Common and Trending Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘H’, Meanings

Name Meaning
Haana Graceful lady
Hadara Bedecked in beauty
Hadasa The myrtle tree; compassion
Hadasah The myrtle tree; compassion
Hadassah Myrtle tree
Haddie Ruler of the home
Hadley Field of heather
Haeley A form of hayley
Hagar Flight or a stranger
Haile A form of hayley
Hailee A form of hayley
Haileigh A form of hayley
Hailey A form of haile
Haili A form of hayley
Hailie A form of hayley
Hailley From the field of hay
Hailly Hay clearing or
Haily A form of hayley
Haley Heavy rainfall
Hali Necklace
Halleigh From the hall near the meadow
Halli From the hall near the meadow
Halsey Hall’s island
Hana Happiness
Hanaa Resembling a flower blossom / a blissful woman
Hanma One who is favoured by god
Hanna Graceful person
Hannah In Hebrew
Hanne Gracious
Happy Happy
Harlee A form of harley
Harleen A form of harley
Harleigh A form of harley
Harlene A form of harley
Harley The long field
Harleyann A combination of harley & ann
Harli A form of harley
Harlie A form of harley
Harper In English
Harriet A form of henrietta
Hattie A familiar form of harriet
Hava Life
Haven A form of heaven
Hayle A form of hayley
Haylea A form of hayley
Haylee A form of hayley
Hayleigh A form of hayley
Hayley Hay meadow
Hayli A form of hayley
Haylie A form of hayley
Hayliee From the field of hay
Hayllie From the field of hay
Hazel Hazelnut tree
Hazzel Hazelnut tree
Heather Signifies a flower associated with scotland
Heaven Place of beauty and happiness
Heavenly A form of heaven
Heba Gift from god hedia – voice of the lord
Hedva Joy
Hedya From the name hedia
Heidy Noble type
Heleen The shining light ; in mythology
Heleena Light
Helenna Light
Hellen The shining light ; in mythology
Hellena Light
Henna A familiar form of henrietta
Henrietta Ruler of the household
Hephzibah My delight is in she
Hertha Child of the earth
Hetta A familiar form of henrietta
Hitee Love and care
Hollee A form of holly
Holley A form of holly
Holli A form of holly
Hollie A form of holly
Hollyann A combination of holly & ann
Hollyn A short form of hollyann
Honbria Sweet
Hope Signifying the quality of hope actress
Hosannah Deliver us
Hulda Lovable

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