Unique and Best Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘W’

Name Meaning
Wallis From wales
Wanetta Pale face
Wasila Healtly
Waverly Quaking aspen-tree meadow
Waynette Wagon maker
Wednesday Born on a wednesday
Wenda Signifies fair.
Wendelle Wanderer
Wendi One who is fair ; of the white ring
Wendie Friend
Wenndy One who is fair ; of the white ring
Weslee A form of wesley
Whaley Whale meadow
Whisper Whisper
Whitnee A form of whitney
Whitney White island
Whitni A form of whitney
Whitnie A form of whitney
Whittley From the white meadow
Whittney A form of whitney
Whoopi Happy; excited
Wilda Willow
Wileen A short form of wilhelmina
Wilhelmine Will
Willemina Will
Willette A familiar form of wilhelmina
Willma Resolute protector
Willow Graceful’
Wilona Desired
Windi One who is dynamic like the wind
Windy Windy
Winnie A familiar form of edwina
Winnifred Peaceful friend
Winnona Lakota: the firstborn daughter
Winona Eldest daughter
Wynona Eldest daughter
Wynonna Sioux: first born daughter
Wynter A form of winter

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