Muslim Baby Boy Names & their Meaning – Starting with ‘A’

Name Meaning
Aaban Name of the angel
Aabid One who is a true worshipper of Allah
Aadeel It means ‘just’ or ‘upright’
Aadhil A person who is virtuous with excellent character. Aadhil also means one whose actions are just and fair.
Aadil Justice
Aadroop Aadroop means embodiment of the Sun
Aaftab It is used to mean the brilliance of the Sun
Aalim a man of wise learning
Aaman The man who protects with no fear
Aamir Populous
Aaqil A wise and intelligent person
Aaqil One who is wise and intelligent
Aarif Acquainted
Aaris The brave character who stands up for his faith and belief
Aariz Respectable man
Aasim Protector
Abaan Name of eighth month of Persian calendar; Clear
Aban 8th month of Persian calendar; Clear
Abbas Description of a lion
Abbud Worshipper
Abbudin Worshippers
Abdalla A servant of god
Abdallah A servant of god
Abdalrahman Servant of the merciful one
Abdar Glittering with water; wealthy
Abdel Servant (of allah)
Abdellah A servant of god
Abdu Lrazzad He who obeys his provider
Abdu- Rashid The one who serves his teacher
Abdul Servant of God
Abdul Adil Servant of ‘The One’ who acts justly; Servant of ‘the One’ who is fair
Abdul Hakeem A servant of Allah who helps people and is a pious servant of God.
Abdul Haqq One who serves the truth
Abdul Majeed A gracious servant of Allah
Abdul Matin A devotee who serves the most powerful and strong Allah
Abdul Muhaymin It is an Islamic name that means slave of Allah
Abdul Muqaddem It is one of the names of Allah’s and Abdul Muqaddem implies slave of the Almighty Allah
Abdul Muqtadir A person who assists a powerful and strong person
Abdul Musawwir Musawwir stands for Servant of the most powerful Allah
Abdul Mutaali A gracious servant of Allah
Abdul Muzanni Name of the narrator of Hadith
Abdul Nasser He is known to be the Servant Of The Victorious One
Abdul Qawi A strong devotee of the Mighty Islam
Abdul Rasheed Servant of the one who correctly guide
Abdul Rashid Slave of the all right-minded personality
Abdul Salaam A great personality who helps the peaceful and calm one
Abdul Samee He who voice can be heard by the God
Abdul Sattar He who serves the protector of man
Abdul Tawaab He who serves the forgiving God
Abdul Wadud A loving servant of his God
Abdul Wahhab One who serves master well and sincerely
Abdul Wakil It means an act of serving God
Abdul Wali The servant or slave of the comrade
Abdul Wasee A servant who understands and does work in a comprehensive manner
Abdul-adheem One who serves the Greatest Power
Abdul-Alim Servant of the omniscient
Abdul-Aliyy Servant of the most high
Abdul-Azeez Servant of the mighty
Abdul-Azim Servant of the mighty
Abdul-Aziz Servant of the powerful one
Abdul-baaqi Servant of the everlasting God
Abdul-Baari Servant of the creator
Abdul-Bari Servant of the creator
Abdul-Basit Servant of the extender
Abdul-Fattah Servant of the opener (of the gates of sustenance)
Abdul-Ghaffar Servant of the forgiver
Abdul-Ghafoor Servant of the forgiver
Abdul-Haafiz Servant of the protector
Abdul-Hadi Servant of the guide
Abdul-Hafiz Servant of the protector
Abdul-Hakam Servant of the arbitrator
Abdul-Hakim Servant of the wise one
Abdul-Halim Servant of the mild
Abdul-Hameed Servant of the praiseworthy; the ever-praised
Abdul-Hamid Servant of the praised one
Abdul-Haqq Servant of the truth
Abdul-Haseeb Servant of the respected; esteemed
Abdul-Hasib Servant of the respected
Abdul-Jabaar Servant of the mighty
Abdul-Jabbar Servant of the mighty
Abdul-Jaleel Servant of the great; revered
Abdul-Jalil Servant of the great
Abdul-Karim Servant of the noble
Abdul-Khaaliq Servant of the creator
