List of Hindu Baby Boy Names & Meanings – Starting with ‘V’

Below in this article, we provide the  List Of Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings With V Alphabet.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names

Name Meaning
Vaachaspati Lord of speech
Vaageesh Lord of speech
Vaakpati Great orator
Vaalmeeki An ancient saint
Vaaman Name of vishnu
Vaamdev Name of a shiva
Vaanee Speech
Vaarshaney Lord vishnu
Vaarush One who is destined to win
Vaasavadatta A name in sanskrit classics
Vaasu One who provides shelter;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaasudeva A divine light; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaasuki A celestial cobra
Vaatsyaayan An author of old times
Vaayu Wind
Vachan Speech
Vachanpreet One who holds onto promises; A true and noble being
Vachaspati Lord of speech
Vachasya One who is a good orator
Vadamalaiyan One who destroys evil; Another name of Lord Hanuman
Vadin Well known lecturer
Vadish Lord of the body
Vadivel A holy and precious one; One of the names of Lord Murugan.
Vagindra Lord of speech
Vagish God of speech ( lord brahma)
Vagishan Lord of the mountains; Another name Of Lord Shiva
Vahin Lord shiva
Vaibhav Prosperity
Vaibudh One who is like divine; Belonging to the Gods
Vaidyanaath Master of medicines
Vaijayi Victor
Vaijeenath King of life and death; Another name of Lord Siva
Vaijnath Lord shiva
Vaikartan Name of karna
Vaikhan Lord vishnu
Vaikundanathan A mighty conqueror
Vaikundavasan One who is crowned leader ;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaikunth Heaven
Vaikunth-nath Master of heavens
Vainavin Lord shiva
Vairaj Spiritual glory
Vairaja Son of virat
Vairamani One who is the ruler of destiny; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vairat Gem
Vairinchya Lord brahma’s son
Vairochan An ancient name
Vaisaka A season
Vaishant Quiet and shining star
Vaishnav The devotee of lord vishnu
Vaishvanar One who is boundless and ubiquitous
Vaishwaanar Omnipresent
Vaishwanar One who is boundless and ubiquitous
Vaitheeswaran Lord of the universe; Another name of Lord Brahma
Vaithi Source of all avatars; origin of earth; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaiwaswat One of the saints
Vaj Born with supreme strength
Vajasani Lord vishnu’s son
Vajendra Lord indra
Vajraang Diamond bodied
Vajrabaahu One with strong arms
Vajrabha One who glitters like diamond
Vajradhar Lord indra
Vajrahast Lord shiva
Vajrajit Lord indra
Vajrakaya Sturdy like metal
Vajramani Diamond
Vajranandha One who is loveable ;Another name of Lord Krishna
Vajranath One who is the Lord of the clouds; Another name of Lord Indra
Vajrapaani Holder of rocks
Vajrapani Another name of Lord Indra;King of the highest heaven
Vajrapathi One who is the king of kings; Another name of Lord Indra
Vajrashri One who shines like diamond
Vajratik An excellent being; like a diamond
Vajratulya One who is like a diamond; an angel
Vajrendra Muscular and well-built; Another name of Lord Indra
Vajresh One who is limitless; Another name of Lord Krishna or Lord Indra
Vajreswar A mighty conquerer; Another name of Lord Indra
Vajri Strong armed; Another name of Lord Indra
Vajrin Lord indra
Vak A precious gift;like a diamond
Vakrabhuj Lord ganesh
Vakratund An epithet of ganesha
Vakruthi One who is good natured; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vaksharaj King of the universe; Another name of Lord Indra
Vaktrendru A bright-faced; shining light
Vakul One who is wise; Another name of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Valaak A crane
Valasak Stunning; good-looking
Valgu Attractive and good-looking
Vallabh Beloved
Vallavan A strong and mighty warrior
Vallinathan One who provides guidance; Another name of Lord Muruga
Valluvan One who excels in everything
Valmiki Saint who wrote ramayan
Vam An extraordinary and inspiring being
Vama Lord shiva
Vamadatt Blessing of Lord Shiva
Vamadev Lord shiva
Vaman The name means ‘short
Vamaneshwar God of the Sky; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vamsi Krishna
Vamsidhar Lord krishna
Van-raaj Ruler of the foreset
Vanabihari Lord krishna
Vanad Cloud
Vanadev Lord of the forest
Vanajit Lord of the forest
Vanamalin Lord krishna
Vance Praiseworthy and kind
Vandan Adoration
Vanhi Fire
Vanij Lord shiva
Vaninadh Husband of saraswati
Vaninath Husband of saraswati
Vanmaalee An epithet of krishna
Vansh Coming generation of father
Vansheedhar Flute player
Vansidhar Lord krishna
Vara Gods gift
Varaah An epithet of vishnu
Varaahamihir An ancient astronomer
Varad God of fire
Varadaraaj Another name of vishnu
Varadraj Lord vishnu
Varana Holy river
Vardham One who is kind; Another name Of Lord Mahavir and Buddha.
