Hindu Baby Boy Names and Meanings – Starting ‘P’

Here we can share the latest boy names and Hindu Baby Boys Names And Meanings With Letter P.

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Hindu Baby Boys Names And Meanings


Name Meaning
Paandu Father of the pandavas
Paandurang A diety
Paaninee A sanskrit grammarian
Paaras One who is precious for the community
Paarbrahm The supreme spirit
Paarth Another name of arjuna
Paarthiv Earthly
Paarvendan A person who can rule the world
Paavak Pure
Paavan Pure
Pachak It means one who can digest situations well
Padam Lotus
Padamjit The person who is beautiful like the Lotus
Padampal A man who loves Lord Krishna
Padamprem A devout follower of Lord Krishna
Padmabandhu Friend of lotus ( bee
Padmadhar One who holds a lotus
Padmahasta Lotus-handed. lord krishan
Padmaj Lord brahama
Padmakant Husband of lotus ( sun)
Padmakar Jewel
Padmal Lotus
Padmalochan Lotus eyed
Padman Lotus
Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel i.e. vishnu
Padmanabha Lord vishnu
Padmapani Lord bramha
Padmapati Lord vishnu
Padmayani Lord brahama; buddha
Padmesh Lord vishnu
Padminish Lord of lotuses; sun
Pahal Facet
Pakhi Bird
Paksha Symbolising the phases of moon.
Pakshi Bird
Palak Eyelid
Palash Tree
Palashkusum The flower of palash
Palashranjan Beautiful like a palash
Palin Protecting
Pallab New leaves pallav
Pallav Young shoots and leaves
Panav Prince
Panchaanan Five-eyed
Panchal Lord shiva
Panchavaktra Five faced
Pandhari Lord vithobha
Pandita Scholar
Panduranga With pale white complexion
Pandya South indian dynasty
Pankaj Mud born
Pankajalochana Lotus eyed. lord krishna
Pankajan Lotus; lord vishnu
Pankajeet Eagle ( garuda )
Pann-gesh King of serpents
Panna Emerald
Pannalal Emerald
Panshul Lord shiva
Paraag Pollen
Paraashar A celebrated saint
Parag Pollen grains
Parakram Strength
Param Perfect
Param-hans The supreme spirit
Paramananda Supreme bliss
Paramartha Highest truth
Paramesh The supreme lord
Parameshwar The supreme god
Paramhansa Supreme soul
Paramjeet Highest success
Paramjit Heroic paranjay varun
Paranjay Lord of the sea
Parantapa Conqueror; arjuna
Paras Touchstone
Parashar A renowned saint
Parashuraam Brave
Parashuram Sixth incarnation of lord vishnu
Parasmani A touchstone
Parasme Most superior
Paratpara Greatest of the greats
Paravasu Name of a sage
Parees Touch stone
Paresh Supreme spirit
Paresha Lord of the lords. a name for lord rama
Parighosh Loud sound
Parijat A celestial flower
Pariket Against desire
Parikshit An ancient king
Parimal Perfume
Parindra Lion
Parineet The married person
Parishrut A man famous for his deeds
Parishudh The holy and humble person
Parithosh A person who is content with life
Paritosh Satisfaction
Parkash One who sheds light on others
Parmaad Entitled to the love of God
Parmaarth Highest truth
Parmanand Divine happiness
Parmarth One who stands with the truth
Parmeet Wisdom
Parmesh Lord vishnu
Parmeshwar Blessed by the Super God
Parminderpal The faithful follower of the Supreme God
Parnabha The protector like Lord Vishnu
Parnad A brahmin in the epics
Parnal Leafy
Parnik Creeper
Parsad Blessed by His Grace
Parshad A sensitive and faithful servant of God
Parshv A soldier who thinks like a saint
Parshva The soldier who has weapons and is alert
Parth King;arjun
Partha Arjun
Partha or Parth The name means’one who never miss the target’
Parthapratim Like arjuna
Parthasarathi Charioteer of partha ( lord krishna)
Parthasarathy The name indicates the who rides the chariot of Lord Krishna
Parthathy The one who is a sharp shooter like Arjun
Parthiban An alternate name for Arjun
Parthik The own who is born out of love and is pure
Parthiv Prince of earth
Partho The name is borrowed from the famous Mahabharata and is a variation of Pritha
Partik The one who goes on war
Partish A variant name of Shri Satya Sai baba
Parvat Mountain
Parvateshwar God of mountains
Parvatinandan Son of parvati
Parvatipreet Inspired by the love of Goddess Parvati
Parvesh Lord of celebration
Parwinder It means the power given by Gods
Pasha Net
Pashunath Lord of animals
Pashupati Lord of animals
Patag Sun
Patakin Holder of a banner
Patanjali Famous yoga philosopher
Pathik Traveller
Pathin Traveller
Patoj Lotus
Patr Defender
Patralika New leaves
Paurav A descendent of king puru
Pavak Fire
Pavalan Skilled in literature
Pavan Wind
Pavanaj Lord hanuman
Pavankumar Bhim
Pavanputra Son of wind (bhim
Pavansut Son of wind (bhim
Pavitra Pure
Pawan Wind
Payas Water
Payod Cloud
Peetambar Yellow robed
