A Complete List Of Hindu Baby Boy Names starting with ‘A’

The first alphabet in most of the Indian Languages also starts with A. There are hundreds of Indian Baby Boy Names starting with A. We have done a complete research and providing a complete list of Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A.

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First Alphabet in Indian Languages that is also equivalent of A:

  • Hindi –
  • Assamese
  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Kannada
  • Malayalam
  • Marathi
  • Odia –
  • Punjabi
  • Telugu –
  • Tamil –
  • Urdu

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With A


Name Meaning
Advik Unique
Aniruddha without obstacles
Aarush The first ray of the winter sun
Ayog Auspicious time
Ashwaghosh Name of Buddhist philosopher
Asav Essence
Aak Nature, Sky
Amik Boy
Amako Boy
Aaif Fearless
Aala Supreme
Aama Accomplish
Abel Breathing, Breath
Ahuk Inevitable
Afan Forgive
Arni Eagle, Power
Aranab Ocean
Ambar Sky
 Amal As pure as white; Unblemished; Hope; Aspiration
Ashray Shelter
 Avi Sun and Air; Honest
Agniv Bright as light
Adwait Unique, Nonduality, No one like him
Aamod  Joy
Aahan Morning glory, Dawn, Sunrise
Ainitosh  Happy
Abhirath Great charioteer
Ahil  Prince
Anvay Joined, Integration
Aahan Morning glory, Dawn, Sunrise
Aadesh Instruction
Aadhishankar Sri Shakaracharya
Aagman Arrival
Aagney Born of fire
Aakaash  Sky
Aakarshan Attraction
Aashray Shelter
Abhay Fearless
Abhijat Noble
Abhik Beloved
Abhinandan Congratulations
Abhisar Companion
Abhyas  Study
Achal Stable
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Akhil Entire
Akshan  Eyes
Alok Cry of Victory
Amani Wishes
Amarnath Immortal god
Ambar  Sky
Ambikapathi  Lord Shiva
Ambuj  Lotus
Amil  Rich
Amish  Honest
Amitabh Boundless shine
Amitesh Infinite God
Amod Happiness
Amolik Priceless
Amoorta Formless
Amresh Lord Indira
Amshul Bright
Amul Priceless
Anirudh Boundless
Arpan offer
Atanu Cupid
Atiksh Wise
Atithi Guest
Atma Soul
Atmajyoti Light of the soul
Avanindra King of Earth
Avashesh Remainder
Avatar Holy Incarnation
Avichal Unmovable
Avinash Immortal
Avirat Continuous
Ayog Auspicious time
Ayudh Weapon
Ayush Long lived
Aabheer A cow herd
Aadarsh It is a variant of Adarsh and means ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect
Aadav It is a Hindu name that implies the sun
Aadavan In Sanskrit, it means ‘the sun’. It is also the name of Vishnu
Aadesh It is a Hindi word meaning instruction or guideline
Aadhan Be first
Aadhik The greater
Aadhikesav It is used to imply Lord Vishnu
Aadhinath It means ‘˜first’
Aadhira Moon
Aadhith It means ‘first’
Aadhunik It means new or latest
Aadi In Sanskrit, the name means ‘the beginning’ , the first’ or most important
Aadidev The first god
Aadimoolan Being Extreme, Dominant or supreme
Aadinadh It is used to imply Lord Vishnu
Aadinath The first god
Aadinathan The one who serves the first creator
Aadipta Sanskrit meaning Blazing up, Set on fire, splendid, brilliant, etc…
Aadir Origin, beginning
Aadish It means wise or intelligent
Aadit In Sanskrit, it means ‘peak’ ‘first’, ‘lord of the Sun’
Aaditey Relating to God of sun, Son of Aditi; Crown flower plant
Aaditeya Son of aditi
Aaditya It is a baby name that means the ‘sun’
Aadvay Aadvay means unique or one of a kind
Aadvik In Sanskrit, it means ‘Unique’, ‘Unusual’ or ‘Different’
Aagam Coming, arrival
Aaghosh Aaghosh means to embrace
Aagney Son of fire
Aagneya Son of the fire
Aahan In Sanskrit, it means ‘sunrise or dawn’, ‘first ray of light’
Aahish Blessing of God
Aahlaad Delight
Aahva Beloved
Aahvan Call out to someone
Aakaar Shape
Aakaash Sky
Aakar Shape
Aakarshan Attraction
Aakash Upper Sky
Aalap Prelude to a raga
Aalok In Sanskrit, it means ‘enlightenment or light of divinity’.