Vardhaman Lord mahavir
Vardhan Lord shiva
Varen Superior
Varendra Ocean
Varesh Lord shiva
Vareshvar Lord shiva
Varid Cloud
Varidhvaran Colour of the cloud
Varij Lotus
Varin Gifts
Varindra Lord of all
Varish Lord vishnu
Varisth One who excels in everything
Varisu One who excels
Variya Excellent one
Variyas Lord shiva
Varki Ubiquitious; Lord of the universe
Varman One who is the leader;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Varshesh Another name of Lord Indra;One who rains blessings
Varshwar Grantor of all wishes; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vartanu Beautiful
Varthaman One who lives in the present; Another name of Lord Shiva
Varun God of waters
Varunesh Lord of water
Varuta A guardian angel
Vasant Spring
Vasantamaalika Garland of spring
Vasav An epithet of indra
Vasava Refers to indra
Vasavaj Son of indra
Vasavi Son of indra
Vasdev God of entire being; The name was also given to the father Of Lord Krishna.
Vaseekaran A nice-looking individual
Vashanth A new bright beginning
Vashiq One who is superior
Vashisht One who is the master of all creation;distinguished
Vasisht Maharshi
Vasistha Name of a sage
Vasu An ancient king
Vasudev God of the universe
Vasuki A famous snake in hindu mythology
Vasuman Born of fire
Vasumat Lord krishna
Vasumitr An ancient name
Vasupati Rich man
Vasur Precious
Vasuroop Lord shiva
Vasusen Original name of karna
Vatatmaj Lord hanuman
Vatradhara Practising penance
Vatsa Son
Vatsal Affectionate
Vatsapal Lord krishna
Vatsar A year
Vatsin Lord vishnu
Vaydeesh God of the vedas
Vayu Lord hanuman
Vayujat Lord hanuman
Vayun Lively
Vayunand Lord hanuman
Vayya Friend
Vea Chief
Ved Knowledge
Ved-vyaas Name of a saint
Vedakumbh Lord Of The Vedas
Vedamohan Lord krishna
Vedang From the vedas
Vedanga Meaning of vedas
Vedant Ultimate Wisdom; one who is blessed with vedic knowledge
Vedanth One who knows vedas in depth
Vedaprakash Light of the knowledge
Vedati One who spreads knowledge; Another name of Goddess Parvati
Vedatman Lord vishnu
Vedatmane Spirit of the vedas
Vedavrata Vow of the vedas
Vedavyasa Vedic saint; wisdom of Vedas
Vedbhushan One adorned with knowledge of the vedas
Vedesh Lord of vedas
Vedeshwar Wisdom of the Vedas
Vedhapani One who is the Lord of the universe; Another name of Brahma
Vedhish One who knows all; Another name of Lord Brahma
Vedmohan Lord krishna
Vedoday Bright like the sun
Vedomohan Happiness; Another name of Lord Krishna
Vedprakash Light of the vedas
Vedraj Lord Of All Vedas
Vedswarup Form of knowledge
Veekshan One who is full of wisdom
Veenod Disciplined and respectful
Veer Brave
Veeraganapati Supreme power; Another name of Lord Ganesh
Veeral Unparalleled and precious
Veeran Valiant and fearless
Veerapandi Valiant and fearless
Veerappan Valiant and fearless
Veerbhadra The ashwamedha horse
Veerendra Lord of courageous men
Veeresh Brave and courageous; leader of the warriors
Veerjot Macho and fearless
Veernish Daring and courageous
Veerottam Supreme amongst braves.
