Hindu Baby Boy Names & Meanings Starting With ‘K’ – Unique, Modern

Hindu Baby Boy Names

Here in this article, we provide the number of Indian languages baby names and collect the Hindu Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter K.

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Kaalappan It is a South Indian name that is used to imply
Kaalathi A Tamil name that implies
Kaaliya A huge serpent
Kaalki One of many names of Lord Narayana
Kaamaari Sanskrit name that means
Kaami Wishes or Desires that are fulfilled are implied by the name Kaami
Kaamjaa A pleasant and approachable person
Kaan Rad
Kaanan Forest
Kaanishik It is a variant of the name Kanishka. He was an ancient Indian King.
Kaapalin A good natured person
Kaarikaa Actress
Kaarmugilan The meaning of the name is dark clouds. It is also used to mean Lord Krishna
Kaarmuhilan A name that is used to imply Lord Krishna
Kaarti Kaarti is the name of a month from the Hindu Calendar
Kaartikey Son of Lord Shiva In Hindu Mythology
Kaartikeya Son of shiva
Kaarvannan Kaarvannan is an other name for Lord Krishna
Kaashinaath Lord of kaashi
Kaashinath It is one of the names of Lord Shiva
Kabal Kabal means clever or intelligent
Kabeer A spiritual leader
Kabir Great personality
Kadamb Name of a tree
Kaditula Sword
Kailas From he silver mounain
Kailash Abode of lord shiva
Kailashchandra Lord shiva
Kailashnath Lord shiva
Kairav The name means ‘white lotus’ in Sanskrit.
Kaivalya Perfect isolation
Kal-hans Swan
Kaladhar One who shows different phases
Kalanath Moon
Kalanath Krishna
Kalanidhi Moon
Kalap Moon
Kalapriya Lover of art
Kalash Sacred urn
Kaleecharan Feet of goddess kali
Kalicharan Feet of goddess kali
Kalidas Servant of goddess kali
Kalimohan A devotee of goddess kali
Kaling A bird
Kalipada A devotee of goddess kali
Kaliranjan A devotee of goddess kali
Kalith Understood
Kalkin Tenth incarnation of god vishnu
Kallol Shouts of joy
Kalpa Able
Kalpak A heavenly tree
Kalpesh Lord of perfection
Kalyan Welfare
Kamadev God of love and passions
Kamalaapati Name of lord vishnu
Kamalaj Lord brahama
Kamalakar Lord vishnu
Kamalaksh With beautiful lotus -type eyes
Kamalan Kamalan means One who is like a Lotus
Kamalanayan Lotus eyed
Kamalanta One of many names of Lord Narayana in Hindu mythology
Kamalapathi It means a lotus and also indicates that the Hindu God -Lord Vishnu is the master of the Lotus
Kamalapati He who lives under the grace of Lord Vishnu’s lotus
Kamalbandhu Brother of lotus
Kamaldev One of the many names of Lord Vishnu
Kamaldip It is used to imply a lotus like floating lamp
Kamalesh One with eyes like a lotus
Kamalkant Lord vishnu
Kamalmohan The meaning of the name is one who is as attractive as a Lotus
Kamalnath Lord vishnu
Kamalnayan With beautiful lotus-type eyes
Kamalprakash The name
Kamalroop One who looks like a Lotus
Kamapala Kamapala means one who is the protector of the worldly desires
Kamaraj King of Sensual desires
Kamarasan One who is not affected by any worldly desires
Kamaroopin One who instills sensual desires with their looks
Kamarupa Kamarupa means ’embodiment of love’
Kamat Unrestrained
Kamban Name of a poet who composed Kamba Ramayanam
Kambod AÂ musical raaga in classical Indian music
Kambodi AÂ musical raaga in classical Indian music
Kamboj Conch shell
Kambojha Variant name of Kanboja which means
Kamesh Lord of love
Kameswar God of sensual desires
Kamik Desired
Kamin A woman
Kamlakant One of many names of Lord Vishnu.