Abdul-Khaliq Servant of the creator
Abdul-Latif Servant of the kind one
Abdul-Majid Servant of the glorious one
Abdul-Malik Servant of the master (or king)
Abdul-Matin Servant of the firm
Abdul-Mu’izz Servant of the giver of might and glory
Abdul-mueid Servant of the restorer- Allah
Abdul-Muhaimin Servant of the supervising
Abdul-Mujib Servant of the responder
Abdul-Muta’al Servant of the most high
Abdul-Nasir Servant of the helper
Abdul-Nasser Servant of the victorious one
Abdul-Qaadir Servant of the capable
Abdul-Qadir Servant of the capable
Abdul-Qahaar Servant of the subduer
Abdul-Qahhar Servant of the subduer
Abdul-Quddus Servant of the most holy
Abdul-Qudoos Servant of the most holy
Abdul-Ra’uf Servant of the most merciful
Abdul-Rafi Servant of the one who raises
Abdul-Raheem Servant of the most compassionate
Abdul-Rahim Servant of the most compassionate one
Abdul-Rahman Servant of the merciful one
Abdul-Raouf Servant of the most merciful
Abdul-Rasheed Servant of the rightly guided
Abdul-Rashid Servant of the rightly guided one
Abdul-Razaaq Servant of the maintainer; the provider
Abdul-Razzaq Servant of the maintainer
Abdul-Sabur Servant of the patient
Abdul-Salaam Servant of the peace
Abdul-Salam Servant of the peace
Abdul-Samad Servant of the eternal
Abdul-Sami Servant of the all-hearing
Abdul-Shakur Servant of the most thankful
Abdul-Tawwab Servant of the forgiver
Abdul-Waahid Servant of the one
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the loving
Abdul-Wadud Servant of the loving
Abdul-Wahhab Servant of the giver
Abdul-Wahid Servant of the one
Abdulaakhir He who does not change as the world messes his life
Abduladl The servant of the unique lord
Abdulafuw One who is the servant of the forgiving master
Abdulaliyy A man who is respected and dignified
Abdulazaz A great servant of the almighty Allah
Abdulbaasit A mythological character \who shows traits of the creator
Abdulbadee The one who begins life and traditions
Abdulbarr Honored to serve the great one
Abdulfataah A servant of solid character
Abdulfattah One who defeats his enemies
Abdulghaffar Abdul mean ‘servant of Allah’ and Ghaffar means ‘merciful’
Abdulghafoor He who loves to serve the merciful master
Abdulghani One who is dignified and helps all
Abdulhady It is an Arabic name that is used to mean Allah
Abdulhafeez The protector of his master
Abdulhafid One who serves the protector
Abdulhafiz He who serves the God’s defender
Abdulhakam He who works for the judge
Abdulhakeem Abdulhakeem means servant of the kind man
Abdulhakim A person who is wise and benevolent
Abdulhaleem He who serves the patient master
Abdulhasib Servant of the respected one
Abduljame The one who serves the farmer
Abdulkabir Helper to the most great Allah
Abdulkareem Slave of the generous god
Abdulkawi The one who can search for new ideas
Abdulkhafiz The person who supports the blessed one
Abdulkhaliq He who follows the creator
Abdull A servant of god
Abdulla Variation: abdullah
Abdullah Servant of god;The father of Prophet Muhammad
Abdullateef One who serves a kind and noble man
Abdulmaalik The servant if the Master of mankind
Abdulmagid The famous devotee of the Lord
Abdulmannan The servant of the generous one
Abdulmateen Servant of the firm and strong one
Abdulmu’izz He who is worthy of praise
Abdulmuhaymin The one who serves the guardian of life
Abdulmuhsen One who stands by the truth
Abdulmuhsi The slave of the special one
Abdulmuhsin He who serves the supporters of society
Abdulmuhyi One who sacrifices his life for all
Abdulmuiz He who sacrifices life for almighty
Abdulmujahid The one who is responsible for his actions