Veeru A brave person Character
Vegh Muscular and robust
Veha One who has no limits
Vehzat Blessed birth
Velan Lord shiva’s son
Velraj One who is supreme
Velu Short for Velayudhan
Veluchami Provider; Another name of Lord Muruga
Veluppillai Another name of Lord Muruga’s son
Velusamy Wise; Another name of Lord Murugan
Vemana A wise man; saint
Ven Kind-hearted and caring; Another name of Lord Venkateshwara
Venavin Divine grace; Another name of Lord Shiva
Venavir Lord shiva’s son
Vendhan One who is the Leading light
Vendhu The leading light of the world
Vendra One who is powerful
Vengai Valiant and strong
Veni Lord krishna
Venimadhav Lord krishna
Venkadan Provider of blessings
Venkat Lord vishnu; lord krishna
Venkata A generous soul; Another name of Lord Venkateswara
Venkata Rao
Venkatadri One who is kind; Another name of Lord Venkateswara
Venkatakrishna Blessed Lord
Venkataramananandan A name for lord vishnu
Venkatasudeer Like a King; Another name of Lord Venkateswara
Venkatesan Anointed one; Another name of Lord Venkatesha and Lord Krishna.
Venkatesh Name of god vishnu
Venkatesha Anointed one; Another name of Lord venkateswara
Venkateswara Name of lord venkateswara
Venki Lord of the universe
Venkitusamy Lord of all souls; Another name of Lord Vekateshwara
Venktesh Wisdom of the Lord of the universe
Venu Flute
Veydant Sum of the vedas
Viaan The name means ‘full of life and energy’.
Viamrsh Lord shiva
Vibhaakar The moon
Vibhaavasu The sun
Vibhas Decoration; light
Vibhat Dawn
Vibhavasu The sun
Vibhishan A character from ramayana
Vibhor Ecstatic
Vibhu The name means “great
Vibhumat Lord krishna
Vibhusnu Lord shiva
Vibhut Strong
Vibodh Wise
Vibol One who has great wisdom
Vichear One who had wisdom
Vidarbh Ancient name of a state
Videh Without form
Vidhatru Lord shiva
Vidhesh Lord shiva
Vidhu Lord vishnu
Vidhyadeep A wise man; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vidhyadhar Full of knowledge
Vidip Bright
Vidipt A bright-faced angel
Vidojas Lord indra
Vidur Skilful
Viduraj Enlightened and clever being
Vidush Clever and full of wisdom
Vidvan Scholar
Vidvatam Lord shiva
Vidvatar Sage and clever being
Vidvath One who is highly intellectual
Vidwan One who has great insight and wisdom
Vidwans One who is highly intellectual
Vidyaaranya Forest of learning
Vidyacharan Learned
Vidyadhar Learned
Vidyakar Born wise; full of wisdom
Vidyaranya Forest of knowledge
Vidyasagar Ocean of learning
Vidyot A flash of light
Vidyut Brilliant; lightening
Vighnahara Protector of the universe; Another name of Lord Ganesha
Vighnajit Lord ganesh
Vighnaraaj An epithet of ganesha
Vighnarajendra One who destroys all evils;
Vighnesh Lord ganesh
Vighneshwar Lord of supreme knowledge
Vigneshwara One who reigns
Vigrah Lord shiva
Vihaan Morning; dawn
Vihang A bird
Vihanga Bird
Vihar One who is infinite;Another name of Lord Shiva
Vihari Lord krishna
Vijay Means victory
Vijayam To succeed; Triumph
Vijayank Sign of victory
Vijayant Victor
Vijayaraj Success;Win;Triumph
Vijayarathna Significant among victorious
Vijayasaradhi One who leads to victory; Another name of Lord Krishna
Vijayendra God of victory
Vijayesh Lord shiva
Vijayin A mighty conqueror
Vijayketu Flag of victory
Vijeesh One who leads to victory; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vijendra Victorious
Vijendran Blessed with success
Vijeta Victorious
Vijigeesh Desire of victory
Vijna Knowledgeable and enlightened being
Vijul A silk-cotton tree
Vijval Intelligent
Vikaas Progress
Vikarnan Son of dhritrashtra
Vikas Development
Vikasa A bright and glittering soul
Vikash Development
Vikasith To prosper or to succeed
