A Complete List of Christian Baby Girl Names with Meanings – Starting with ‘X’

Name Meaning
Xami One who is full of wisdom
Xandra Defending men
Xantara One who is the guardian of the universe
Xanthe Yellow
Xanthia Yellow
Xantina One who is a great devotee of the Lord
Xaverie The name is a female variant of Xavier
Xaviera New house
Xena Foreigner
Xene One who is a newcomer
Xenia Welcoming
Xenna Hospitable
Ximena Listening
Ximenna A heroine
Xinavane One who is blessed abundantly
Xiomara Uncertain
Xoana Most graceful God
Xyla Of the wooded land
Xylia Of the wooded land
Xylina Of the wooded land

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