Peeyush Nectar
Pehlaj First born
Phalak Sky
Phalgun Name of a hindu month
Phani Snake
Phanibhusan Lord shiva
Phaninath Lord of serpents
Phanindra Seshnag; the divine snake
Phanindranath Lord vishnu
Phanishwar King of serpents
Phenil Foamy
Phoolendu Full moon
Piki Cuckoo
Pinak Bow of lord shiva
Pinaki Lord krishna
Pinakin Lord shiva
Pingal A reputed sage
Pintu Point or full stop
Pitambar Lord vishnu pival
Piyali A tree
Piyush Milk
Poojit Worshipped
Poonish Lord of the pious
Pooran Complete
Poornachandra Full moon
Poornanand Complete joy
Poorv The east
Poorvaj Elder
Prabal Very strong
Prabhakar The sun
Prabhanjan Dust storm
Prabhas Lustrous
Prabhat Dawn
Prabhav Power
Prabhave Popular lord. lord hanuman
Prabhu God
Prabir Hero
Prabodh Waking
Prabodhan Knowledge
Prabuddha Knowledgeable
Prachet Lord varun
Pracheta Varun
Prachetas Energy
Prachur Abundant
Pradarsh Appearance
Pradeep Lamp
Pradhi Intelligent
Pradnesh Lord of wisdom
Pradosh Twilight
Pradyot To illuminate
Pradyumna God of love
Pradyun Radiant
Praful Blooming
Prafulla Pleasant
Pragnya Scholar. lord hanuman
Pragun Straight; honest
Prahalad Bliss
Prahallad Son of hiranyakasipa
Prahlad Excess of joy
Prajapati King
Prajeet Victorious
Prajesh Lord brahma prajin
Prajin Kind
Prajit Kind
Prajval Brightness
Prajvala Flame
Prakash Light
Prakat Manifest
Praket Intelligence
Prakhar Shape
Prakrit Nature; handsome
Prakul Good-looking
Pralay Himalay
Pramath Horse
Pramesh Master of accurate knowledge
Pramit Consciousness
Pramod Delight
Pramodan Lord vishnu
Pramsu A scholar
Pramukh Main
Pran Vital breath
Prana Spirit
Pranad Lord vishnu; lord brahma
Pranav The name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘very frsh or young’.
Pranava The mystic syllable ‘om’
Pranay Love
Praneel A name for lord shiva
Praneet One who is humble ; modest
Pranesh Lord of life
Pranet Leader
Praney Obedient
Pranit Modest
Praniti The name of Sanskrit origin means ‘leader’
Pranjal Simple
Pranjivan Breath of life
Prannath Lord of life
Pranshu Tall
Pransu High
Pransukh Joy of life
Prasad Propitiary offering or boon
Prasanna Happy
Prasata Father of draupad
Prasenjit A king in the epics
Prasham Peace
Prashansa Praise
Prashant Very calm
Prashanta Calm
Prashanth One who is peaceful ; calm
Prashray Love
Prasiddhi Accomplishment
Prasoon Flower
Prasun Blossom
Pratap Glory
Prateek Symbol
Prateep Opposite
Prateet Manifested
Pratham First
Prathamesh Lord ganesh; lord of the best
Prathmesh Lord ganesha
Pratik Symbol
Pratiti Faith ; undrstanding
Pratosh Delight
Pratul A balanced person
Pratyush Sun praval
Praval Fierce
Pravan Bowed down
Pravar Most excellent
Praveen Expert
Praveer An excellent warrior
Praver Chief
Pravin Expert; skilled
Pravir Brave
Pravit Hero
Prayaag Place of sacrifice
Prayag Confluence of ganga-jamuna-saraswati
Preetam Lover
Preetidutt Gifted with love
Preetish God of love
Preetiwardhan One who increases love
Prem Love
Premal Full of love
Premanand Joy of love
Premendra Lover
Prerit The inspired one
Pretvan Moving along
Pribhakta Favourite of the devotees. a name for lord shiva
Prina Pleased
Prineet Content
Prinita Pleased
Pritam Lover
Pritesh Lord of love
Prithish Lord of the world
Prithu Broad
Prithvee The earth
Prithvi Earth
Prithvijaj King of the earth
Prithviraj King of the earth
Pritish Lord of love
Privrata Son of satarupa
Priyaank Very dear husband
Priyadarshan Nice to look at
Priyadarshi One who is liked by all
Priyaka Loving
Priyanvad Sweet talking person
Priyaranjan Beloved
Priyesh Loved by god
Pruthivi Earth
Pujan The ceremony of worshiping
Pukhraj Topaz
Pulak Ecstacy
Pulakesh Joyous
Pulastya An ancient
Pulin Sandy river bank
Pulkit The name Pulkit is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘happy’
Pundalik Lotus
Pundarik White lotus
Puneet Pure
Punit Holy
Purahan Lord shiva
Purajit Lord shiva
Puran Complete
Purandar Lord indra
Puranjay Lord shiva
Purav Chanting voice from east at sunrise
Purnanada God
Purnendu Full moon
Purohit A brahmin priest purshottam
Puru A legendary king
Purujit Conqueror of city
Purumitra Friend of city
Pururava The founder of chandra dynasty
Purushottam Best among men
Pusan A sage
Pushkal Lord shiva
Pushkar A blue lotus
Pushp Flower
Pushp-mitra An ancient ruler
Pushpad Who who gives flowers
Pushpaj Born from a flower
Pushpak Mythical vehicle of lord vishnu
Pushpakar The spring season (vasant )
Pushpaketu Kamdev
Pushpesh Lord of flowers
Puskara Blue lotus
Pyarelal Lord krishna
Pyaremohan Lord krishna

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