Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with G and Meanings

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Name  Meaning
Gadhadhar Name of lord vishnu
Gadin Lord krishna
Gadiva A powerful Arjunan bow
Gagan Sky
Gagandeep A lamp in the sky.
Gaganvihari One who stays in heaven
Gagnesh Lord shiva
Gajaadhar Who can command an elephant
Gajanan One with elephant face
Gajanand Lord ganesh
Gajbaahu Who has strength of an elephant
Gajdant Elephant teeth
Gajendra Elephant king
Gajendranath Owner of gajendra
Gajkaran Like ears of elephant
Gajpati Master of elephant
Gajrup Lord ganesh
Gajvadan Name of lord ganesha
Gambheer Deep
Ganak An astrologer
Ganaka One who calculates
Ganapati Lord ganesh
Ganaraj Lord of the clan
Ganav An idealistic person
Gandesha Lord of fragrance
Gandhaa A sweet smelling
Gandham Lucky
Gandhar Fragrance
Gandharaj King of fragrance
Gandharv Master in musicgandhi sun
Gandharva Celestial musician
Gandhi Sun
Gandhik Fragrance
Gandhodi Ambitious
Gandira Hero
Gandiva The bow of arjuna
Ganeh Person with a multitude of luck
Ganendra Lord of a troop
Ganes A confident self assured personality
Ganesan Religious happy boy
Ganesh Son of lord shiva/parvati
Ganessin Another alternative name for Lord Ganesh
Gangadatt Gift of the ganges
Gangadhar Shiva
Gangadharan Talented
Gangadutt Gift of ganga
Gangesh Lord shiva
Gangesha Lord of ganga.
Gangeya Son of river ganga
Gangol A precious
Ganisha Person of wisdom
Ganjam One who flourishes
Ganjan Surpassing
Ganji An analytical person
Gannaath An epithet of shiva
Ganne Creative person
Gannon The god of silence
Garg Name of a saint
Garisht Heaviest
Garjan Thunder
Garud The king of birds
Garuda The name of the legendary God who carried away Lord Vishnu
Garv Pride
Gatik Fast
Gaunarda A person who sheds life and brightness to everyone’s life.
Gaur One who is just and pays attention to all
Gaurab A dignified personality
Gaurabh One who gives importance for honour
Gaural Lovable person
Gaurang Fair complexioned
Gaurav Honour
Gauresa It means the Goddess Gauri
Gauresh A name of lord shiva.
Gaurik One who will rise to heights
Gaurikant Husband of gauri
Gaurinandan Son of gauri -lord ganesh
Gaurinath Lord shiva
Gaurisa A variation of Gauresa
Gaurish Lord shiva
Gaurishankar Peak of the himalayas
Gaurisuta Son of gauri. lord ganesha
Gaurrav One who the family is proud of
Gausra It means day break
Gautam Lord buddha
Gautav Brings good fortune for family
Gavade One who looks for perfection
Gavara A lively person
Gavaskar One who is authoritative
Gavendra A strong person
Gaveshan Search
Gavesin A person on the search for something
Gavisht Abode of light
Gavistha It means the Abode Of Light
Gavli One who performs their duties well
Gavya Garden of God
Gawtam One who enlightens
Gayak Singer
Gayaka A talented singer
Gayan Singing
Gayand As wild as a Tusker
Geet Song
Geetham The one who follows Lord Krishna
Geethik The holder of a sweet voice
Geetprakash The one with the beauty of lights
Geyarajan King of songs
Ghamandpreet He who adores the pride he holds
Ghanaanand Happy like cloud
Ghanashyam Lord krishna
Ghanendra Lord of clouds (lord indra )
Ghansham The follower of Lord Krishna
Ghanshyam Lord krishna
Ghantasala A very practical person by heart
Ghrtapas The one who loves to have ghee
Ghulamnabi The romantic poet
Ghuruvaran He who guides his people
Gianjeet Gianjeet is a male name and means
Gigyansh One who is curious
Girdhari Lord krishna
Giri Mount
Giridari Lord krishna
Giridhar One who holds mountain
Girijanandan Son of girija (lord ganesh)
Girik Lord shiva
Girilal Son of mountain
Girindra Lord shiva
Giriraj Lord of mountain
Girish God of mountain
Girivar Lord krishna
Girvaan Language of god
Gitashri Bhagavat gita
Gobhil A sanskrit scholar
Gogula Lord krishna
Gokul A village near mathura
Gopal Krishna
Gopan Protection gopesh
Gopesh Lord krishna
Gopi Protector of cows (female)
Gopichand Name of a king
Gorakh Cowherd
Gorakh-naath Saint of gorakh community
Goral Lovable
Goswamee Master of cows
Gourishankar Mt. everest
Goutam Name of lord buddha
Govardhan Name of a mountain in gokul
Govind Cowherd
Govinda Lord krishna
Grahish Lord of the planets
Granthik Astrologer
Grihith Understood
Grishm Heat
Gudakesha The archer arjuna
Gulab Rose
Gulal Colour red
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Gulzar Gardener
Gulzarilal Name of lord krishna
Guna Bestowed with qualities
Gunaakar An ancient king
Gunagya Knower of virtues
Gunaja Virtuous maiden
Gunalan Filled with virtue
Gunamay Virtuous
Gunaratna Jewel of virtue
Gunayukth Endowed with virtue
Gunin Virtuous
Gunina Lord of all virtues. lord ganesh
Gunjan Buzzing of a bee
Gunvant Virtuous
Gunwant Virtuous
Gupil A secret
Gurbachan Promise of the guru
Gurcharan Feet of the guru
Gurdayal Compassionate guru
Gurdeep Lamp of the guru
Gurjas Fame of lord
Gurjop Love to gods
Gurman Heart of guru
Gurmeet Friend of the guru
Gurmukh Name of the guru
Gurnam Name of the guru
Gurpreet The loved one of the guru or god
Gursan Agree in anything
Gursharan Refuge at the guru
Guru Teacher
Guru Prasad
Gurubachan The voice of the guru
Gurucharan The feet of the guru
Gurudas Servant of the guru
Gurudatt Bestowed by a guru
Gurudutt Gift of the guru
Gururaj Chief teacher; King of gurus;
Gurusharan Refuge at the guru
Guruttam The greatest teacher
Gyan Knowledge
Gyandev Lord of knowledge gagan

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