Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘G’, Meanings

Name Meaning
Gabbriel Heroine of god
Gabbriella Heroine of god
Gabby From the name gabrielle
Gabi From the name gabriela
Gabriela In Hebrew
Gabrielle Dedicated to god
Gaby From the name gabrielle
Gada Lucky
Gail Merry
Gailine A form of gail
Gaille Merry
Gali Spring
Galilea Sloping hills
Galya God is redeemed gana – garden
Gana Means a group of people or a troop
Ganya Garden of the lord
Gardenia Botany: a sweet-melling flower
Garyn Spear carrier
Gavrila God is my strength
Gayla A form of gail
Gayle A form of gail
Gaylee A foreigner / one who is cheerful
Gaylia A form of gail
Gayna A familiar form of guinevere
Gayora Valley of sun
Gazit Hewn stone
Geena A well- born woman
Geetha Sacred song or poem; praised in songs
Gefen Vine
Gelilah Rolling hills
Gella One with golden hair genesis – origin
Gemelle Twin
Gena Woman
Genee A well- born man
Genesiss Origin
Genessis Origin
Genna A form of jenna
Gennesis Origin
Gennevieve White wave ; fair-skinned
Geona Glorify
Georgeann A combination of georgia & ann
Georgeanna A combination of georgia & anna
Georgeanne A combination of georgia & ann
Georgene A familiar form of georgia
Georgia Feminine form of george
Georgiana A form of georgeanna
Georgianna A form of georgeanna
Georgie A familiar form of georgeanne
Georgina A form of georgia
Gerarda Brave spearwoman
Gertrude German baby name that means spear
Geva Hill
Giana God is gracious
Gidget Giddy
Gilana Joy
Gilda Covered with gold
Gilen Gilen means a vow or a pledge
Gili My joy
Ginette A form of genevieve
Ginna A well- born woman
Ginnifer White; smooth; soft
Ginny A familiar form of ginger
Giorgianna A form of georgeanna
Giovanna God is gracious ; in the bible
Gisselle Hostage ; pledge
Gitel Good
Githa Gift
Giza Stone
Gleda Happy
Glennda Holy goodness
Godeleine Good life; godly life
Godeleva Good life
Godgifu A form of godiva
Godiva God’s present
Golda Gold
Goldie A familiar form of golda
Goldine A form of golda
Grace In Latin
Graceann A combination of grace & ann
Graceanne A combination of grace & ann
Gracee Having god
Gracelyn A combination of grace & lynn
Gracelynn A combination of grace & lynn
Gracelynne A combination of grace & lynn
Gracen A short form of graceanne
Gracie A familiar form of grace
Graciee Having god
Gracyn A short form of graceanne
Granthana Book
Greeta Resembling a pearl
Gretta Resembling a pearl
Guendolina A form of gwendolyn
Gurit Innocent baby
Gustey Windy
Gwen Gwen means holy
Gwendolynn One who is fair ; of the white ring
Gwenfair Blessed mary
Gwyneth One who is blessed with happiness
Gwynneth One who is blessed with happiness
Gypsy Wanderer

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