Modern Christian Baby Girl Names, Meanings Starting with ‘B’

Name Meaning
Bailee A form of bailey
Baileigh A form of bailey
Bailey Bailiff
Baili A form of bailey
Bailie A form of bailey
Bailley From the courtyard within castle walls ; a public official
Baillie A form of bailey
Baily A form of bailey
Baleigh A form of bailey
Bambi Little girl
Bara To choose
Barbaraa A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger
Basha Polish daughter of god
Baylea A form of bailey
Baylee A form of bailey
Bayleigh A form of bailey
Bayley A form of bailey
Bayli A form of bailey
Baylie A form of bailey
Beatrix Voyager through life
Becka From the name rebecca
Becky Bound
Bel Bethlehem
Belinda Variant of the name Bella that means beautiful
Bella It is Christian name meaning beautiful girl
Belle Beautiful
Bellinda Pretty or very beautiful
Berlynn A combination of bertha & lynn
Bernadine Brave as a bear
Berni A familiar form of bernadine
Bernice In Latin
Berti A familiar form of gilberte
Bertina Bright; shining
Bess From the name elizabeth bessie – consecrated to god
Beth House of god
Bethan From the house of figs
Bethann A combination of beth & ann
Bethanny From the house of figs
Bethany House of figs
Bethesda House of mercy
Betsy Consecrated to god
Bettina Consecrated to god betty – consecrated to god
Bettsy Consecrated to god
Betty A familiar form of elizabeth
Beulah Married
Bev A short form of beverly
Beverley A form of beverly
Beverly Beaver field
Beyonce One who surpasses others
Beyoncee One who surpasses others
Biancca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays
Biannca Used by shakespeare for characters in two of his plays
Billi A form of billie
Billie Strong willed protector
Binney A familiar form of benedicta
Birdie Bird
Bithiah In Hebrew
Blessy Blessing
Bliss Literally
Blossom Flower
Blythe Happy or cheerful
Bobbi Shortened name of Robert or Robertia
Bonnie Beautiful
Bonny Beautiful
Bracha A blessing
Bracken Fern
Brandi It means fiery beacon
Brandii A woman wielding a sword ; an alcoholic drink
Bre A form of bree
Brea Noble
Breana Noble
Breann Noble
Breanne Noble
Bree Broth
Breea Strong
Breeze Light wind; carefree
Brenda Sword
Brendaa A princess ; wielding a sword
Brenna A raven- like woman
Brennda A princess ; wielding a sword
Breonna Just pretty
Bridgett A strong and protective woman ; in mythology
Briella God is my might
Brielle God is my might
Brigitte Strength
Brillana From the city brill
Brinti A form of britany
Brionna Noble
Brisa Breeze
Brissa Beloved
Bristol The site of the bridge
Brita A form of britany
Britaney A form of britany
Britani A form of britany
Britanie A form of britany
Britanny From britain
Britany From britain
Britin From britain
British From britain
Britnee A form of britany
Britney A form of britany
Britnie A form of britany
Britny A form of britany
Britta The exalted one
Brittanee A form of britany
Brittaney A form of britany
Brittani A form of britany
Brittanie A form of britany
Brittanny A form of britany
Brittany From britain
Britten A form of britin
Britteny A form of britany
Brittiany A form of britany
Brittin From britain
Brittini A form of britany
Brittiny A form of britany
Brittnay A form of britany
Brittnee A form of britany
Brittney A form of britany
Brittni A form of britany
Brittnie A form of britany
Brittny A form of britany
Brittony A form of britany
Britttany From britain
Bronwyn White breast
Bronwynn Variation: bronwen
Brook Brook
Brooke Literally signifies brook or stream
Brooklyn In English origin means ‘Small stream; bringing forth’. In Dutch
Bryana Noble
Bryanna Noble
Bryttani A form of britany
Bryttany A form of britany
Bryttni A form of britany
Buffy God’s promise
Bunny Little rabbit

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