Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘B’, Unique, Modern with Meanings

Name Meaning
Baahir Dazzling; brilliant
Baashir A brave and loyal person
Baasim Smiling
Babak A young new father
Babar The King or Leader of the crowd
Babasaheb Ambitious person
Babatunde The father who has returned for good
Badr Full moon
Badr al Din Full moon of the faith
Badr Udeen Full moon of the faith
Badshah King of luck
Baha Beautiful
Baha al Din Magnificence of the faith
Baha Udeen The magnificent of the faith
Bahaa A glorious and splendid man bahah
Bahadar Brave man
Bahir Dazzling
Bahiy Udeen The magnificent of the faith
Bahiyy Magnificence of the faith
Bahjah Live in Splendor
Bajes The name of Arabic origin means ‘powerful warrior’.
Balaabishekh One who does great deeds
Baleegh The name of Arbaic origin means ‘eloquent’
Bambad It means dawn
Banayot Mature and responsible person
Baqa It means eternity
Baqee It means enduring and lasting
Baqi It means servant of the everlasting power
Baqil Handsome and youthful person
Baqir A learned man
Baqiyya One who is endure a lot
Baraat One who is secure
Barakaat One who is blessed with abundant prosperity
Barakah Blessing
Bardia The prince
Bareed A messenger of good news
Barek One who is noble
Barhi Thanking the world
Bari Of allah
Barir Honest and faithful person
Barjees A variant name for the planet Jupiter
Barkat One who is blessed and lucky
Barke One who practices the occupation of tanning leather
Barlas An authoritative and strong willed person
Barraq A boy who glows in glory
Barzin An Iranian hero who is brave and handsome
Basaam Smiling
Basel Brave
Bashaar Bringer of glad tidings
Basharaat A person who is shrewd in business
Basharat One who carries good omen
Bashir A good omen
Bashirat An intelligent and prudent person
Bashshar Bringer of glad tidings
Basil Brave
Basim Smiling
Basir One of the ninety-nine names of God; careful; wise; prudent
Basirat One who observes his surroundings well
Bassam Smiling
Bata A reliable buddy or friend
Batin Highly secretive person by nature
Batish Powerful and enigmatic person
Bayar Happy and pleasant person
Bayazid a historical saint’s name
Bayyan Clear and transparent person
Bazam Another variation for Tabiee
Bazugh Time of dawn
Be Nazir Exceptionally talented individual
Bebo Loved by his people
Bechir The man who is able to discern well
Behlol A saint of divine foresight
Behram He who comes from Mars
Behrooz The rich and lucky man who helps his people
Behrouz The person who is fortunate to live a life of luxury
Behroz Blessed by the Sacred God
Bekir The first child of the family
Bekkem The one who cannot see pain
Bijan The hero
Bilaal Name of the prophet’s muezzin
Bilal Name of the prophet’s muezzin
Billal Name of the prophet’s muezzin
Bishr Joy
Borna Youthful one
Burhaan Proof
Burhan Proof

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