Complete List and Meaning of Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘D’

Name Meaning
Daana Woman from denmark
Daania Woman from denmark
Dae Day
Dafne Laurel
Dahlia plant belonging the daisy family
Daija Already
Daijah Already
Daina A form of dana
Daisey A form of daisy
Daissy Of the day
Daisy The days eye
Daja Already
Dalee Valley
Dalena A form of dale
Dalia A branch
Dalphina Used to refer to a blue bell like flower
Damaris Calf
Danae Name in Greek mythology
Danah A form of dana
Danee God is my judge
Danelle God is my judge
Dani My judge
Danica Morning star
Daniela God is my judge
Daniella A form of dana
Danielle God is my judge
Danika Morning star
Danikka Morning star
Dannee God is my judge
Dannia God is my judge
Dannica Morning star
Danniela God is my judge
Danniell God is my judge
Danniella God is my judge
Dannielle God is my judge
Dannika Morning star
Daphnee Of the laurel tree
Dara Angel of rains and rivers
Daralis Beloved
Darcie From arcy
Dariann A gift
Darla A short form of darlene
Darleen It means darling
Darleene Our little darling
Darlenne Our little darling
Darra Angel of rains and rivers
Darria Processing good fortune ; wealthy
Dasia Gift of god
Dava Beloved davan – beloved one
Davida From the name david
Davine The loved
Davinna Beloved
Davonna A form of davina
Daw Bright and beautiful star
Dawn Sunrise or dawn
Dawna A form of dawn
Dawnn Born at day- break ; of the day
Dayana The judge
Dayanara Husband slayer
Dayannara Resembling a bird of prey
Dayla Dayla
Dayle A form of dale
Dayleen Hollow or valley
Daysi A form of daisy
Deana Valley
Deann From the valley ; a church official
Deanndra Strong and womanly
Debborah Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Debborrah Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Debbra Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Debby From the name deborah
Debora Name of a prophetess in the Bible
Deboraah Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Deborah A bee
Deborahh Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Deborrah Resembling a bee ; in the bible
Debra From the name deborah delilah – delicate
Deeana Divine
Deeandra Strong and womanly
Deeann From the valley ; a church official
Deeanna Divine
Deelilah The beautiful temptress (the lover of samson in the bible)
Deenna Valley
Deidra Uncertain
Deidree A broken- hearted or raging woman
Deirdre Uncertain
Deisy A form of daisy
Dejaa Before
Delaney A form of adeline
Delicia Suggests delight
Delisa A form of delicia
Delisha A form of delicia
Della A short form of adelaide
Dellaney The dark challenger / from the elder-tree grove
Dellia Noble kind
Delora Sorrows
Delores Spanish name that means ‘sorrows’
Delsie A familiar form of delores
Delwyn Proud friend; friend from the valley
Demi Earth mother
Demii Hollwyood actress ‘demi moore’
Demmi Hollwyood actress ‘demi moore’
Dena Valley
Denali It means a mighty person
Denisse A follower of dionysus
Denna Glen
Dennisse A follower of dionysus
Deona A form of dena
Deondra A form of deandra
Deonn The god of wine and revelry
Deonna A form of dena
Deor A beloved and precious baby
Derora Running streams
Desir Desired
Desirae Desired
Desiraee One who is desired
Desiree French name that means
Desirrae One who is desired
Dessirae One who is desired
Destinee Destiny
Destinny Recognizing one
Devona A form of devonna
Devonna From devonshire
Devorah Honey bee
Devorit Form of deborah
Deyanira Husband slayer
Deysi A form of daisy
Diana The latin name means divine
Diandra Manly
Dianna Variant of the name Diana that means ‘divine’
Dinah Vindicated
Dinna Judgement
Dixie Wall; dike
Diza Joyous
Doanna Variant of ‘Donna’; meaning lady in Italian;
Doanne Low
Dolly Dolly is a Christian name that means ‘gift of God’
Dolores Sorrows
Domini Lord
Domino A short form of dominica
Donna Originating from madonna
Dorabella A combination of dora & bella
Doralynn A combination of dora & lynn
Dorcas Doe
Doreen Doreen means ‘gift’
Doriann Oscar wilde used this name for the main character of his 1890s novel
Dorra Gift
Dreama Dreamer
Drusilla In Latin
Dusti A familiar form of dustin

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