Most Popular Muslim Girls Names And Meanings For New Born Babies

Most Popular Muslim Girls Names

The name indicates the person, Here in this article, we provide the latest babies’ names and meanings to choose the unique name your babies, and search Most Popular Muslim Girls Names And Meanings For New Born Babies.

Latest Muslim Girls Names

Name Meaning
Aabida This can be the female case of name aabid, it means Worship
Aabirah Something that is fleeting, transitory, ephemeral
AadalAlagi Artistic and Beautiful
AadalChelvi Artistic
AaduMayil Dancing Peacock
Aaeesha the word has the meaning of She who lives or womanly
Aafia The name signifies the person who cool and composed and free
Aafiyah the word means Healthy, or it signifies the person who has
Aaila the word aaila means Beautiful, attractive and possessing
Aaima aaima means the one who is supreme leader
Aaira the one who is worthy of respect, who is noble and honorabl
Aaliyah the name means To Ascend, High, Lofty, Sublime, Highly
Aamaal The word means the belief or expectation or aspiration
Aaniya the meaning of aaniya is affectionate, Caring and consoler
Aaqila Wise, Judicious, Intelligent
Aaqilah A woman who is extremely intelligent
Aasemah A guardian angel
Aasima Protector and defender
Aatika Kind affectionate
Abbagayle being dad’s favourite daughter
Adorina One who helps
Afaafa Virtue
Afaf Chastity, Purity
Afeefa Chaste
Afsheen Shine like a star
Afya Shadows
Ajwan A small gulf
Alaiarasi Queen of Waves
Baarizah A prominent personality
Badiah Unprecedented, amazing, admirable, unique
Badrai Badrai is the name of a fairy in a famous Arabic fairy tale
Badyah Clear, knowledgeable person
Busayna A gorgeous little lady
Byrganym The one lady or queen
Caliana A princess for whom a place was built in Spain
Caspara She who is the keeper of treasure
Chaghama A type of folk music in Afghanistan
ChudarOli Brilliant
Daania Beautiful person
Dafiya Narrator of Hadith
Dafiyah A female narrator of Hadith
Dahila Flower
Damrina Amazing
Dania Beautiful
Danish ara Endowed with wisdom, learning
EelaChelvi Eelam Girl
Eilin Champion
Eiliyah The beautiful one to grow in peace and love with God
Eira Snow
Elavarasi Princess, Youthful
Elfesya A girl as beautiful as a fairy or princess, fairy or princes
ElilArasi Beautiful
Elili Beautiful
Faaiza Victorious, Triumphant, Successful
Faariha A joyful and cheerful girl
Faatina She cativates the eye
Faazila Virtuous, honest, excellent
Fadela A woman who is known for her great honor
Fadia A woman who is a redeemer
Fadilah She is a generous giver
Fadwah Name derived from self-sacrifice
Fahdah A girl who is gorgeous like a leopard
Faheema Intelligent, Judicious
Gabina Honey or as sweet as honey
Gabriella An angel
Galiana The name of a moorish princess
Ghaada Beautiful
Ghaaliya Fragrant
Ghaania Beauty, Beautiful girl
Ghada Graceful young girl
Ghafira One who hides other’s sins
Ghaitha Helpful, Rain
Haarisa Cultivator
Hababah A daughter of Ajlan, She was a narrator of Hadith
Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent lady who once lived in Lebanon
Hadeeqa Gorgeus
Hajna Name of Nusayb’s daughter. She was a poetess
Hakimah A wise and judicious woman
Halifa Friend, or ones who always stay together
Hamdiya A woman with a noble and admirable personality
Hamia One with a sense of honor
Hanaan Compassion, Affection, Love
Ibbani Honey Dow
Ibhar Open like the ocean
Ibrat Wisdom to learn from experience
Ibthaj Joy, a girl who brings joy wherever she goes
Ibtihaj Joy
Ibtissem To smile
Idaya Heart
Jabira Agree
Jahaan She is the whole world
Jahan Ara Adorning the world
Jahan Khatoon She was a Persian poet
Jahan-ara She is the Queen of the Unoverse
Jahanaara She is the world
Jahdamah She was a female companion of the Prophet
Jal Pari Beautiful
Jalaa Clarity
Kaameh Goal, wish
