Popular Christian Baby Girl Names, Meanings – Starting with ‘K’

Name Meaning
Kaala A princess ; lady
Kaara One who is pure / dearly loved / a good friend
Kaari A small and srong woman
Kaayla A stylish man
Kadee A form of kady
Kadence Rhythm
Kadi A form of kady
Kadie A form of kady
Kadisha Holy
Kady A form of katy
Kaelynn A beautiful girl from the meadow
Kaena Praised
Kaila A stylish man
Kailla A stylish man
Kailynn A beautiful girl from the meadow
Kaitlinn Pure
Kaitlyn It is another name for Catherine.
Kajol Kohl
Kalanit Flower name
Kaleen Crowned wih laurel
Kaleena Rowan tree
Kalie One who provides comfort
Kalii One who provides comfort
Kalina Rowan tree
Kalista Most beautiful
Kalla A princess ; lady
Kallee A beautiful girl
Kalleen Crowned wih laurel
Kalleigh A beautiful girl
Kalley A beautiful girl
Kalli One who provides comfort
Kallie One who provides comfort
Kallista Tenth
Kallyn Laurel
Kaltha Marigold
Kamila Perfection
Kammi Young attendant
Kandace Fire-white
Kandahl A form of kendall
Kandice Fire-white
Kandra It is a Welsh baby name meaning winner.
Karalana A combination of kara & lana
Karalee A combination of kara & lee
Karalyn A form of karalynn
Karalynn A combination of kara & lynn
Kareena Pure
Karie Free man
Kariss Filled wih grace and kindess ; very dear
Karissa Filled wih grace and kindess ; very dear
Karlee Free man
Karley Free man
Karli Free man
Karlie Free man
Karmann The lord of the manor
Karmina Song
Karoll Strong and manly
Karra One who is pure / dearly loved / a good friend
Karri A small and srong woman
Karrie A small and srong woman
Karrin Pure
Karris Filled wih grace and kindess ; very dear
Karryn Pure
Karsyn Child of kar a form of carson
Karyme The attractive one
Karynn Pure
Katarina Pure
Kate A short form of katherine
Katee A familiar form of kate
Katelin Pure
Katelinn Pure
Katerina Pure
Katey A familiar form of kate
Katherin Pure
Katherinne One who is pure ; virginal
Katheryn Pure
Kathi A familiar form of katherine
Kathia A form of kathi
Kathrine Pure
Kathryn A form of katherine
Kathryne A form of katherine
Kathrynn A form of katherine
Kathy A familiar form of katherine
Kathya A form of kathi
Kati Pure
Katia Pure
Katie A familiar form of katherine
Katina A form of katherine
Katinna Pure
Katlynn Pure
Katreen A form of katherine
Katriel God is my crown
Katrin A form of katherine
Katrina Pure
Katrine A form of katherine
Katrinna Pure
Katti Virginal purity
Kattia Virginal purity
Kattie A familiar form of kate
Kattina Pure
Kattrina Pure
Katty A familiar form of kate
Katy A familiar form of kate
Kavitha Poem; Ornate Style
Kaviya Poetic; Inspired; Happiness; Wisdom
Kay Kay means to rejoice and be happy
Kaydence Rhythm
Kayla Crown of laurels kazia – plant with cinnamon-like bark
Kaylaa A stylish man
Kaylaann Pure
Kaylann Pure
Kayleen Beloved
Kayleene Beloved
Kaylene Beloved
Kaylenn Beloved
Kaylie Pure
Kayliee Pure
Kaylinn Pure
Kaylla A stylish man
Kayllie Pure
Kayte A form of katy
Kaytie A form of katy
Keana Ancient
Keanna Ancient
Keara Dark
Kearra Haired one (reference to a saint’s name)
Keeana Ancient
Keeanna Ancient
Keeara Haired one (reference to a saint’s name)
Keeisha Of he spice ree
Keenya Animal horn
Keeona God’s gracious gift
Keesha Great joy
Keeshia Of he spice ree
Kefira Young lioness
Keirra Little dark one
Kellsey A form of kelsey
Kellsi Cenel’s land
Kellsie A form of kelsey
Kelly Signifies pasture by the spring
Kelsa A short form of kelsey
Kelsea A form of kelsey
Kelsee A form of kelsey
Kelsei A form of kelsey
Kelsi A form of kelsey
Kelsie A form of kelsey
Kelsy A form of kelsey
Kemberly A form of kimberly
Kenda Water baby
Kendal A form of kendall
Kendall Valley of kent
Kendra A form of kenda
Kendria A form of kenda
Kendyl A form of kendall
Kendyll A form of kendall
Kenenza A form of kennice
Kenise A form of kennice
Kenndra A royal ruler / the champion
Kennley From the king
Kennya Animal horn
Kenya Animal horn
Keonna God’s gracious gift
Keren In Hebrew
Ketzia Surface
Keyla A wise daugher
Kezia In Hebrew
Khimberly A form of kimberly
Kiann Archaic
Kianna Ancient ; archaic
Kiarra Small
Kiira Lord or master
Kiirsten Follower of christ
Kiisha Kitten
Kim A short form of kimball
Kimbalee A form of kimberly
Kimber A form of kimberly
Kimberle Variable prefix
Kimberlee A form of kimberly
Kimberley A form of kimberly
Kimberli A form of kimberly
Kimberlie A form of kimberly
Kimberlin A form of kimberly
Kimberlly Of the royal forress
Kimberly Chief
Kimberlyn A form of kimberly
Kimberlynn A form of kimberly
Kimberlyy Of he royal forress
Kimmberly Of he royal forress
Kimmie A familiar form of kimberly
Kimmy A familiar form of kimberly
Kindra A form of kendra
Kinsey Offspring; relative
Kinzie A form of kinsey
Kirra A leaf
Kirstie Follower of christ
Kirstin Follower of christ
Kiruba Tamil word for grace
Kissha Kitten
Kitra Crowned
Kochava Star
Kolee A swarthy woman ; having coal-black hair
Kortnee A form of courtney
Kortney A form of courtney
Kortni A form of courtney
Kortnie A form of courtney
Krisstina Follower of christ
Kristeen A bearer of christ
Kristiann An annointed christian
Kristiina Follower of christ
Kristine Variant of the name Christina that means’ follower of Christ’
Kristinn Consecrated to god
Kristinna Follower of christ
Kristyn Follower of christ
Krysta Follower of christ
Krystall Sparkling
Krysten Follower of christ
Krystin Follower of christ
Krystina Follower of christ
Kylaa From the narrow channel
Kyliee From the narrow channel
Kylla From the narrow channel
Kyllie From the narrow channel
Kym A form of kim
Kymber A form of kimber
Kymberlee A form of kimberly
Kymberli A form of kimberly
Kymberly A form of kimberly
Kymberlyn A form of kimberlin
Kyndal A form of kendall
Kyndall A form of kendall
Kyndra A form of kendra
Kyrra Lord
Kyya Diamond in the sky

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