A Complete List of Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘I’

Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter I

Here we can share the latest Indian baby boy names and get the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter I and meanings.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter I


Name Meanings
Ibhanan Lord ganesh
Ichaa Desire
Idaspati God of rain -vishnu
Idhant Luminous
Idhyah The name means ‘praiseworthy’ in Sanskrit.
Ihit One who is honored
Ijay Lord vishnu
Ijya The name also has the meaning ‘dispeller of evil minded enemies’.
Ikesh Unique
Ikjeet It is a Sikh name that means victorious
Ikshan Sight
Ikshit One who does actions that are visible to all
Ikshu Sugarcane
Ilakiyen Tamil name that means
Ilamaran Brave Young Man
Ilamathi Brave Young Woman
Ilango Name of a Chera prince
Ilashpasti Lord of the earth
Ilavalagan Attractive Man
Ilavarasan Ilavarasan is a Tamil boy’s name that means prince
Ilayaraj Prince
Ilayaraja Ilayaraja is a Tamil name that means prince
Ilesh Lord of earth
Ilisa King of the earth
Imaran Having great strength
Ina Lord surya
Inakanta Beloved of sun
Inbanathan Tamil name for sweet boy
Indarmeet Friend of the almighty God
Indarpal Preserver Of God
Indarpreet Love For God
Indarprem Love For God
Indeevar It is used to denote a blue lotus
Indeever Blue lotus
Inder Kant Inderkant refers to Lord Indra
Indermaan Respect for God
Indiran Hindu name that means the sun
Indiresh This is another name for Lord Vishnu
Indivar Lord vishnu
Indra God of the skies
Indraarjun Bright and brave indra
Indrabh Light of Lord Indra
Indrachap Indrachap means ‘rainbow’
Indradatt Gift of indra
Indradhanush Indradhanush means
Indraditya God of the heavens
Indradutt Gift of indra
Indradyumn Splendour of indra
Indragop Glow of Lord Indra
Indrajeet Conqueror
Indrajit Victor over indra
Indran Another name of Lord Indra
Indraneel Emerald
Indrasen Eldest of the pandavas
Indrasuta Son of indra
Indratan As strong as indra
Indresh Indresh means
Indubhusan Denotes Lord Shiva
Indubhushan The moon
Induhasan Like a moon
Induj Mercury ( planet )
Indukant Moon
Indukanth Indukanth means
Indulal Moon’s lustre
Induleksh The moon
Indumal Lord shiva
Indumat Respected by moon
Indumauli Moon crested
Indushekhar Shiva
Inesh Lord vishnu
Inganam Knowledge
Inoday Sunrise
Ipsit Desired
Iraianbu The one who is loved by the Divine power
Iraj Lord hanuman
Iravan The name means ‘ruler’. Other meanings of this Sanskrit origin name are ‘king of ocean
Iresh Lord of earth
Iri Hanuman
Isaivalan Isaivalan is a Tamil name that means skilled musician
Ish Lord vishnu
Ishaan The person who brings riches
Ishan The hugely popular baby boy name is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘possessing
Ishana Another name for lord vishnu
Ishik One who is desirable and lovely
Ishit The name refers to ‘One who desires to rule’ or ‘ruler’ in Sanskrit.
Ishpreet One who loves God
Ishq Love
Ishranth Derived from a Hindu word meaning ‘full of might’
Ishtarth One who is loved
Ishwar Powerful

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