
Yafeu One who is strong and adventurous
Yagil Celebrate
Yakir Precious ; dear
Yakov The supplanter
Yale Old
Yan God’s grace yanis – god’s gift
Yankel Yahweh is my saviour
Yaphet Handsome
Yardley Enclosed meadow
Yarin To understand
Yarognev One who is enthusiastic and full of life
Yaromir He who is a lover of peace
Yaron Singing
Yates Gates
Yazdan Light of the universe
Yehochanan Yahweh is compassionate
Yehuda Praise ; thanks
Yehudah Exalt
Yitro Plenty
Yoel The lord is god
Yokhanna Jehovah is loving and compassionate
Yonah From the name jonah
Yorick Earth worker
York Boar estate; yew-tree estate
Yosef Form of joseph
Yousef He will enlarge
Yrian One who is a great harvester
Yule Born at christmas
Yussuf A prophet’s name(joseph)
Yuval Brook

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