10 Short and Interesting Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids

Reading is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. Your child, at an early age, always has the ability to understand the best and inherent traits. You can inspire values ​​and discipline by reading stories to your child or her. As a bonus, your child will learn better vocabulary and writing skills. This article will help your child choose the best short stories with the best discipline. How to tell children’s moral stories, creative tales, etc… here are so many interesting stories for kids click here.

1. A Sick Day for Amos McGee – Philip C. Stead

Amos McKee is a zookeeper who is responsible and fully takes care of feeding food for animals. So, one day when Amos is sick, all the animals take care of his health.

Moral stories for children: Mercy helps you to be happy, and people come to your rescue to return your kindness when you need it.

2. The Honest-To-Goodness Truth – Patricia C. McKissack

Libby lies and people catch her lying, so she promises to pursue honesty with everyone in town. However, she soon begins to harass people with her harsh honesty. She does not know what to do. It helps the mother to understand the right way, to tell the truth.

Moral stories for children: We do not have to be rude, to be honest. There is a right to tell the truth and a wrong way.

3. Empty pot – Demi

An emperor in China decides to hold a contest and choose his successor. He asks the contestants to grow a flower and the most attractive flower will win the competition.

Ping works hard with perseverance, however, he fails to grow a flower. But he presents his empty pot before the emperor and is rewarded for his honest approach.

Moral story: Honesty is the best policy in life, even if it disappoints some people.

4. David gets in trouble – David Shannon

The story revolves around David, who cannot accept his wrongdoing. He always makes excuses. However, circumstances make him understand the value of truth in life.

Ethical stories for children: We all need to stand up for our actions, no matter if it bothers us.

5.What if everyone does that? – Ellen Javernick

Imagine everyone breaking all the rules. This story is told to children to imagine. Violating the rules all the time can lead to serious situations. The story presents multiple scenarios to help children understand how each activity affects the world.

Moral story: Even our smallest actions have the potential to make a huge impact on the world in which we live. So, we have to be responsible for that.

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6. Did you fill a bucket today? – Carol McLeod

The story is about a bucket that we all keep invisible. This bucket fills up when we spread kindness or when others treat us kindly. If people treat you badly or treat others badly, this bucket will be empty.

Moral stories for children: Kindness is the key to happiness. If your surroundings are cruel, they may feel unhappy, but you can’t feel happy either.

7.The Invisible Child

Bryan always distances himself from his classmates. No one is trying to talk to him. One day a new boy comes and approaches Bryan. They are best friends. The story first introduces Brain in “black and white” colors. Gradually he gets more and more colors as everyone starts talking to him.

Moral story: It hurts to feel left out, so you need to step up and reach out to such children around you.

8.Should I share my ice cream? – Mo Willems

This short story is about two friends, Piggy and Gerald. Learn how to avoid that feeling and share.

Moral story: Greed is a negative emotion that can only be avoided if you share your experiences, joys, and things with others.

9. Needle tree

The story revolves around two brothers. The elder brother is greedy and very rude to the younger. He sees a tree in the forest and, due to his greedy behavior, bathes him with needles. When the younger brother comes to the rescue, he cries out in pain. The incident turns his heart and gives a lesson to life.

10. Ants and locusts

Ants and locusts are two best friends, but very different from each other. Locust is a relaxed person who likes to play music without working hard. The ant, on the other hand, works hard all day to collect food, while the locust asks the ant to leave it and rest.

As winter approaches, it is very difficult to go out and fetch food. Since the ants have accumulated a lot of stock since the days of hard work, he is ready to rest and enjoy food throughout the winter in peace.

Moral story: A few days of hard work and work brings long-lasting peace.


There are 10 great short stories with morals. They are exciting and fun characters. At the same time, you can teach your child important values

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