Popular Catholic Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘O’, Meanings

Name Meaning
Oceana Ocean
Oceanna From the sea
Odalys Wealth
Odeda Strong
Odelia Little wealthy one
Odella Wood hill
Odera Plough ofira – gold
Odetta Wealth
Odette Wealth
Ohawna God’s gracious gift
Oksana Hospitality
Oksanna Hospitality
Olivette Elf army
Olivia In Latin
Olla One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors
Olle The remaining of the ancestors
Ollive Olive branch ; symbol of peace
Ollivia Elf army
Olympia From mount olympus ; a goddess
Olyvia Elf army
Ona River
Oona One who is pure ; chaste
Opaline Jewel
Oprah Runaway oralee – lord is my light
Ora Seacoast
Oralee My light
Oralia Golden; light
Oreen From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man
Oriana Born at sunrise
Orianna Born at sunrise
Orli The light is mine
Ornella It means
Orpah Fawn
Orva Brave friend
Oshin It is a japanese name meaning flower.
Osma Divine protector
Oswalda God’s power; god’s crest
Othelia Wealth
Ottilie Wealth
Owena A high- born woman

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