A Complete List of Unique Christian Baby Girl Names with Meanings – Starting with ‘Z’

Name Meaning
Zaara Flower
Zabeth One who is pledged to God.
Zacharee God is remembered
Zagorka One who lives in the mountains
Zahar Morning light
Zaharina The name is the Bulgarian feminine form of Zechariah
Zaharinka A variant of Zaharina
Zaharra White-skinned / flowerlike
Zahavah Golden
Zaina A form of zanna
Zakia Bright
Zaklina A version of Jakov
Zambda Meditation
Zana A form of zanna
Zanaa White lily
Zandra Defending men
Zanele One who is affluent
Zaneta God’s gracious gift
Zanna A short form of susanna
Zantina One who is a great devotee
Zara Dawn
Zarra Dawn
Zarrah The day’s awakening
Zarria Blossom
Zavrina A form of sabrina
Zaylee A heavenly woman
Zayley Dry
Zaylie Dry
Zaza Movement
Zeena Hospitable
Zehava Golden
Zelene Sunshine
Zelimirka One who desires.
Zella Little marcus
Zelsana Blessed with success
Zemirah Song of joy
Zena Life and zeus
Zenna Hospitable
Zenobia Child of zeus sinobia
Zephrine Breeze
Zerlinda Beautiful dawn
Zeta Rose. linguistics
Zevida Gift
Zhaklina Bulgarian form of Jacqueline
Zia To tremble
Zikoranachidinma The name means ‘a blessing from the true Lord’.
Zila Shadow zilpha – stately; noble
Zimra Song of praise
Zina Hospitable
Zinachidinma The Lord is compassionate
Zinnia Zinn’s flower
Ziona A sign
Zipporah Little bird
Zisel Sweet
Zita The seeker; virgin
Zitomira One who is well known and celebrated
Ziva Bright
Zlatica A precious gem
Zoe The Greek word for life ‘zoe’ meaning ‘life’
Zoee A life-giving woman ; alive
Zoeey A life-giving woman ; alive
Zoey The name Zoey is of Greek origin meaning ‘Life’.
Zoffany A blessing from the Almighty
Zofia Wisdom
Zoheret She shines
Zoja The name is a variant form of name Zoe
Zooey A life-giving woman ; alive
Zornitsa The first light of the day
Zuna One who has great wealth; blessed being
Zuriel God is my rock
Zuzka One who blossoms and shines brightly
Zvjezdana The shining light

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