Vikat Of the monstrous figure. lord ganesha
Viken One who conquers and excels in everything
Vikern Errorless
Vikesh The moon
Vikram Valour
Vikramaditya A famous king
Vikramajit A famous king
Vikramendra King of prowess
Vikramin Lord vishnu
Vikramjeet One who is brave and victorious
Vikrant A warrior;One who is all powerful
Viksar Lord vishnu
Vikshar One who progress at the speed of light; Alternate name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
Viksit To blossom and to flourish
Vikunth Lord vishnu
Vikyaath Famous
Vilaas Entertainment
Vilakshn Supreme leader; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vilas Coolness
Vilasin Shining
Villavan Valiant and fearless
Vilochan The eye
Vilohit Lord shiva
Vilok To see
Viloka One who is kind; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vilokan Gaze
Vimahat Powerful and exceptional being
Vimal Pure
Vimaladitya Clean sun
Vimalanathan Pure and clean being; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vimalmani Pure jewel (crystal)
Vimochan Pure; Provider of all blessings; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vimridh Lord indra
Vimukhti Vimukhti means emancipation.
Vinaayak Remover of obstacles
Vinahast Lord shiva
Vinamr Humble
Vinand Exuberant spirit; Delight and happiness
Vinay Modesty
Vinayagam Blessed soul; Another name of Lord Ganesh
Vinayak Lord ganesh
Vinayaka Anointed one; Destroyer of all evils; Another name of Lord Ganesha
Vinaybeer One who is brave and modest
Vinduman One who has great intellect
Vineet Unassuming
Vinesh Godly
Vinetra One who is the leading light
Vinil Blue
Viniray Champion; One who is triumphant
Vinishchal Strong and fearless
Vinnu A high spirited soul
Vinochan Lord shiva
Vinod Pleasing
Vinoo To spread in different directions
Vinsanda One who is joyful and full of life
Vipan Sail
Vipaschit Lord buddha
Vipashchit Lord of the universe; Another name of Lord Buddha and Lord Vishnu
Vipin Forest grove
Vipinbehari Forest wanderer
Viplab Floating ; revolution
Viplav Revolution
Vipra A priest
Vipreet Different
Vipul Extensive
Vir Brave
Viraaj To shine
Viraat Giant
Virabhadra Lord shiva
Viraj Splendour and royalty
Viraja The name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘ruling
Virajesh Muscular and tough; Another name of Lord Krishna
Viral Rare
Viranath Lord of the brave
Viranchi Name of brahmaa
Virat Supreme being
Virata Bravery
Viravrat A mighty warrior
Virbhanu Very strong
Virendra Brave lord
Viresh Brave lord
Vireshvar Lord shiva
Virikvas Lord indra
Virinch Light to the path; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Virinchi Brahma
Virocana Shining like a star
Virochan The sun
Virok A divine blessing; one who illuminates life
Virudh Opposition.
Virun The name is derived from Sanskrit
Virurch The holy trinity
Virya One who has great Valour and strength; a warrior
Viryavat One who is courageous and passionate
Visamaksh Lord shiva
Visesha A precious gift
Viseth One who excels in everything
Vishaal Broad
Vishaalaaksh Large eyed
Vishadh One who has great moral or ethics
Vishagan Holy and Pure;Another name of Lord Muruga and Lord Vishnu
Vishakan One whose boundary is endless; Another name of Lord Murugan
Vishakh Lord shiva
Vishal Huge
Vishalaksh Lord shiva
Vishaljot One who is like a shining star
Vishalpreet One who is blessed with a pure heart
Vishalya Painless
Vishamaksh Anointed one; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vishantak Lord shiva
Vishanth Divine grace; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vishatan Lord vishnu
Vishesh Special
Vishikh Arrow
Vishnahpu Lord vishnu
Vishnu The name comes from Sanskrit and means ‘all-pervasive’.
