Latest Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘C’ and Meanings

Hindu Baby Girl Names

Are you looking for unique baby Girl names below in this article, we can share the hundreds of baby Girl names, and get the Latest Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter C and Meanings.

Name Meaning
Cakshaya White Rose indicating simplicity
Canaka Gold
Cauvery Name of a river in india
Cavery Name of a river in india
Chabi Radiance
Chabindra Gives value to relations
Chabra Name of a clan in Punjab
Chadana Creative
Chadini Talented person
Chadna Love
Chadrika Easily adaptable to situations in life
Chadrima Simple and beautiful like the moon
Chahak Lovable person
Chahana Desire
Chaina Peace lover
Chairavali Full moon of chaitra month
Chaitalee Girl born in month of chaitra
Chaitali Girl born in month of chaitra
Chaitaly Name of an ancient city
Chaithra The beginning of good things
Chaithvika Clever and well planned in business
Chakori A bird enamored of the moon
Chakrika Lakshmi
Chalani Cool headed girl
Chameli Creeper with sweet scented flower
Champ Flower
Champa Fragrant flower / pagoda tree
Champabati The capital
Champakali A bud of champa
Champakavathi Owner of champak trees
Champakmala A garland made of champa flowers
Champamalini Garland of champa flower
Champika Little champa flower
Chanasya Delighting
Chanchala Unsteady
Chanchari Bird
Chanda Moon
Chandalini Glorious
Chandana Sandal wood
Chandani Star
Chandanika Diminutive
Chandeep Bright
Chandhini Moon light
Chandialekya Ray of moon
Chandika Goddess durga
Chandimal Garland of flowers
Chandini Moon light
Chandira Moonlight beam
Chanditha Nurturing lady
Chandna One who is dear to God
Chandni Light
Chandrabali Krishna ;s girl-friend
Chandrabha Moon- light
Chandrabhaga River chenab in india
Chandrabindu Crescent moon
Chandraja Daughter of the moon
Chandrajyoti Moon- light
Chandrakala Phases of the moon
Chandrakanta Wife of the moon (night)
Chandrakanti Moon light
Chandraki Peacock
Chandralekha The phase of moon two nights after new moon
Chandraleksha A ray of the moon
Chandramathi As beautiful as the moon
Chandramukhi One with a round face ( like full moon )
Chandrani Wife of the moon
Chandraprabha Star
Chandrapushpa Star
Chandratara The moon and the stars conjoined
Chandravathi Lit by the moon
Chandre A lovable and respected person
Chandrea Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi
Chandri Sheds light on everyone
Chandria Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi
Chandrika Moon- light
Chandrikha Related to moonlight
Chandrima The moon
Chandrisha The light of the moon
Changuna A good woman
Chapala Quick
Charita Good
Charitra History
Charu Beautiful
Charulata Beautiful creeper- like
Charulekha Beautiful
Charumati A beautiful lady
Charuprabha Beautiful
Charusheela A jewel
Charushila A diamond
Charusila Beautiful jewel
Charvi Beautiful
Chathura One who is skillful
Chatura Smart
Chaundra Of the moon ; another name for the goddess devi
Chayana Moon
Chellam Pampered
Cherin Dear
Chethana Consciousness; Understanding; Alive; Intelligent
Chetna Power Of Intellect
Chhabi Picture
Chhavi Image
Chhavvi Image
Chhaya Shadow
Chimayi Blissful
Chinmayi Happy
chinnu Sweet Baby
Chinu Chinu
Chiti Love
Chitkala Knowledge
Chitra Picture
Chitradevi Goddess Saraswathi
Chitragandha A fragrant material
Chitralekha As beautiful as a picture
Chitrali Line of pictures
Chitramala Series of pictures
Chitramaya Worldly illusion
Chitrangada Name of arjun’s wife
Chitrani River ganga in india
Chitrarathi With a bright chariot
Chitrarekha Picture
Chitrita Beautiful
Chumban Kiss
Cyann Color

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