Modern and Popular Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘C’

Name Meaning
Cadee One who is round / of the cask
Cadie A form of kady
Cady A form of kady
Cadyna A form of cadence
Cailyn Lass/ Girl
Caitlin Unsullied and Pure Being
Caitlynn Pure
Calee One who is manly and strong / a free man
Caleigh A beautiful girl
Calista Most beautiful ; in mythology
Calisto Most Beautiful or Pretty
Calla Resembling a lily ; a beautiful woman
Calle One who is manly and strong / a free man
Callee One who is manly and strong / a free man
Calleigh A beautiful girl
Calli Fortress
Callista Most beautiful ; in mythology
Camelia Flower
Camila In Latin it means ‘”young ceremonial attendant”. The name also has Arabic origin meaning ‘Perfect
Camini Careful meticulous person
Candace In Cushitic
Candela Candle
Candice Sparkling or shine
Candis Fire-white
Candiss Pure or glowing
Cansu Spirit or soul of life
Caoimhe Gentleness ; beauty
Caralyn A form of caroline
Carelyn A form of caroline
Cariline Feminine Strength
Carilyn A form of caroline
Carine Cheerful child of love
Carinna A bride
Carita Love
Caritas Love
Carla Strong
Carlee A form of carly
Carleen A form of caroline
Carleigh A form of carly
Carlena A form of caroline
Carlene A form of caroline
Carley A form of carly
Carli A form of carly
Carlie A form of carly
Carlla A free woman
Carly A familiar form of caroline
Carmalita Vineyard or means growth
Carmela Garden
Carmen Song catherine – pure
Carmina Melody or Song
Carol Strong
Carole A form of carol
Carolin A lady of strong character
Carollyn Joyous song ; a small
Carollynn Joyous song ; a small
Carolyn A form of caroline
Carolyne A form of caroline
Carolynn A form of caroline
Carra One who is dearly loved / a good friend
Carri Dear
Carrie A familiar form of carol
Carrina A bride
Carrolyn Joyous song ; a small
Carryn Pure
Caryn Pure
Carynn Pure
Carys One who loves and is loved
Caryss One who loves and is loved
Casee Brave
Cashielda A safe place to stay
Cassandra Unregarded prophetess or a prophetess who is not given importance
Cassee Brave
Cassia Cinnamon-like bark
Cassondra Variation: cassandra
Cate Pure
Catharine A clear and pure character
Catherine A form of katherine
Catheryn A form of catherine
Cathryn Pure
Cathrynn One who is pure ; virginal
Catia A pure soul
Catie A form of katie
Catina A form of katina
Catrina Pure
Cayenne A hot spice
Cayla Crown of laurel
Cecellia One who is blind ; patron saint of music
Cecillia One who is blind ; patron saint of music
Cecilly One who is blind ; patron
Cecily Blind
Cedes An understanding and caring person
Cedrica Battle chieftain
Ceeja A spiritual person
Ceema Friendly individual
Ceenia One who comforts all
Ceica Friendly and cheerful
Celeena Inmythology
Celena Inmythology
Celest It means heavenly
Celesthina Sweet heavenly bliss
Celestte A heavenly daughter
Celesty Business and shrewd person
Celin Its an English name meaning
Celinna Inmythology
Celleste A heavenly daughter
Cellia One who is blind ; patron saint of music
Cellina Inmythology
Celsey A form of kelsey
Cendy Moon
Ceona Easy going person
Ceren Baby of a gazelle
Cerys Love
Chana Resembling a flower blossom / a blissful woman
Chanah Grace
Chancee One who takes risks
Chandal Cheerful
Chanel Channel
Chanell A form of chanel
Chanelle A form of chanel
Channel Channel
Channell From the canal ; a channel
Channelle A form of chanel
Chantall Song
Chariss Charity grace or kindness
Charla A short form of charlene
Charlaine A form of charlene
Charlee A form of charlie
Charleen A form of charlene
Charleene Signifies little and womanly
