Christian Baby Girl Names & Meanings Starting with ‘I’ – Unique, Modern


Name Meaning
Ian God is benevolent
Ibidolapo The child is lucky and has brought wealth to the house
Ibidun One whose birth has brought happiness
Ibilola The girl who has opened the door to wealth
Ibukun The blessed lady
Ibukunade I am a proof of God’s blessing
Ida Prosperous
Idabelle A combination of ida & belle
Idalina A combination of ida & lina
Idalis A form of ida
Ideh Praise
Idla Battle
Idra Fig tree ikia – god is my salvation
Idun The active and happy one
Idunn She who is lovable
Ifechiluru The grace of God shines upon her
Ifechukwu Living under the light of the Lord
Ifedayo The joyous and loved one
Ifede A person who is loving and caring
Ifedolaoluwa When God has blessed the person with love and grace
Ifejesukristi One who shines under Jesus Love
Ifelayo The peaceful bliss of love
Ifeoluwapo The God who loves a lot
Ifesowapo Person who is made out of love
Ifetundun The one blessed by sweet love
Ifeya Ifeya means love or lovable
Igassoĸ The lady who cooks well
Iglika Another name for primrose
Ignazia It indicates the fire to move on in life
Ihrin The person who maintains peace
Ihuomachukwu Blessed with the favor of God
Ilana Sunshine
Ilde Battle
Ilerioluwa One who lives under the promise of the Lord
Iliana Bright
Ilianna Bright
Ilisa A form of alisa
Ilja The God is my Saviour
Illiana Bright
Illianna Bright
Ilyssa A form of ilisa
Imaani Believer or faith
Imanii Believer or faith
Imanni Believer or faith
Imanuela Christian girl name that means
Imelda Warrior Woman
Immani Believer or faith
Immogene Variation: imogen
Imogen Maiden
Indianna From the land of the indians ; from the state of indiana
Ingumba African name that means an easy going person
Inika Small earth
Inmaculada Immaculate; conception of virgin mary
Inu Attractive
Iolanthe A form of yolanda
Iona Purple gem
Iraia One who wrestles with God
Ireene A peaceful woman ; in mythology
Ireland From ireland
Irene Christian name meaning peace
Irenka Christian name that means ‘peace’
Iria Lady
Irmigard The war that is guided by the Gods
Irvette Sea friend
Isaabella My god is bountiful ; god
Isabel My god is a vow
Isabela My god is a vow
Isabella The name is an Italian and Spanish variation of Elizabeth meaning ‘devoted to God’
Iscah In Hebrew
Isiss Goddess of the underworld
Iskra Name has South Slavic origin and means “spark”
Isobel My god is a vow
Isobell Variation: isabel
Issabel My god is bountiful ; god
Issabela My god is bountiful ; god
Issabell My god is bountiful ; god
Issabella My god is bountiful ; god
Issis Goddess of the underworld
Iva God’s great gift
Ivana God is gracious
Ivanna God is gracious
Ivey A form of ivy
Ivria From the other side of the river
Ivy Signifting the climbing plant
Izabella My god is a vow

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