Kamlapati One of many names of Lord Vishnu
Kamlesh The preserver; lord vishnu
Kamod A raga
Kampu The one who is adorable
Kamraj Cupid
Kamran Success
Kamsa Kamsa was a tyrant ruler of the Vrishni kingdom
Kamsantak Slayer of kamsa.
Kamukh Passionate
Kamyak The desired person for his qualities
Kan Rad
Kanaan From he garden
Kanad An ancient
Kanagarajan He who begins all good times
Kanagu The one who shines like Gold
Kanaiya Lord krishna
Kanak Gold
Kanakamya As precious as gold
Kanakarasa It is a South Indian Hindu boy’s name that means
Kanal Shining
Kanav A hindu sage
Kanayaha A name variation of the Lord Krishna
Kanchanabha The one who will be adorned with Gold
Kancuka The one who is protected by gold armour
Kandan Cloud
Kandarp God of love
Kandarpa Cupid
Kandhan Sanskrit word for lover
Kaneer As strong and stable as a tree
Kanha Krishna
Kanhai Name of Lord Krishna as a child
Kanhaiya Lord krishna
Kanhaiyalal One of many childhood names of Lord Krishna; A pet name of Lord Krishna signifying his beauty
Kanishk An ancient king
Kanishta Youngest
Kanisik The one who rules like a King
Kanj Lord brahama
Kanja One who is pure and beautiful like a lotus
Kankeya Lord of Bulls
Kankeyan Kankeyan means Lord of Bulls
Kanksita Kanksita means desired or wished
Kannmani A beloved one
Kantilal Lustrous
Kantimoy Lustrous
Kanu Lord krishna
Kanv Name of a saint
Kanvar Young prince
Kanwal Lotus
Kanwalinder The name means a divine flower like a lotus
Kanwaljeet Lotus
Kanwaljit Lotus
Kanwalkishore Lotus; lord krishna
Kanwarbir Kanwarbir is a Sikh name that means a valiant prince
Kanwardeep Kanwardeep means a radiant prince
Kanwarinder Kanwarinder means a wonderful prince
Kanwarjagat Meaning of the name is Prince of the World
Kapaali Lord shiva
Kapi Monkey
Kapidhwaj One with monkey flag ( arjun)
Kapil Fair complexioned
Kapil Dev Master of kapil
Kapilashwar One with a white horse
Kapindra King of monkeys
Kapirath Lord rama/arjun
Kapish Lord hanuman
Kapoor Saffron
Karan Pure Soul
Karm Fate
Karmendra Duty performer
Karmjit Winner over obstacles
Karna The first-born son of kunti
Karnabhushan Ear ring
Karnajeet Conquerer of karna (arjun)
Karnam Famed
Karnik Judge
Karpoor Camphor
Kartar Lord of creation
Karthik A variant of Karthikeya – Hindu god of war;
Karthikeya Another name of Lord Murugan
Kartik One who gives happiness and courage to all
Kartikeya Elder son of lord shiva
Karun This traditional Sanskrit word means ‘compassion’
Karunaanidhi Sea of compassion
Karunakar Merciful
Karunamaya Full of compassion
Karunashankar Merciful
Karunesh Lord of mercy
Karunya Compassion
Kaschith The sun
Kashi Luminous; pilgrimage spot
Kashinath Lord shiva
Kashiprasad Blessed by lord shiva
Kashyap The name is of Sanskrit origin
Kasish Lord shiva
Kathith Well recited
Katyayan Name of a grammarian
Kaunteya Son of kunti
Kausar Lake of paradise
Kaushal Clever
Kaushik An epithet of vishwamitra
Kaustav Gem worn by lord vishnu
Kaustubh Immortal
Kautik Joy
Kautilya Name for chanakya
Kaveesha Lord of poets. lord ganesha
Kavel Lotus
Kavi Poet
Kavin Handsome; beautiful
Kavindra Poet or poetess
Kavir The sun
Kaviraj Doctor
Kavish King of poets; name of lord ganesh
Kayaan The name of a dynasty of king kaikobad
Kedaar A field
Kedarnath Lord shiva
Keertan Songs of worship
Keerthinath Famous person
Keerthish Fame
Keshav Vishnu
Keshto Lord hanuman
Ketak Flower
Ketan Pure gold
Ketu Lord shiva
Ketubh Cloud
Keva Lotus
Keval Only
Kevalkishore Absolute
Kevalkumar Absolute
Kewal Only
Keyur Flower
Khagendra Lord of the birds
Khagesh God of birds (garuda )
Khajit Lord buddha
Kharanshu Sun
Khemchand Welfare
Khemprakash Welfare
Khushal Perfect
Khushi Happiness or Joy
Khushwant One full of happiness
Kiaan The name has a Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Grace of God’.