Abdulmujeeb Servant of the Allah- the one who answers prayers
Abdulmumin The one who guards his faith
Abdulnafi The one who serves the person favored by God
Abdulnaseer He who is helpful
Abdulqahaar One who is devotee of Allah
Abdulqahhar The one who prays to Allah sincerely
Abdulqawi The strong and dignified servant of Allah
Abdulqayyum The one who loves his Creator
Abdulquddus The perfect follower of Allah
Abdulrabb He who serves his Creator with no qualms
Abdulrafi One who serves the prestigious people
Abdulrahman Slave of the merciful god
Abdulwarith He who helps the the master
Abdunnoor A muslim boy’s name meaning brilliant one
Abdur-raqeeb Servant of the watchful Allah
Abdus-smad Slave of the eternal Allah
Abed Worshipper
Abedi Muslim name that means worshipper
Abedin Worshippers
Abeed Abeed means a slave or a worshipper of God
Abhaar Gratitude or thankfulness
Abhar The one who is clever and and intellectual
Abid Worshipper of god
Abrak The blessed one
Abu al Khayr One who does good
Abu Bakr Name of one of muhammad’s companions
Abul Khayr One who does good
Abyan Very clean
Addiel A righteous man ; one who is fair and just
Adel Just
Adham Black
Adiel A righteous man ; one who is fair and just
Adil Sincere
Adnan Proper name
Afan Muslim name that means growth or progress
Afdal Excellent
Afeef Chaste
Afif Chaste
Afzal Most excellent
Agrim Always ahead
Ahmad Most highly adored
Ahmed Most highly adored
Akbar Big man
Akeem Wise or insightful
Akil Intelligent
Akram Most generous
Akyas Wise; intelligent
Al Abbas Description of a lion
Ala Nobility
Ala’ al din Nobility of faith
Alaa Nobility; excellence
Alaa Udeen Excellence of religion
Aladdin Nobility of faith
Aleem Knowledgeable
Ali The highest
Alibaba Great leader
Alif The first character in hijaiyah
Alim Wise or learned
Aliyy The highest
Alli The highest
Altair The flying eagle; also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation lyra
Alula First born
Alvan One who has a fair complexion
Amad Much praised one of many names used to refer to the prophet muhammad
Ameen Faithful
Ameer Prince
Amid General
Amin Faithful
Amir Prince
Amjad More glorious
Ammar Builder
Amr Old arabic name
Anahid Immaculate
Anas A group of people
Anees Close friend
Anis Close friend
Anum The Arabic origin name means ‘blessings of God’
Anwar Light
Aqib Another name for Prophet Muhammad; successor; follower
Arbad Masters; lords
Ardalan A Kurdish vassal
Arfan Gratitude
Arif Corporal; aquainted
Arkaan Principles
Armaan Wish; desire
Arqa A person noted for his refined taste in things
Arsh Dominion; crown;sky;pure
Arzhang Name of a character in Shahnameh. Shahnama is a long poem written by the Persian poet Ferdowsi
Asad Lion
Asadel Most prosperous one
Asheem Boundless
Ashfaq Noble prince
Ashraf Most honorable
Asif Forgiveness
Asim The Arabic origin name means “shield”
Aslam Greeting
Aswad Black
Ata Gift
Ataa Gift
Atif Compassionate
Atiq Atiq means
Atqa The name of Arabic origin means ‘more God-conscious’
Awad Reward
Awani The man who helps people on Earth
Awmar The one with a long life
Awrad A youthful and rose looking child
Aws Name of a tree
Ayaaz Respected and enduring
Ayamin Blessed by the grace of god
Ayman Lucky; on the right
Aynan The Arabic name means “two springs”
Ayoob A prophet’s name
Aysar One who is affluent
Ayub Companion of Prophet Muhammad; one who asks for pardon
Ayyash Ayyash is a Muslim name that means
Ayyub A prophet’s name
Aza Comfort
Azam Offspring
Azaz Honest
Azb Sweet
Azeem Defender
Azhar Most shining
Azhmeer Clever; wise
Azim Defender
Azmi Honest
Azra Virginal
Azure Sky blue
Azzaam Determined; resolved
Azzam Determined

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