Aamil One who is invaluable
Aamod Pleasure
Aanan Aanan means appearance of a person
Aanand Joy
Aanandswarup Full of Joy
A boy who is happy and shares happiness with all
Aanav The name means ‘humane’, ‘generous’ in Sanskrit
Aandaleeb The bulbul bird
Aanjaneya Son of anjani
Aanjay Unconquerable or one who cannot be defeated
Aapt Trustworthy
Aaraadhak Worshipper
Aaranyan Lush like a forest
Aarav Aarav comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘peaceful and calm’. In Hindi, the name means ‘high regard’.
Aardik The person who is affectionate to his fellowmen
Aarhant Protector from enemies
Aarin In Hebrew, it means ‘mountain strength’.
Aarit The name of Sanskrit origin means ‘one who seeks the right direction’, ‘beloved’, ‘friend’, ‘honored
Aariv The name means ‘wise, full of wisdom’.
Aarnav One who comes from the sea
Aaroha It is a Hindu name that means, ‘ever rising’
Aarpit To donate
Aarshabh Another name of Lord Sri Krishna
Aarth Meaning
Aarul The name means ‘blessed person’, ‘grace of God, and ‘brilliant’.
Aarush First winter sun’s rays
Aaryan Honorable, Devoted, Noble, Gentleman-like
Aashadhar A hopeful person
Aashish Blessing
Aashman Son of the sun
Aashutosh Who is easily pleased
Aastik Who has faith in god
Aatish Explosive, a dynamic person
Aatmaj  Son
Aatreya Name of a sage
 Aayan Belonging to the solstice; also means ‘coming’ or ‘approaching’
Aayu Span of life
Aayushmaan With long life
Abadhya Always victorious; unopposed
Abeesh Wanted, desired
Abeesht Desired; Wish (wished for); Dear
Abhaiveer The one who is brave an courageous
Abhanja One who has excellent speaking skills
Abhas Brilliant, magnificent, shining
Abhat Splendor; bright; hue; reflection
Abhay Fearless, Courageous, a son of dharma
Abhayan A person who is valiant
Abhayananda Delighting in fearless
Abhayaprada Bestower of safety, another name for vishnu
Abheek Fearless
Abhey Abhey means fearless or brave
Abhi Fearless
Abhibhava Overpowering, powerful, victorious
Abhicandra With a moon-like face, one of the seven manus of the svetambara jain sect
Abhidi Radiant
Abhigyaan One who is very wise and full of wisdom
Abhihita Expression, word, name
Abhijaat Well born
Abhijat Noble , wise
Abhijay Victorious
Abhijaya Conquest, complete victory
Abhijeet Variation: abhijit
Abhiji The person who is victorious and undefeated
Abhijit Victorious, The one who overcomes completely
Abhijith One who is victorious; 8th Muhurat of the day
Abhijun Expert, skilled
Abhijvala Blazing forth
Abhik The name comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘fearless’.
