List of Common Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘T’

Name Meaning
Taana Issue
Taara Of the tower ; rocky hill / star ; in mythology
Tabatha Gazelle
Tabbatha Resembling a gazelle ; known for beauty and grace
Tabbetha Resembling a gazelle ; known for beauty and grace
Tabbitha Resembling a gazelle ; known for beauty and grace
Tabby A familiar form of tabitha
Tabetha Gazelle
Tabitha Gazelle
Tacey A familiar form of tacia
Taci A form of tacey
Taelar A form of taylor
Taeler A form of taylor
Taelor A form of taylor
Tahlia Lamb or lambkin
Tailer A form of taylor
Tailor A form of taylor
Taite Cheerful
Talia Dew from heaven
Talisa A form of tallis
Talisha A form of talisa
Talissa A form of tallis
Tallia Morning dew from heaven / blooming
Talor Morning dew
Tamara Palm tree
Tamarra Palm tree
Tameeka Twin
Tameera A spice or palm tree
Tamekka Twin
Tamera Palm tree
Tamerra A spice or palm tree
Tami A form of tammy
Tamia A form of tammy
Tamiia Twin
Tamiika People
Tamikka People
Tamitha Twin
Tamiya A form of tammy
Tamma Perfect tammy – perfect one
Tammara Palm tree
Tammarra Palm tree
Tammeka Twin
Tammera A spice or palm tree
Tammi A form of tammy
Tammia Twin
Tammie A form of tammy
Tammika People
Tammra A spice or palm tree
Tammy Twin
Tamra A spice or palm tree
Tamsin A short form of thomasina
Tanaa Issue
Tandra A form of tandy
Tandy Team
Tanesha Born on monday
Tanikka Queen of the fairies
Tanna Issue
Tanner Leather worker; tanner
Tannia Queen of the fairies
Tannika Queen of the fairies
Tannisha Born on monday
Tannya Queen of the fairies
Tanya Name of a Christian martyr
Tapanga Sweet
Taraann Of the thunder
Tarra Of the tower ; rocky hill / star ; in mythology
Tarynn High hill
Tasia Resurrection
Tasmin A short form of thomasina
Tassie A familiar form of tasmin
Tatianna Fairy princess
Tattiana Fairy princess
Tattianna Fairy princess
Tattyana Haired
Tatum Cheerful
Tatyana Haired
Tatyanna Haired
Tauri A form of tory
Tawnee A form of tawny
Tawney A form of tawny
Tawni A form of tawny
Tawnie A form of tawny
Tawny Brownish yellow
Taya A short form of taylor
Tayana A form of taya
Taye A short form of taylor
Tayla A short form of taylor
Taylah A tailor
Taylar A form of taylor
Tayler A form of taylor
Tayllor Cutter of cloth ; one who alters garments
Taylor Literally means tailor
Taylore A form of taylor
Taylour A form of taylor
Taylre A form of taylor
Tea Gift of god
Teagann A hand- some man
Teal Signifying a blue green color
Teala A form of teal
Teea An aunt / daughter born to royalty
Teela A form of teala
Teena Follower of Christ
Teila A form of teala
Tema Righteous
Temina Honest
Tenisha Born on monday
Tera Crag ; hill
Teresa Harvester
Teressa A harvester
Terresa A harvester
Terressa A harvester
Tess Harvester
Tessy One who is a great harvester
Tetty A familiar form of elizabeth
Teya A form of taya
Teylor A form of taylor
Thadine The praised theresa
Thalia To flourish ; bloom
Thecla God glory
Thekla God + glory
Theodosia Giver of god
Theophania Epiphany (‘god appears’)
Theressa A harvester
Thirza Sweet-natured
Thomasina The twin
Tiaa An aunt / daughter born to royalty
Tianna Follower of christ
Tiarra Crowned
Tieesha Joy
Tiesha Joy
Tiffanie Epiphany
Tiffany Manifestation of god
Tiina From the river
Timber Wood
Timi A familiar form of timothea
Timia A form of timi
Timothea Honoring god
Tina Tina means ‘river’
Tinble Sound bells make
Tinna From the river
Tirzah Delight
Tisha Aristocrat
Tivona Lover of nature
Tiyana A form of tayana
Tiyanna A form of tayana
Tonii Flourishing
Tonni Flourishing
Tonnia Flourishing
Tonnya Priceless
Topsy On top
Toree A form of tori
Tori A form of tory
Toria A form of tori
Toriana A form of tori
Torie A form of tori
Torilyn A combination of tori & lynn
Torri A form of tori
Torrie A form of tori
Tosha Refers to christ
Tottie A familiar form of charlotte
Tova Good
Toya Water
Trilby Soft hat
Trinitty The holy three
Trinity Triad
Trinna Pure
Trinnity The holy three
Tristabelle A combination of tristan & belle
Tristann A sorrowful man ; in arthurian legend
Trudy Christian name meaning strength
Tuesday Born on the third day of the week
Twyla Woven of double thread
Tyne River
Tyrra Thor’s battle
Tzivya Gazelle

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