Girls Age Wise Expected Average Height – Height Chart for Girls

Girls Average Expectation Height Agewise

Average height chart by age for kids and teenage girls in inches and centimeters. Every baby, child, and teenager is different in the way they mature and grow during their teen years. Health professionals are now much more interested in the wellbeing of the whole child. When you visit the clinic, you’ll be asked a series of questions to establish how you’re all getting on together, how you’re managing and whether you’ve noticed any specific problems with your baby. Below in this article, we provide the Girls Average Expectation Height Agewise.

Your baby’s physical development will be closely monitored at the developmental checks. Growth charts, which show the rate of growth expected for your baby’s weight and gestational age at birth, will be used to map her progress.

Baby Girl  Expectation Height  Chart 0-5 Years

Here provide the agewise height minimum and maximum height

Age Minimum Height (Cm) Maximum Height (Cm)
0 months 45.6cm 52.7cm
6 months 61.5cm 70cm
1Year 69.2cm 78.9cm
1 1/2 Year 75.2cm 86.2cm
2Year 80.3cm 92.5cm
21/2 Year 84cm 97.3cm
3Year 87.3cm 101.4cm
3 1/2 Year 91.4cm 106.7
4Year 92.7cm 109.8cm
4 1/2 Year 95.6cm 110.6cm
5 Year 98.4cm 112.2cm

6 year Girl Expectation Height

6-year baby child growth is average expectations are 115.5 cm and healthy girl increase in 2 more cm that as 117cm

Average Height of 7-year-old Baby

Healthy and wealthy baby height increase by year to year.7 year girl’s expectations height is 121.1 cm.

Expectations Height of 8 Year Girls

Girls increase their height in fast. In this 8 years old the girl’s average height is 128.2 cm.

9 Year Old Girl Average Height

This Girl average height in 9 years 133.3 cm. At this age, the girls are fastly growing.

 Expectations of  10 Year Girl Height

10-year girl’s height improves to 138.4 cm. This is the average expectation height. some of the girls fastly grown, some of the children slowly increase the height.

11 and 12 Years Baby Girls expected Height

11-years baby girl’s height is 144 cm and 12th-year children’s minimum height is 149.8 cm.

Teenage Girls Average Height 13 – 20 Years

Age Height (inches) Height(Cm)
13 Years 61.7″ 156.7 cm
14 Years 62.5″ 158.7 cm
15 Years 62.9″ 159.7 cm
16 Years 64.0″64.2″ (163 cm) 162.5 cm
17 Years 64.0″ 162.5 cm
18 Years 64.2″ 163 cm
19 Years 64.2″ 163 cm
20 Years 64.3″ 163.3 cm



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