Abhikama Compassion; desire
Abhikansh Desire, wish, longing
Abhilash Desire
Abhim Another name of Lord Vishnu; conqueror of fear
Abhimand Gladdening
Abhimani Full of pride , another name for agni as the eldest son of brahma
Abhimanyu Son of arjuna
Abhimanyusuta Son or abhimanyu
Abhimoda Joy , delight
Abhin Different
Abhinabhas Renowned , famous
Abhinand To congratulate or appreciate
Abhinanda To rejoice, to celebrate, to praise, to bless, delight
Abhinandan Congratulation
Abhinatha Lord of desires , another name for kama
Abhinav Novel; young; fresh
Abhinava New , young , fresh , modern , a sakta notable for his great leaning and spiritual attainment
Abhinavin New; innovation
Abhinay Expression
Abhineet Perfect
Abhinit Acted
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhiraam Pleasing
Abhiraj Fearless king
Abhiraksh The one who safeguards
Abhirakshit The one who is protected
Abhiram The Lord Shiva; joyous; beautiful
Abhirath Great charioteer
Abhiru The Lord Shiva, courageous, bold, mighty, strong
Abhiruc The sun
Abhiruchir Very good-looking; splendid; pleasing to the eyes
Abhirup Handsome
Abhisar Companion
Abhishek An auspicious bath for a deity; anointing; devoted; the coronation of the king
Abhishikt The devoted; enthroned
Abhishikth Abhishikth means annointed or appointed
Abhisoka Passionate , loving
Abhisumat Radiant , another name of sun
Abhisyanta Splendid , a son of kuru and vahini
Abhivaadan Greeting
Abhivachan Good word
Abhivanth Royal salute
Abhivira Surrounded by heroes , a commander
Abhlesh One who is distinct and immortal
Abhra Cloud
Abhrakasin With clouds for shelter , an ascetic
Abhram The one who has no illusions; faultless; stable; clarity
Abhyagni Towards the fire , a son of aitasa
Abhyudaya  Luck
Abhyudit The ascended; expand; flourishing
Abhyudita Elevated , risen , prosperous
Abij Seedless
Abijith The one who conquers or who is victorious
Abimanyu Arjuna’s son; The one who has self-respect; heroic; bold
Abin Servant of the lord
Abivanth Royal salute
Abjayoni Born of the lotus, another name for brahma
Abjit Conquering water
Abzar Powerful, mighty
Achal Constant
Achalendra The himalayas
Achalraj Himalayan mountain
Acharya Acharya means a teacher or a mentor
Achintya Inconceivable
Achyut Imperishable; a name of vishnu
Achyuta Indestructible
Achyuthan Indestructible
Adarsh Ideal
Adavak The simple, uncomplicated
Adavan Sun
Adeep The light of vishnu
Adesh A message or command; to make a statement
Adheer Restless
Adheash Ruler, King or Lord
Adheesh King
Adhik More, lots
Adhikshit The king, lord
Adhiksit Adhiksit means a supreme almighty king
Adhiraj King
Adhish The lord, master;sovereign
Adhita A scholar, intelligent; wise
Adhivar The Lord Shiva; chief; controller
Adhyaksh Adhyaksh means one who controls or regulates
Adinarayana Another name of lord Vishnu
Adinath Lord vishnu
Adipurush Primordial being.
Adit From the beginning
Aditeya Another name for the sun
Adithya Sun god, son of adithi
Aditya Sun god
Adityanandana Son of the sun
Adityavardhana Augmented by glory
Adityesha One who has big desires
Adripathi Master of the mountains
Adrut Adrut means slow in pace
Advait Unique
Advaitha Unique person who is special
Advay Unique
Advaya One; united
Advik The name means ‘unique’ in Sanskrit.
Adwaita Non-duality
Adway One ; united
Adwaya Unique
Adwithiya One who is unequalled and cannot be compare
Adyah The name means ‘the first’ in Sanskrit.
Aga It is a Hindu name that means sword
Aganveer God of Sikh law
Agasthya A name of a sage
Agasti Name of a sage
Agastya Name of a sage
Agenda Himalayan mountain
Agharna The moon
Aghat Destroyer of sin
Aghora One of the five faces of Lord Shiva
Aghosh Quiet, soundless
Agneya Son of agni
Agnidev It means God of Fire
Agnimitra Friend of fire
Agniprava Bright as the fire
Agnivesh Bright as the fire
Agyeya Unknown
Agraj Leader, senior
Ahan One who is of the nature of time itself
Ahi Sanskrit meaning -Heaven and earth; Cloud
Ahijit Conquerer of the serpent
Ahil The name is one of the fastest rising names, meaning ‘Prince’ in Sanskrit.
Ahilan Knowledgeable , commanding
Ainesh The sun’s glory
Airaawat The celestial white elephant
Airawat Name of Lord Indra’s white elephant
Aiyappa Name of Hindu god Ayyappa who is the son of Lord Shiva and Mohini
Aja Unborn
Ajaat Unborn
Ajaatshatru Who has no enemies
Ajamil A mythological king male islamic
Ajanta Eternal fame
Ajatashatru Without enemies
Ajay Unconquerable
Ajeet One who is invincible
Ajitaabh Whose lustre can’t be diminished
Ajitabh Victor
Ajitesh Lord vishnu
Ajoy Joyful
Akaash Sky
Akalmash Stainless
Akalpa Ornament
Akand Calm
Akansh Whole
Akarsh Attractive
Akash Sky
Akhil World
Akhilesh Lord of the universe
Akroor Kind
Akshaj Lord vishnu
Akshan Eye
Akshansh Universe
Akshar The name means ‘eternal, god of gods’.
