A Complete List of Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘O’

Girl Names Starting with O

Name Meaning
Odathi Refreshing
Oditi Dawn
Oindrila Name for the wife of indra
Oindrilla It is the name of wife of Lord Indra.
Oja Vitality
Ojal Vision
Ojasvi Bright
Ojaswini Lustrous
Ojeeta Born in the month of falgun
Olena Light
Olichudar Brilliant
Olikodi Brilliant
Olimani Brilliant
Oliyarasi Brilliant
Omaja Result of spiritual unity
Omala Earth
Omana A woman
Omisha Goddessof birth & death
Omkareshwari Goddess parvati
Omkari Light
Omnidhi It means divine treasure
Omvati Sacred
Omya Knowledge
Onella Light
Oorja The energy
Oormila It is the name of wife of Lord Lakshman.
Oparna Parvathi
Orissa A state in eastern india
Orpita Offering
Oshma Summer
Oviya Artist

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