List of Hindu Baby Boy Names & Meanings – Starting with ‘M’

List Of Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings With M Alphabet

Here we provide the list of Hindu baby names and the List Of Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings With M Alphabet.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings

Name Meaning
Maadhav Another name of krishna
Maadhavan Synonym of Lord Shiva
Maagh Name of a hindu month
Maahesh One who leads
Maahi The great one
Maalin A garland maker by profession
Maalolan Name of deity in ahobilam
Maan Mind
Maanas Artistic and creative
Maanaveandraa Masculine or brave character
Maandhata An ancient king
Maanesh One who studies the mind
Maani One who hinders wrong
Maanraj The heart and soul of a king
Maanvir The man who is fearless by heart
Maanyasri A respectable honored person
Maaran Brave and powerful Knight
Maartand One who shines likes the Sun
Maartanda A historical name of the king of Travancore
Maavalan The wealthy and happy man
Maaya A person who is true by heart
Machavaram Dynamic personality
Madan God of love
Madanapal Lord of love
Madangopal Lord krishna
Madanmohan Attractive and lovable
Maderu Worthy of praise
Madesh Lord shiva
Madhav Lord krishna
Madhavan Lord shiva
Madhavdas Servant of lord krishna
Madhuban Lord vishnu
Madhuchanda Pleasing metrical composition
Madhuk A honeybee
Madhukant Moon
Madhukanta The moon
Madhukar A bee
Madhumay Consisting of honey
Madhup A bee
Madhur Melodious
Madhusoodan Name of lord krishna
Madhusudan Lord krishna
Madin Delightful
Madur Gentle
Magadh Son of yadu
Magan Engrossed
Mahaadev Another name of shiva
Mahaaveer Most powerful
Mahabahu Arjuna
Mahabala Strength
Mahadev Lord shiva
Mahaj A noblel descent
Mahakaya Gigantic. lord hanuman
Mahaketu Lord shiva
Mahakram Lord vishnu
Mahamani Lord shiva
Mahamati One with big brain ( ganesh )
Mahanidhi Great storehouse. lord shiva
Mahaniya Worthy of honour
Mahant Great
Mahanth Great
Mahapadmananda Big lotus
Mahapurush Great being
Maharanth Pollen inside a flower
Maharath A great charioteer
Maharshi A great saint
Maharth Very truthful
Mahasvin Glorious
Mahatru Lord vishnu
Mahavir A jain prophet
Maheepati The king mahendra
Mahendra Lord vishnu
Mahesh Supreme god
Maheshwar Another name of shiva
Mahi The world
Mahijith Conqueror of the earth
Mahin The earth
Mahindra A king
Mahip Protector of the earth
Mahipal A king
Mahipati King
Mahish Ceremoniously crowned king
Mahishmat A traditional name that means Grandfather of Sahararjuna – a King
Mahit Honoured
Mahith Honoured
Mahnav A great human being by character
Mailabh He who is honored for his work
Mainaaka This the Himalayan Mountain peak
Mainak A mountain a himalayan peak
Mainank This a variant of Mainak
Maitreya Friendly
Maji This means boat men and is a variation of Majhi
Majoo An attractive person by mind and heart
Mak Mak
Makarand Honey
Makhan Soft and pure like butter
Makhesh Lord krishna
Makrand Honey
Makul Bud
Makur Mirror
Malaiswamy A variant name for Lord Shanmukha
Malank King
Malateesh One who loved Malati flowers
Malay A garden of indra
Malaya A forest
Malhar A raga used in indian music
Malhari A variant name of Lord Shiva
Mallesh Lord shiva
Mallikarjun Lord shiva
Mallinga Charming boy
Mamoolan One who is quick to react to situations
Mamraj Lord of affection
Manajit It means the Conquerer Of The Mind
Manajith One who conquered the mind
Manak Affectionate but unprejudiced soul
Manalp Unique person in his own way
Manan Thinking
Manank A person who is very kind
Manas Mind
Manaser A boy who is pure by mind
Manashyu A person who everyone wishes to be with
Manasvin Person who is clever
Manasyu Wishing
Manav Man
Manava A youth who is precious like gold
Manavazagan A man who resembles wooden beauty
Manavendra A king
Manavotham A simple and gentle person
Mandaar A flower
Mandakranta A sanskrit metre
Mandan A tribal name
Mandar A celestial tree
Mandeep Light of the mind
Mandhata He who protects life
Mandhatri Prince
Mandin Delighting
Mandir Temple
Mandith Adorned
Maneendra Lord of gems
Maneesh Lord of the mind
Maneet One who wins heart