Charleigh A form of charlie
Charlene Signifies little and womanly
Charli A form of charlie
Charliee One who is manly and strong / a free man
Charlii One who is manly and strong / a free man
Charline A form of charlene
Charlize Free man
Charlotte In English
Chastity Chastity
Chava Life chaviva – beloved
Chaya Life
Chayla A form of chaylea
Chaylea A combination of chaya & lea
Chelby A form of shelby
Chelci A form of chelsea
Chelcie Chelcie
Chelley A form of shelley
Chellsea From the landing place for
Chellsey From the landing place for chalk
Chellsie From the landing place for chalk
Chelsa A form of chelsea
Chelse A form of chelsea
Chelsea Port
Chelsee A form of chelsea
Chelsey A form of chelsea
Chelsi A form of chelsea
Chelsia A form of chelsea
Chelsie A form of chelsea
Chelssie From the landing place for chalk
Chelssy From the landing place for chalk
Chelsy A form of chelsea
Chenelle A form of chanel
Cher A short form of cherilyn
Cherilyn A combination of cheryl & lynn
Cherise Cherry
Cherish Signifies precious
Cherisse Dear one or darling
Cherri Beloved
Cherrie Resembling a fruit-bearing tree
Cherrise Dear one or darling
Cherrish Signifies precious
Cherrisse Dear one or darling
Cherry Cherrylike
Cherryl Beloved
Cherryll Beloved
Cheryll Beloved
Chethana Consciousness; Understanding; Alive; Intelligent
Cheyanne Speak incoherently
Chiara Daughter of the light
Chiarra Daughter of the light
Chinna Country in se asia
Chiquitta The little one
Chlo Young shoot
Chloe In Greek
Chrissie A familiar form of christina
Chrissy A familiar form of christina
Christa Follower of christ
Christal Crystal
Christeen Follower of christ or anointed
Christiana Female form of christian
Christiann A follower of christ
Christianna Follower of christ
Christina Follower of christ
Christine Christian
Christinna Follower of christ
Christmas Christ’s mass
Christy A short form of christina
Chrys A form of chris
Chyna Qin’s kingdom
Chynna The ancient country
Ciarra A dark beauty
Cicely A form of cecilia
Cim A form of kim
Cimberleigh A form of kimberly
Cinderella Little cinder girl
Cindy Variant of Cynthia and means ‘light’
Cini Cini means
Citlali Star
Citlalli Star
Claire French version of the latin name clara
Clara Bright
Clare A form of clara
Claree One who is bright
Clarisa Bright
Clarra One who is famously bright
Clarrisa Bright or clear
Clarrissa One who is famously bright
Claudia In Latin
Cleantha Glory
Cleva Dwells at the cliffs
Clotilde Famous in battle
Coco Coconut
Colbi A form of colby
Colbie A form of colby
Colee A swarthy woman ; having coal-black hair
Colette Victory of the people
Comsuelo Consolation
Connstance Constant or steadfast
Consuello One who offers consolation
Cora Maidenone and all
Corina Maiden
Corinna A maiden
Corra Maiden
Corrina Maiden
Corrine Maiden
Cortnee From the court
Cortni From the court
Cortnie From the court
Courtenay From the court
Courteney From the court
Courtline From the court
Courtlyn From the court
Courtnee From the court
Courtnei From the court
Courtney From the court
Courtni A form of courtney
Courtnie A form of courtney
Courtny A form of courtney
Crista Follower of christ
Cristeen Follower of christ or anointed
Cristi A familiar form of cristina
Cristy A familiar form of cristina
Crysta Follower of christ
Crystal It is derived from Greek word meaning ice
Crystall Beautiful with an excellent personality
Cuthberta Brilliant
Cynnthia A reference to the greek moon goddess
Cynthiaa A reference to the greek moon goddess

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