The Complete List of Hindu Baby Boy Names starting With ‘B’

Name Meaning
Baabul Fatherly figure
Baadal Cloud
Baalaark The rising sun
Baalaji The strong kind person
Baalkrishan Young krishna
Baanbhatt Name of an ancient poet
Baanke Bihaari Name of krishna
Baaskaran One who shines like the sun
Babala Above
Baban One who conquers
Babeesh Diplomatic and kind person
Babhravi The colour of earth
Babhulkar Courageous one
Babjan Lively person
Babji Independent
Bablo Young smart boy
Babudas Honest devotee of a great person
Babulal Beautiful
Babumohan Quick to take decision
Baburaj One who can influence people
Bachira One who guides
Bachu Childish innocence
Badal Cloud
Badam Brave person
Badari Powerful like Lord Vishnu
Badarinath The lord at Badari; the abode of lord at Badari; a name of Vishnu
Badhusa Sweet personality
Badre Light hearted person
Badri Lord vishnu
Badrinadh Lord of Mount Badri
Badrinarayan Another name for Lord Vishnu
Badrinath Lord vishnu
Badriprasad Goft of badri
Badrulla Ambitious and religious person
Bagirath One who rides a chariot
Bagyaraj Lucky one
Bahubali A jain tirthankar
Bahuleya Lord kartikeya
Bahuleyan Another name for Lord Murugan
Bahuliya Lord kartikeya
Bahumanya Honoured by many
Bahumanyam Idealistic man
Bahurai With great riches
Baidyanath Master of medicines
Baiju An alternative name for Shiva
Bailanie Independent person
Baira Courageous one
Baireddy Creative by heart
Baiwab Bhagawan shiva’s name
Baizura One who looks for change
Bajeesh Born to Win
Bajrang Lord hanuman’s name
Bajrangi A fighter
Bakibulla Owner of a humble heart
Bakiyaraj Blessed lucky boy
Bakool Flower
Bakul A kind of tree
Balaaditya Young sun
Balaasundaram Good looking boy
Balabalaji Youthful lad
Balachakravarthy One who gives solutions to problems
Balachandan Blessed by the moon
Balachandar Young moon
Balachandra Young moon
Baladasan Obedient child
Balaganesan Lovable child
Balagirish One who obeys Lord Shiva
Balagopal Infant krishna
Balagovind Infant krishna
Balaji Lord vishnu
Balakrishna Young krishna
Balamani Young jewel
Balamohan One who is attractive
Balaraj Strong
Balaram Brother of lord krishna
Balashankar Young lord shiva
Balavan Powerful
Balavant Another name of Lord Hanuman.
Balavir Brave; powerful; hero
Balbeer Powerful
Balbhadra Brother of krishna
Balbir Strong
Baldev Strong
Balendra The child-like form of Indra
Balendu Young moon
Balgopal Baby krishna
Balgovind Krishna
Bali Brave
Ballabh A beloved person and variant of Vallabh
Balraj Mighty
Balram Brother of lord krishna
Balravi The early morning sun
Balvant Of immense strength
Balveer Powerful
Balvindra Strong
Balwant Strong
Banaj Lotus
Banajit Vishnu; one who conquers with arrows
Banbihari Lord krishna
Bandhu Friend
Bandhul Pleasing
Bandhula Charming
Banduka An outstanding character
Baneet Polite
Banikant He who can control his destiny
Banister A variation of the name Bannister and mean one who looks after his bath area. Also
Banke Lord krishna
Banke Bihari Another name for Krishna
Bankebihari Lord krishna
Bankim Not straight
Bankimchandra Crescent moon
Banshi Flute
Banshidhar Krishna
Bansi Flute
Bansilal Lord krishna
Bansuri It means Flute and music.
Banwari Lord krishna
Barid Cloud
Barindra Ocean
Barketram Sensitive and good person by heart
Barsaat Welcome rain
Barun The name means ‘lord of the sea’ in Sanskrit.
