A Complete List of Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with ‘Y’

Hindu Baby Girl Names
Hindu Baby Girl Names

We provide the number of Indian languages baby names and collect the complete list of Hindu Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter Y.

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Name Meaning
Yaad He who remembers or calls on the name of the Lord
Yaagnya A ritual sacrifice to appease the gods
Yaalini One who is melodious
Yaamini Night or nocturnal
Yadana A precious gem
Yadanar A precious gem like a diamond
Yadavi One who is vast and powerful; Another name of Goddess Durga
Yahvi Heaven; earth
Yajna Worship
Yakshini The feminine form of the Yaksha means ‘mysterious or supernatural’.
Yakshita Yakshita means a wonderful girl
Yakshitha Yakshita means a wonderful girl
Yami Light in Dark;Twinkling Star
Yamika Night
Yamini Night
Yamuna The jamuna river
Yamuni One who is active at night
Yamya Night
Yashavini One who is blessed with success; Another name of Goddess Laxmi
Yashawanthi With great fame
Yashawini Successful lady
Yashika Success;One who is successful
Yashila Famous
Yashita Successful
Yashoda One who is destined to succeed
Yashodhara Wife of gautama buddha
Yashomati Successful lady
Yashvi Fame
Yasika One who is successful
Yauvani Full of youth
Yazhini A beautiful musical instrument
Yogeeta Another name of Goddess Parvathi
Yogeshwari Goddess durga
Yogishri One who is devoted
Yogita One who can concentrate
Yosana Girl
Yoshika Beautiful Princess
Yoshini One who spreads happiness and blessed with success
Yoshita Lady
Yubhashana One who spreads light; Another name of Goddess Lakshmi
Yukta Idea
Yukti Trick
Yura One who is youthful
Yuthika Multitude
Yuti Union
Yutika Flower
Yuvati Young woman or girl
Yuvika Young girl or woman

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