List of Hindu Baby Boy Names with Meaning – Starting with ‘Y’

Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings With Z Alphabet


Here we provide a lot of latest Hindu baby names, and also List Of Hindu Baby Boy Names And Meanings starting with Y Alphabet.

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Hindu Baby Boy Names


Yaachan It is a prayer or request
Yaadav One who is the descendant of Hindu King Yadu; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yaadinder One who remembers God
Yaadroop A loyal devotee of the Lord
Yaaja One who is the king of all; Another name of Lord Shiva
Yaashvan Yaashvan is a boy’s name that means winner
Yaashvardhan One who is full of glory
Yaathith The first ray of the sun; Another name of Lord Shiva
Yadav Particular community related to lord krishna
Yadavaprakasa One who is compassionate and tender;Another name of Lord Krishna
Yadavendra Leader of the yadavas
Yadavesvara One who is widely revered; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yadawa One who is supreme; Another name Of Lord Krishna
Yadhokshaja Name of lord vishnu
Yadhu One who gives or grants blessings; Another name of  Lord Krishna
Yadnya An anointed fire from the heaven
Yadnyesh One who is the lord of life
Yadu An ancient king
Yadunandan Son of yadu
Yadunath Lord krishna
Yaduraj Lord krishna
Yadutam One who is beloved and precious; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yaduvir Lord krishna
Yadvinder A saint of God;One who has great belief
Yagna Ceremonial rites to god
Yagnik One who performs yagna; a pure soul
Yagya Sacrifice
Yagyasen Name of king drupad
Yagyesh Lord fo the sacrificial fire
Yaj A sage
Yajat Lord shiva
Yajnadhar Lord vishnu
Yajnarup Lord krishna
Yajnesh Lord vishnuyakootah emerald
Yaksh Yaksh is a representative of God
Yaksha A type of a demi-god
Yakshit One who exists forever
Yamahil Lord vishnu
Yamajit Lord shiva
Yamajith Another name for shiva
Yamal One of two twins
Yamir Moon
Yansh One who is like God
Yarzar A mighty ruler
Yash Fame
Yashas Fame
Yashmit Famed
Yashodev Lord of fame
Yashodhan Rich in fame
Yashodhar Famous
Yashpal Lord krishna
Yashraj King of fame
Yashvasin The popular. lord ganesha
Yashwant One who has achieved glory
Yasodhanandha A graceful and compassionate soul; Another name of Lord Krishna
Yasti Slim
Yatharth Original and unchanged meaning
Yathavan Lord vishnu
Yatheesh One who reigns; a leader or master
Yatin Ascetic
Yatindra Lord indra
Yatish Lord of devotees
Yatiyasa Silver
Yatnesh God of efforts
Yayati Name of a sage
Yayin Lord shiva
Yeshe One who is full of wisdom
Yeshwant One who has achieved glory
Yogadeva Lord of yoga
Yoganand Delighted with meditation
Yoganidra Meditation
Yogansh One who is capable
Yogendra God of yoga
Yogesh God of yoga
Yogi Devotee
Yoginampati Lord of the yogis
Yogine Saint. a name for lord hanuman
Yogini Lover of yogas. lord krishna
Yogiraj Great ascetic
Yograj One who meditates and considered supreme
Yojit Planner
Yudhajit Victor in war
Yudhishthir Eldest pandava brother
Yudhisthir Firm in battle
Yug The name means ‘an era’
Yugant Everlasting and timeless
Yugav One who is aggressive to find success
Yugesh One who reigns
Yugma Twins
Yunay One who holds the universe; Alternate name of Lord Hanuman
Yuvansh Full of life and energy
Yuvaraj Prince
Yuvasamrat A mighty young warrior
Yuvin One who leads; a great leader
Yuvraj Prince
Yuyutsu Eager to fight

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