Christian Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Y’ – Unique, Modern with Meanings

Name Meaning
Yaasmeen Resembling the jasmine flower
Yachne Gracious
Yadira Friend
Yael Strength of god
Yaffa Beautiful
Yakira Precious
Yamin Right hand yana – he answers
Yana God is gracious
Yareli The lord is my light
Yarelli The lord is my light
Yaretzi You will always
Yarkona Green
Yasmeena Jasmine
Yasmen Jasmine
Yasmiin Resembling the jasmine flower
Yasmina Jasmine
Yassmin Resembling the jasmine flower
Yassmine Resembling the jasmine flower
Yazzmin Jasmine flower
Ydel Praise
Yemena Right hand
Yesennia Flower
Yessica Wealthy
Yetta A short form of henrietta
Yitta Light
Yolande Violet
Yolanthe A strong and graceful lady
Yollanda Resembling the violet flower
Yolonda Violet
Yomawu To honor the name of the God
Yoninah Dove
Yovela Rejoicing
Ysabell My god is bountiful ; god
Yudelle A form of udele
Yulia One with Youthful enthusiasm
Yuliana Down-bearded youth
Yuneka A priceless gift

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