Basak It means beautiful like a garland of flowers
Basant Season of spring
Basanta Spring
Basav mighty; masculine;
Basavaraj Lord of bulls
Basdev Fire
Basistha A sage
Basudeb Also regarded as Father of Krishna
Batuk Boy
Beerud The lucky man
Benaka A variant name for Lord Ganesha
Bhadrak Handsome
Bhadrakapil Lord shiva
Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes
Bhadrashree Sandalwood tree
Bhadresh Lord shiva
Bhagat Devotee
Bhagavaan The lord
Bhagesh Lord of richness
Bhagirath Name of an ancient king
Bhagwant Fortunate
Bhagyaraj Lord of luck
Bhairav Lord shiva
Bhajan Adoration
Bhalendra Lord of light
Bhanesh Shiva; lord of worldly existence
Bhanu Sun
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun
Bhanumitra Friend of sun / planet mercury
Bhanuprakash Sun light
Bhanuprasad Gift of sun
Bharadwaj A sage; a mythical bird
Bharat India
Bharddwaj A sage
Bhargav Lord shiva
Bhargava Lord shiva
Bhargavan Name of deity in ahobilam
Bhartesh King of bharat
Bhartihari Name of a poet
Bhasin Resplendent; brilliant
Bhaskar A name of sun
Bhasvan Bright
Bhaswar Shining
Bhaumik Lord of earth
Bhav Lord shiva
Bhav-bhooti The universe
Bhavan Palace
Bhavesh Lord of the world
Bhavik Devout; virtuous; happy
Bhavin The word Bhavin means ‘beautiful and blessing’.
Bhawanidas Devotee of durga
Bheemsen Sons of brave man
Bheesham Strong
Bheru Friend
Bhim One of pandavas
Bhishma Teacher of kauravas bhoj
Bhoj Name of a poet king
Bhojaraja Lord of generosity
Bholanath Lord shiva
Bhoopat Lord of the earth
Bhoopendra King of the earth
Bhooshan Ornaments
Bhooshit Decorated
Bhoumik Land owner
Bhramar Black bee
Bhrigu Name of a saint
Bhudev Lord of the earth
Bhudhav Lord vishnu
Bhuman Earth
Bhumi Earth
Bhupad Firm
Bhupal King
Bhupati King
Bhupen King
Bhupendra King of kings
Bhupesh King
Bhushan Ornament
Bhuvan Leader
Bhuvanesh Lord of the world
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world
Bhuvesh The king of earth
Bibek Conscience; discrimination
Bibhas A raga
Biboswan Sun god
Bijal Lightning
Bijesh Bhagawan shiva’s name
Bilva A sacred leaf
Bimal Pure
Bimb Halo
Bimbisaar King of the gupta dynasty
Bindusar An excellent pearl
Bipin Forest
Bir Courageous
Birbal Brave heart
Biren Lord of warriors
Birendra King of warriors
Birju Nice singer
Bisaj Lotus
Bodhan Kindling
Boudhayan The name of a sage
Brahma Creater of the universe
Brahmaanand Supreme joy
Brahmabrata Ascetic
Brahmadutt Dedicated to brahma
Braj Place of lord krishna
Brajamohan Name of lord krishna
Brajendra Lord of braj land
Brajesh Lord of braj land
Brajraaj King of braj land
Bramhaghosh Chanting of vedas
Bramhanand Happiness for knowledge
Bratindra Devoted to right deeds
Brent Hill top
Brihant Destroyer of the powerful; massive; grand; a king who fought on the side of the Pandavas
Brij Lord krishna
Brijesh God of the land ‘brij’;Krishna; lord of nature
Brijkishor Lord krishna
Brijmohan Krishna
Brijnandan Lord krishna
Brijraj The one who rules the nature
Brirar Without pain
Buddha Awakened
Buddhadev Wise person
Buddhadeva Wise
Buddhapriya One liked by buddha
Budhil Learned
Bukka Heart


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