Best Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘F’

Name Meaning
Faadhil A generous personality
Faakhir Proud
Faareh A happy person
Faaris Horseman
Faarooq He who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Faateer One who thinks of new ideas
Faateh A victorious leader
Faatih One who openly conquers all that he sees in his path
Faatir One who makes joy in life
Faaz Victorious
Fadgham It means a man who is handsome
Fadhil An honorable personality
Fadhiler It means a man known for his excellence
Fadhl A man who is generous and loving
Fadi Redeemer
Fadil Generous
Fadl Outstanding
Fadl Ullah The excellence of god
Fadri Fadri means one who rules in peace
Fahad A type of cat like panther
Fahd Lynx
Faheem Keen to learn new things
Fahimuddin Practical attitude in life
Fahmin A boy who is responsible in life
Faisa One who takes bold decisions
Faisal Decisive
Faiz A generous person by heart
Faizal One who is decisive ; resolute
Faizan Beneficence
Faizeen Honest
Faizi Endowed with superabundance.
Fakhara Generous ruler
Fakhir Person of excellent character
Fakhiri Honorary
Fakhry Honorary
Fakih Legal expert
Falex One who protects his people
Fallou Independent personality
Faraz Ascent
Fardeen A person who possess triple strength
Fareed Unique
Fareeq Lieutenant general
Farees Intelligent
Fareh Fareh means
Farghan Farghan means a wave of music.
Farhaan Filled with happiness
Farhad Filled with happiness
Farhan Wisdom
Farhi Glad
Farid An unique personality
Fariq Lieutenant general
Faris A person with insight about the future
Fariz Promising
Farman One with order in life
Farook A person who understands the right and wrong
Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Farrukh Beautiful-faced
Farukh A person who is not impartial
Faruq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Farz A commandment of Allah
Farzaan An intelligent and wise person
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzam Worthy
Farzan Wise
Fasahat A person who is an expert or fluent in any field
Fasal One who is blessed to decide
Faseeh One who is an expert in writing or speaking
Fasih A well versed and learned man
Fatah Servant oif the most high Allah
Fatai Intuitive and friendly person
Fatan Intelligent
Fateen Clever
Fath Victory
Fathah A successor
Fathi Victory
Fatik Deadly
Fatin Clever
Fatir Fatir means
Fattah Fattah means he who opens up
Fauz The Arabic origin name means ‘victory’
Fawad A successful man
Fawaz The Quranic name means ‘winner’
Fawwaz Successful
Fawzi Winner
Fayadh A liberal and free-thinking man
Fayij The name means victory at all times
Faysal Decisive
Fayyaadh An easy going man
Fayyadh One who is very generous
Fayzal The person who acts as arbitrator and judge
Fayzel The one who can judge the situations
Fayzulhaq A person who speaks the truth with grace
Fazeed Knowledgeable person
Fazil An accomplished person
Fazilath One who comes from the land of Fazilah
Faziuddin One who belongs to the bountiful religion -Islam
Fazl Favour
Fazle Blessed by the Lord\s bounty
Fazleilahi Living under the grace of Allah’s bounty
Fazlemawla It means Blessed by the Bounty of the God
Fazlerab It means the compensation of the Lord
Fazlerabbi The Lord has donated and is gracious to the person
Fazzal Being graceful for the rewards
Feeroz It means the King who can win
Ferdnan A bright boy by character and intelligence
Fereydoon It means the third virtuous king of the Persian world
Feriz The fortunate soul
Feroz Victorious and successful
Ferran Baker
Ferron Baker
Fida Redemption
Fidaa Redemption
Fidaan One who manipulates the situation
Firaas Knight
Firas Perspicacity
Firdos The celestial place of God
Firdoze The place loved by the God
Firoze An undefeatable person
Fizan A gust of wind or breeze
Fouad Heart
Fravash Guardian angel
Fuad Heart
Fudail Excellent in character

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