Kaamnoosh Sweet wish or, sweet desire
Kadshah She was a companion
Kaiala Kaiala name means Pure and Torture
Kaida Kaida means Little Dragon
Kaif A state of joy
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy
Kainaat Universe
KalaiArasi Queen of Arts
Labeeqa Intelligent, Active, Adorned, Refined
Lafiza As deep as a sea
Laiba Female of the Haven, Prettiest Woman in all the heavens
Laiqa Worthy, deserving, elegant
Lamia Brilliant, lustrous
Lamiah Shine
Lamah Brilliancy
Maahnoor Glow of Moon
Mabruka Blessed, Prosperous
Mabrura A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah
Madhulata Sweet creeper
Madihah Praiseworthy
Maeena One who takes care of others
Mahasin Beauty, Charm
Delicate, Soft, Naima
Delicate, Soft, Naima
Naasima Leader
Naazneen Beautiful
Nabawiyya Prophetic
Nadheema Intimate friend
Nadia Moist, Damp, Tender
Nadidah Equal, rival
Nadima Intimate Friend, Companion
Nadimah Friend
Omaira Star
Omera Enjoys having a positive attitude
Omysha Smile
Otylia An individual who smells and looks like a rose
Ozza A baby fawn
Paksima One with an innocent face
Palwasha Light Ray of Moon
Panra Leaf
Pareerou Having a face like a fairy
Pari biba Daughter of Shaistah Khan
Parigul Angel of flowers
Pariwarsh A girl who is as beautiful as a fairy
Parkha Dew or tiny droplets of water falling at night
Parween Cluster of small stars,brilliant group of persons or things
Qaabilah Capable Woman
Qabalah Responsibility
Qabool Accepted
Qadira Powerful, able
Qahira A woman who overpowers others and is always a victor
Qaifa Estimater
Qailah One of the names of Name of a Sahabiyyah
Qamar jahan The moon of the world
Qamara The moon
Qamarun Nisa Moon of the women
Raahi Traveller, Good Companion, Spring
Raaida Explorer
Raameen Obedient
Raawiya Transmitter
Raazia Satisfied, Contended
Rabab White cloud
Rabihah Winner, achiever
Rabwah Highland or hilly area
Radwa A mountain in Medina
Raeesah Princess, Noble lady
Saabiha Coming or Arriving in the morning
Saabira Patient
Saadiqa True, Truthful, Honest
Saafia Pure, Clear, Crystal
Saahirah Earth, moon, or spring which flows constantly
Saaida Branch, Tributary, Affluent
Saaima Safe, Secure, Perfect
Saaleha Flower
Saalima Safe, Secure, Perfect
Sabburah A girl with a patient and enduring personality
Sabeena From The Name Sabine An Italian Culture
Sabuhi Morning Star
Sadeta Felicity, fortune, joy
Taahira Pure, chaste
Taahirah Clean
Taalah Young plam tree
Taalea Involving good luck or fortune
Tabana Bright moonlight
Tabina Follower of muhammad
Taebba One who is pure and chaste
Ubayda Female servant
Ufaq Bright Sky
UlagArasi Queen of the World
Ulema Intelligent one
Ulwiyat Sublimity
Ulyaa High, Eminent
Umaira Living a long life
Umaiza Bright, beautiful and soft hearted
Umayrah She was the daughter of Alqamah
Vardah Rose
Varisha Lightning
VetriArasi Queen of Success
Veeya Wealth
Waahida One, Alone, Unique
Waahidah One, unique
Waasiqa Confident, Sure, Certain
Wadaaat Mildness, Gentleness, Peace
Wadad Love, friendship
Wadeedah Lover, Friend, Beloved, Devoted
Wadhaa Pretty
Wafeeqa Successful
Wafeeqah Successful
Yaani Ripe, Scarlet
Yaaqoot Ruby, a precious stone, a garnet
Yafiah High
Yafita Savior
Yakta Unique, Incomparable
Yalinee Goddess Saraswathi
Yalqoot An early woman who gave much in charity
Yamamah Valley in Arabia
Yaminah Right and proper, blessed
Yaqaazah Watchful, Providant
Yasharah Intelligent, precious stone
Yasim Jasmine
Yasira Rich woman
Yasmeen Jasmine
Zaafira Victorious, Successful
Zaahira Bright, Brilliant, Shining, Luminous
Zaain Beauty
Zaara Beautiful Flower
Zabya Female gazelle
Zaeemah Victorious
Zafeera One who is a source of success, a successful lady
Zafeerah Victorious, successful
Zafirah Victorious, successful
Zahaa Radiance, Brilliance


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