Beautiful and Unique Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘F’

Name Meaning
Fa The beginning of life
Faaiz Successful person
Fabeena Religious person
Fabiya one who trades beans
Fae Fairy
Faina Happy
Fairlee From a yellow meadow
Fairy Ruler of the elves
Faith Faith; confidence; belief
Fanchon Free
Fancy Whimsical; decorative
Fanny From france
Farah Beautiful; pleaant
Faren Wanderer
Farrah Beautiful; pleaant
Farren Wanderer
Fate Fate
Fay A form of faye
Faye A form of faith
Fayre Fair; light haired
Faythe A form of faith
Felberta Brilliant
Felecia Happy
Felicity A form of felicia
Felisha Happy
Fellicia Fortunate or happy
Fern Fern
Fernley From the fern meadow
Ffion A Scottish name that denotes fair and graceful
Fifine Fifi he shall add
Fiona Irish origin name meaning white or fair
Fionna One who is fair ; a white-shouldered woman
Fira Fiery
Firdous The girl of the paradise land
Firoza Turquoise
Flair Style; verve
Fleta Swift
Fleurdelice Lily flower
Flieur Flieur means a beautiful flower
Flora Flora means flower-like
Florence Flowering
Florie A familiar form of florence
Floris A form of florence
Florissa A variant of the name ‘Flora’
Flossie A familiar form of florence
Flyta Rapid
Foy Faith
Franccesca Free
Francene From france
Frances Free
Francess Free
Francessca Free
Frannie A familiar form of frances
Franny A familiar form of frances
Frea This name is derived from an old Norse goddess’s name Freyja and means lady
Freddi A familiar form of frederica
Fredella A form of frederica
Frederica Peaceful ruler
Freedah A peaceful
Freedom Freedom
Freya Woman
Frida Peace

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