Akshat Unharmed
Akshay Immortal
Akshayaguna Of limitless attributes. a name for lord shiva
Alak World; beautiful tresses
Alankar Gold, ornament
Alap Alap is an improvised section of a raga
Alhad Joy
Alok Cry of victory
Aloke Light
Aloki Brightness
Alop That which does not disappear
Alpesh Tiny
Amaan Peace
Amalendu Full moon
Amalesh The pure one
Aman Trustworthy
Amanath Treasure
Amanjot Emanating the light of peace
Amar Immortal person
Amardeep Eternal light
Amaresh Name of indra, lord of the gods
Amarik Immortal; divine
Amaris Child of the moon
Amarjeet Victorious
Amarnath Immortal god
Amartya Immortal
Ambar Sky
Ambareesh The name is the ancient word of Sanskrit origin, meaning ‘sky, atmosphere or sun’.
Ambarish The sky
Ambikapathi Lord of siva
Ambud Cloud
Ambuj Lotus
Ameal One who is invaluable
Ameet Boundless
Ameil One who is invaluable
Ameya Boundless
Ameyatma Lord vishnu
Ami Nectar
Amil Invaluable
Amish Honest
Amit Boundless
Amitaabh Boundless lustre
Amitabh Unlimited
Amitabha Limitless lustre ; name of lord buddha
Amitav Limitless luster; name of Lord Buddha;Same as amitabh
Amitbikram Limitless prowess
Amitesh Infinite god
Amitiyoti Limitless brightness
Amitosh Amitosh is an Indian name that means ‘boundless joy’
Amitrasudan Destroyer of enemies
Amlan Unfading; everbright
Amlankusum Unfading flower
Amod Happiness
Amogh Unerring
Amol Priceless
Amolik Priceless
Amoorta Formless
Amresh Lord indra
Amrik Nectar
Amrish Lord indra
Amrit Nectar
Amritambu Moon
Amritansh One who is sweet natured. It also means one who is as sweet as nectar
Amritaya The immortal. lord vishnu
Amshu Atom
Amshul Bright
Amuk Some; one or another
Amul Priceless
Anaadi Without beginning
Anadi Eternal
Anadya Another name of the Lord Krishna; without a beginning; immortal
Anagh The name comes from Sanskrit meaning ‘the sinless or faultless’. ‘An’ in Anagh means ‘without’ while ‘agh’ mean
Anaka In Sanskrit, it means ‘energetic, thunder-cloud’.
Anamay Another name of lord Shiva; free from disease; healthy
Anand Happiness
Anang Cupid or kamadeva
Ananmaya One who cannot be broken
Anant In Sanskrit, it means, ‘without end’, ‘infinite’, ‘joyful’.
Anantajeet The victor of infinity. lord vishnu
Anantajit In Sanskrit, it means ‘Ever Victorious Lord’.
Anantram Eternal god
Ananyaj Kama; a unique son
Ananyo Sole, peerless
Anargh Priceless
Anay Radha’s husband
AnekMany Many
Anesh Creative and active
Angaar Spark of fire
Angad An ornament
Angada A son of lakshmana
Angaj Son
Angak Son
Aniij Charming
Anik Soldier
Anikait Lord of the world
Aniket Homeless; lord shiva
Anil Wind
Anilaabh Spirit of the wind
Anilatmaja Son of anil-pavan
Animesh To stare open-eyed
Animish Open-eyed therefore attractive
Anindith One who is blameless or faultless
Anindya One who cannot be blamed
Anirab An angel who presides over fire
Aniran Eternal light
Aniruddha Which can’t be restricted
Anirudh Boundless
Anirudha It is the name of grandson of Lord Krishna
Anirudhha Cooperative
Anirvan Undying
Anirvinya A name of god vishnu
Anish Lord vishnu; lord shiva
Anit Joyful unending
Aniteja Immeasurable splendour
Anjal Hollow formed by joining two hands
Anjan Eye liner
Anjaney Lord anjaneya
Anjas Fortright
Anjasa Guileless , deceitless
Anjor Bright
Anjuman A garden
Ankal Whole
Ankit The chosen one
Ankur New life
Ankush Restraint
Anmay It is a Hindu name that means invaluable or priceless
Anmol Priceless, unique
Anniruddha It is a character in Hindu mythology, son of Pradyummna.