Vishnu Prasad
Vishnu Vardhan One who gives and honours; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vishnudev God
Vishnudutt Gift of lord vishnu
Vishnuraman One who is the provider of blessings; Another name of Lord Ram
Vishnurat Blessing of the Lord Vishnu
Vishodhan Lord vishnu
Vishokha One who is as powerful as the God
Vishram Rest
Vishravas A wise and clever thinker
Vishresh The holy trinity
Vishrut Vishnu
Vishtap One who excels in everything; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vishti A wise and clever thinker
Vishudhir One who is righteous
Vishv Universe
Vishva Earth
Vishvadev Lord of the universe
Vishvadhar Lord vishnu
Vishvag Lord brahma
Vishvahetu Lord vishnu
Vishvajit Conqueror of the world
Vishvakarma Architect of the universe
Vishvaketu An epithet of aniruddh
Vishvaksen One who conquers the world; Alternate name of Lord Vishnu
Vishvam Universal
Vishvamitra A sage
Vishvanaath Lord of the universe
Vishvanabh Lord vishnu
Vishvanath Lord of the universe
Vishvaretas Lord brahma; vishnu
Vishvas Faith
Vishvatma Universal soul
Vishvesh Lord of the world
Vishwaamitra Friend of the world
Vishwaas Faith
Vishwajeet Conquerer of the world
Vishwakarma Architect of the universe
Vishwambhar The supreme spirit
Vishwamitra Friend of the universe
Vishwamurti An entity or form of the entire universe
Vishwanath The name comes from Sanskrit origin meaning ‘Lord of the universe’.
Vishwankar Creator of the universe
Vishwaroop Omnipresent
Vishwas Faith
Vishwatma Universal soul
Vishweshwar Lord of the universe
Visisht One who is exceptionally good; A Shining light
Vismay Surprise
Visna One who has a great destiny
Visu Name of lord shiva
Visvajit One who conquers the universe
Visvambhar One who guides through divine light; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Visvayu Brother of amavasuand satayu
Viswaksen One who is the king of the universe; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Viswas Trust
Visweswara One who is highly exalted; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vitabhay Lord shiva; lord vishnu
Vitaharya Lord krishna
Vitashokha One who does not mourn
Vitasta River jhelum in sanskrit
Vithala Lord vishnu
Vithun One who is vivid and vibrant;Another name of Lord Krishna
Vitola Peaceful
Vittal One who is immovable and committed; Another name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Krishna
Vittala One who is immovable;Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vittaleshwar One who is strong and immovable; Another name of Lord Vishnu
Vittanath Owner of money ( kuber )
Vittesh Lord of wealth
Vitthal Lord vishnu
Vivaan Lord krishna
Vivash Bright
Vivaswat The sun
Vivatma Universal soul
Vivek Conscience
Vivekananda Joy of discrimination
Viven One who is blessed with great insight; Another name of Lord Krishna
Vivikvas Full of wisdom; Another name of Lord Indra
Vizivit The sun
Vrajakishore Lord krishna
Vrajalal Lord krishna
Vrajamohan Lord krishna
Vrajanadan Lord krishna
Vrajesh Lord krishna
Vrajkishore Lord krishna
Vrajlal One who is charming and adorable; Another name of Lord Krishna
Vrajmohan Lord krishna
Vrajraj Lord krishna
Vratesh Lord shiva
Vrisa Lord krishna
Vrisag Lord shiva
Vrisan Lord shiva
Vrisangan Lord shiva
Vrisapati Lord shiva
Vrishab Excellent
Vrishabhaanu Father of radha
Vrishank Lord shiva
Vrishin Peacock
Vrisini Lord shiva
Vrushal One who is highly exalted
Vrushank Destroyer of evil; Another name of Lord Shiva
Vyan Air
Vyas The ancient name is of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘wise sage’.
Vyasa The author of mahabharata
Vyom Sky
Vyomaang Part of the sky
Vyomakesh Sky like hair
Vyoman Sky
Vyomdev Lord shiva
Vyomesh The sun

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