Famous Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘G’

Name Meaning
Gaddiel God is my fortune
Gadiel God is my fortune
Gamal Camel
Gamali Camel
Ghaalib Victor
Ghaazi Conqueror
Ghalib Victor
Ghani The Quranic name means ‘rich’
Ghasaan Old arabic name
Ghasif He who is satisfied with life
Ghassan Old arabic name
Ghatool It means the precious tulip flower
Ghawer The one who considers in depth
Ghazaar The one who is well bred with manners
Ghazanfer He who is brave
Ghazi Conqueror
Ghiyaath Succorer
Ghiyath Succorer
Ghorzang The one who takes long strides
Givon From the hill or heights
Gul Flower

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