Manek He who is as precious as a diamond
Manendra King of mind
Manesh The one who thinks a lot
Mangal A planet
Mangalesh He who is lucky like Lord Ganesha
Mangesh Lord shiva
Manhar Lord krishna
Mani Gem
Manibhushan Supreme gem
Manickaraj The holder of precious gems
Manideep He who shines like a diamond
Manidhar A mythical snake with jewel in its hood
Manik Ruby
Manikaant The blue jewel
Manikandan Lord ayyappa’s name
Manikant The one who shines like a jewel
Manikya The one who lights the path like a red ruby
Manilal The person who is prosperous in his actions
Manimaran A follower of Lord Iyyappa
Manindra Diamond
Maninth One who is honored for his thoughts
Maniram Jewel of a person
Manish God of mind
Manishankar Lord shiva
Manit Highly respected
Manith Honoured
Manivannan He who worships Lord Ayappa
Maniyan The one who is the gem of the family
Manjeet Conqueror of the mind
Manjughosh Sweet sounding recitation
Manjul Handsome
Manjyot Light of the mind
Manmatha Cupid
Manmeet Friend of mind
Manmohan One who wins over the heart
Mannan Thought
Mannath A vow to a deity
Mannith Chosen
Manohar One who wins over the mind
Manohara One who captivates the mind
Manoj Born of mind
Manojavaya Speed like wind
Manomay Conqueror of ones heart
Manonith Carried by the mind
Manoranjan Entertainment
Manorath Desire
Manoth Born of the mind
Manprasad Mentally calm & cool person
Mansukh Pleasing
Manth Thought
Manthan Reflection through study
Mantram Holy name. lord vishnu
Manu The first human being
Manuj Son of manu
Manuraj Kuber
Manvendra King among men
Manwant One with a strong heart
Manyu Mind
Maraal Swan
Mardav Softness
Mareechi Ray of light
Marichi Name of an ancient sage
Markanday Shiva’s devotee; a sage who wrote devi mahatmyam
Markandeya A devotee to lord shiva
Martand Sun
Martanda The sun
Marudeva Lord of the desert
Marut Wind
Maruti Hanuman
Matanga Sage
Matheysh Lord shiva
Matsendra King of the fishes
Matsyendra Lord of the fish
Maulik Precious
Mayan Pure one
Mayank Moon
Mayanka The moon
Mayon The black god
Mayoor One who is beautiful and graceful like a peacock
Mayukh Brilliant
Mayur Peacock
Medh Goddess saraswati
Medhansh Who born with intelligence
Meenakshi Eyes
Meer Chief
Meet Friend
Megh Cloud
Megh-naad Roar of clouds
Meghaj Pearl
Meghashyam Black like a cloud
Meghdutt Gift of clouds
Meghnad Thunder
Meghnath Meghnath means lord of the clouds
Meghraj King of clouds
Mehal Cloud
Mehtab Moon
Meru Famous mountain in hindu mythology
Mihir The sun
Mihirkiran Sun ray
Mikul Comrade
Milan Getting together
Miland Bee
Milap Union
Milind Honey bee
Milit Comradship
Minal A precious stone
Minto Great
Misal Example
Misri Mixed ; sweet
Mitali Friend
Miten Male friend
Mitesh One with few desires
Mithil Kingdom
Mithila Kingdom
Mithilesh The king of mithila
Mithran Sun
Mithun Union
Mitra A friend
Mitrajit Friendly
Mitul Friend
Modak Pleasing
Modal Enjoyment
Moh Love
Mohajit Who has conquered embarrasment
Mohak Attractive
Mohal Attractive
Mohan Fascinating
Mohin Fascinating
Mohit The Sanskrit word means ‘infatuated or charmed’.
Mohnish Lord krishna
Mohul Attractive
Moksh Mukti
Monish Lord of mind
Moorti An idol
Moti Pearl
Motilal Pearl
Moulik Valuable
Mridul Tender
Mrigaa A female deer
Mrigaj Son of the moon
Mrigalochan With eyes like that of a deer
Mrigank Moon
Mriganka The moon
Mrigankamouli Lord shiva
Mrigankasekhar Lord shiva
Mrigasya Lord shiva
Mrigendra The lion
Mrigesh Lion
Mrinaal Lotus-stack
Mrinal Lotus
Mrinank Moon
Mrinendra Lion
Mritunjay Who has won over death
Mrityunjay Lord shiva
Mrudun Lord shiva
Mrugha Palu
Mruthyunjeyan One who defeats death
Mudgal A saint
Mudil Moonshine
Mudit Pleased
Mukesh An epithet for shiva
Muktananda Liberated
Mukul A bud
Mukund Name of vishnu
Mukunda Lord krishna
Mukut Crown
Mulkraj King
Muneendra Best among saints
Muni Village god
Munish Lord buddha
Muraaree Another name of lord krishna
Murad Wish
Muralee The flute
Murali A flute
Muralidhar Lord krishna
Muralimanohar Lord krishna
Murari Lord krishna
Murarilal Lord krishna
Murli Flute
Murthy Vishnu
Murugan Tamil god
Mustapha The chosen one

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