Kian The unique name of Sanskrit origin means ‘grace of God’.
Kindam A rishi in indian mythology
Kinshuk A flower
Kintan Wearing a crown
Kiraat Hunter
Kiranmay Full of light
Kirat Lord shiva
Kiratidev Lord of light
Kirav The sun
Kireet Crown
Kireeti Another name for arjun
Kirik Sparkling
Kirin Poet
Kirit Crown
Kiritmani Jewel in the crown
Kirtan Song of praise
Kirtibhushan One adorned with fame
Kirtikumar Famous
Kirtin Celebrated
Kirtivallabh Aspirant of fame
Kishan Lord krishna
Kishor A young boy
Kishore Lord krishna
Kishorekumar Young lad
Kivar The sun
Koshin A delicate bud
Kotijit Conquering millions
Koundinya Sage
Koushik It means love
Koustubh Another name of Lord Krishna
Kovida Wise
Kovidh Wise
Kraanti Revolution
Kriday Lord krishna
Kripa Has a twin sister kripi
Kripal Compassionate
Kripanidhi One with heart full of mercy
Kripasagar Ocean of mercy
Krish Shortform of lord krishna
Krishan Lord krishna
Krishang Lord shiva
Krishanu Fire
Krishna Chaitanya
Krishna Mohan
Krishnachandra Lord krishna
Krishnadeva Lord krishna
Krishnakanta Lord krishna
Krishnakumar Lord krishna
Krishnala Lord krishna
Krishnamurari Lord krishna
Krishnamurthy Lord krishna
Krishnaroop Dark
Krishnaveer Brave as krishna
Krishnendu Lord krishna
Krissh Short form of Krish
Kritanu Skilled
Krithik Shivas son murugas name
Kritika Well starred
Kritiman Sculptor
Krivi Lord shiva
Krupal Ruler of the world
Kshantu Patient
Kshaunish King
Kshemendra Lord of welfare
Kshiraj Moon
Kshirin Flower
Kshitidhar Mountain
Kshitij Horizon
Kshrugal A name of god shiva
Kuber God of riches
Kuberchand God of wealth
Kularanjan Star of family
Kulbhooshan Brings honour to the family
Kulbhushan Pride of the house
Kuldeep Light of family
Kuldev Family diety
Kulik Well born
Kullin A high- born man
Kullyn A high- born man
Kumar Young boy
Kumaresh Lord of youth
Kumudesh Moon
Kumush Old and ancient man
Kunaal Son of king ashoka
Kunal Lotus; of gold; golden
Kundan Gold
Kundanlal Golden
Kundir Strong
Kunja Grove of trees
Kunjabihari Lord krishna
Kunsh Shining
Kunshi Shining
Kunwar A prince
Kusagra A king
Kush Son of lord rama
Kushad Talented
Kushal Clever
Kushanu Fire
Kusumakar Spring
Kusumesh Lord of flowers
Kuval Wisdom
Kuvam Sun
Kuvar Fragrance
Kvanh Melodious sounds

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