Modern Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘H’

Name Meaning
Haan It means the rooster
Haarikrishnna Born by the Grace of God
Haarsh Symbol of happiness
Haipriya One loved by Lord Vishnu
Hajay An invincible person
Haji Born during the hajj
Hakesh Lord of sound
Haldar The man who can hold the plow
Hamant Winter or coolness
Hamatha It means a mighty and strong fortress
Hamendra A determined
Hamsa Swan
Hanamanth Smart and loving person
Hanish One who warns you from dangers
Hansaraj King of a swan
Hanshal Swan like
Hansin The universal soul
Hansraaj King of swans
Hanuman Monkey god
Hanumant The monkey god
Har Name of shiva
Hara The remover of sins
Haraksa One who worships Lord Shiva
Haranadh A devotee of Lord Vishnu
Hardhik The affectionate one
Hardik Heartfelt
Hare Krishna A devotee of Lord Krishna
Hareendra Lord shiva
Harekrishna Lord krishna
Harendra Lord shiva
Haresh Lord krishna
Hareshwar The name is a combination of the Gods Vishnu and Shiva
Hari Om saluting brahma
Hariaksa Lord shiva
Haricharan Feet of the lord
Haridas Servant of Lord Krishna
Haridev He who values the love of God
Harigopal Lord krishna
Harihar Shiva and vishnu together
Hariharan Born of Hari (Lord Vishnu) and Hara (Lord Shiva)
Harij The horizon
Harikanth Dear to indra
Harilal Son of hari
Harinaksh Lord shiva
Harinarayan Lord vishnu
Harindra A tree
Harindranath Lord of hari
Hariom Lord vishnu
Hariprasad Blessed by lord krishna
Haripreet Beloved of gods
Hariraj King of lions
Hariram Lord rama
Harish Lord shiva; lord krishna
Harishankar Lord shiva
Harishchandra King of surya dynasty
Harit Green
Haritbaran Green
Harivansh Belonging to the family of hari
Harivilaas The abode of hari
Harjeet Victorious
Harjit Victor
Harkrishna Lord krishna
Harman Man in the army
Harmendra The moon
Haroon The name Haroon means ‘hope’ in Sanskrit. It also stands for ‘protector or chief’ in Arabic.
Harpreet God’s love
Harrey Resembling a lion
Harrie Resembling a lion
Harsh Happiness
Harshad One who showers joy
Harshal Joyful
Harshaman Full of joy
Harshan Happy
Harshavardhan Creator of joy
Harshdeep Happiness with glow
Harshil A bringer of joy
Harshit Joyous
Harshith Happier
Harshul Deer
Harshvardhan One who increases joy
Harsimran Remembering god
Harteij Radiance of lord
Hary Resembling a lion
Hasan Laughter
Hasit Happy
Hasmukh Full of cheer
Hastin Elephant
Havish Lord shiva
Hem Gold; lord buddha
Hemaadri Mountain of gold
Hemachandra Golden moon
Hemadri Mountain of gold
Hemakesh Lord shiva
Hemal Golden
Hemamdar Golden creeper
Hemang Lord vishnu
Hemanga Golden coloured
Hemant The Sanskrit name means ‘gold’
Hemaprakash Golden light
Hemaraj King of gold
Hemavatinandan Son of goddess parvati
Hemchander Golden moon
Hemdev Lord of wealth
Hemen The king of gold
Hemendra Lord of gold
Hemendu Golden moon
Hemish Lord of the earth
Hemraaj King of gold
Hemraj King of wealth
Heramb Lord ganesh
Heramba Belonging to lord ganesh
Hetal Cheerful
Himaadri Snow mountain
Himaanshu Moon
Himachal The himalayas
Himadri Himalaya
Himaghna The sun
Himalay Mountain range
Himanish Lord shiva
Himank Diamond
Himanshu Moon
Himmat Courage
Himnish Lord shiva
Hindola A raga
Hira Diamond
Hiranmay The golden one
Hiranmaya Made of gold
Hiranya A precious metal;wealth
Hiranyak Name of a maharishi
Hiren Lord of the diamonds
Hirendra Lord of diamonds
Hiresh King of gems
Hitansh Helper
Hitarth Well wisher
Hitendra Well wisher
Hitesh Lord of goodness
Hrehaan The name is a variation of the Arabic word Rehan
Hriday The heart
Hridayanand Joy of the heart
Hridayanath Lord of the heart
Hridayesh Lord of the heart
Hridaynath Beloved
Hridhaan The name of Arabic origin means ‘a person with a big heart’ .
Hridyanshu Light from heart
Hrik The name of Sanskrit origin means ‘praise’.
Hriman Wealthy
Hrishi Pleasure
Hrishikesh An epithet of vishnu
Hrithik From the heart
Hritik Name of a sage
Hryday Heart
Hrydayesh Lord of hearts
Hurditya Joyous

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