Annuabhuj Lord shiva
Anoop The best personality
Anram Continuous
Ansh Portion
Anshu Ray of light
Anshuk Radiant
Anshul Radiant
Anshumaan The sun
Anshuman Sun
Anshumat The name means ‘brilliant, luminous’ in Sanskrit.
Antariksh Space
Antim Last
Anuansh Generous; charitable
Anubhav This ancient Sanskrit boy name means ‘lightning and one who follows glory’.
Anuha Satisfied
Anuhlad Brother of prahlad
Anuj Younger brother
Anunay Supplication; consolation
Anup Without comparison; Variation: anoop
Anupam Incomparable
Anuraag Love
Anuraj The popular masculine Hindu/Sanskrit name, means “be brilliant and devoted” in Sanskrit. The name also means
Anuttam Unsurpassed
Anuva Knowledge
Anuvrat Devoted; faithful
Anvesh Investigation
Aparajit The name comes from Sanskrit, meaning ‘undefeated or unsurpassed’. The word Aparajit is a combination of ‘A’
Aparesh God Shiva’s worship
Apoorva Exquisite
Appaji Lord venkateswara of balaji
Apparajito Undefeated
Apurva New; extraordinary; without comparison
Aran Rightious
Aranab Ocean
Aranyak Lush forest; one who lives in forest;
Arav Peaceful
Aravali Righteous
Aravan The vedic word is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘hostile’, ‘someone who is not envious or liberal’.
Arbinderpreet He who loves Lotus
Archan Worship
Archit Worshipped
Ardan Shiva; always on the move
Ardhendu Half moon
Areehah Destroyer of enemies
Arghya Floral tribute to god
Arha Lord shiva
Arhan Tirthankara
Arhat Respectable
Arihaan Worrior
Arihan Killing enemies
Arihant Destroyer of enemies
Arij Pleasant smell
Arin Woman from ireland
Arindam Destroyer of enemies
Arins Happy
Arivanandhan Person having wisdom and happy
Ariyaratna One who is famous for his benevolent works
Ariyasiri One who is charitable, noble and kind
Arja Divine
Arjit Earned
Arjun Shining Star
Arka Offering to the sun
Arkesh Sun
Arman Wish
Armon High place
Arnav Ocean, sea
Arnesh Lord of the sea
Arohan To rise
Arpan Offering
Arpit Allways
Arpitesh It is used to imply a devoted or committed person
Arshad Heavenly, Devoted, true
Arshan Righteous
Arshya Heavenly, Of sacred descent
Artagnan The knower of all meanings
Arthish Brightness of Lord Shiva; One of the many names of Lord Shiv
Aruj It is used to mean the glory and brightness of the Sun
Arul Gods grace , gods blessing
Arumugam One of the many names of Lord Muruga which signifies his six faces
Arun The name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘the dawn or life giving power’.
Arunachaleshwara Lord of the hills of sun
Arunakar It implies the Sun, the glow and radiance of the sun
Arunakham It implies the Sun, the glow and radiance of the sun
Arunkiran One who shines like Sun rays; Radiant and bright
Arunopal It used to imply the gemstone Ruby
Arush The name Arush has its origin in India and means ‘first ray of sun’.
Arushan The very first rays of dawn
Arvan One of the moon’s horses
Arvind Lotus
Arya Great person
Aryadita It could mean friend or noble warrior
Aryaditya Sun like person in aryans
Aryamaan One who is known for his noble and dignified character
Aryaman The Sun
Aryan The name of Arabic origin means ‘warrior’, ‘kind’.
Aryanathan Another name of Lord Ayyappa
Aryav Noble
Asav Essence
Ashank Faith
Aseem Limitlessashank = faith
Ashcharya Surprise
Asheesh God’s Blessing
Ashit Lord of the rings
Ashokan One who is without Sorrow

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