Modern Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘H’

Name Meaning
Haady Guiding to the right
Haafiz The protector of the Quran
Haakim One who is wise ; intelligent
Haamid Praising (god)
Haani Happy; delighted
Haanish One who is delighted
Haarith Plowman; old arabic name
Haaroon A prophet’s name
Haashim Generosity
Haatim Judge
Hab It means hope and love
Habash It means they resemble a guinea fowl
Habbab A lovable and friendly person
Habbie A smart and famous person
Habeeb One who everyone loves
Habeeballah Loved by the Lord
Habeel One who is accepted by Allah
Habib Beloved
Habiballah The beloved of God
Hachim One who destroys evil
Hadi Guiding to the right
Hadpad One who gains fame
Hafees Guardian or protector
Hafeez A protector
Hafiz A protector
Hafizur Shrewd businessman
Haider A bold man
Haille Independent self thinker
Hajamaideen Self sufficient person
Hajara One who shines
Hajibasha A boy who can take authority
Hakam The one who judges rightly
Hakeem The widely popular name means ‘wise
Hakeim One who is wise ; intelligent
Hakem Ruler
Hakiem One who is wise ; intelligent
Hakim Wise
Haleel A prominent or famous person
Halim Mild
Halin One who can attract success
Hamal Lamb
Hamd The Arabic origin name means ‘praise’.
Hamdan The praised one
Hameed A servant worthy of praise
Hameer A rich person
Hamid The praised one
Hamit One who works towards success
Hammad One who praises god
Hamshad Always victorious
Hamza Lion
Hamzah Lion
Hanbal Purity
Haney One who is pleased ; happy
Hani Happy
Hanif True believer
Hannan One who shows mercy and compassion
Hany One who is pleased ; happy
Harb The one who wins in battle
Harim A superior man
Haroun Arabic form of aaron
Harun Arabic form of aaron
Hasan The Quranic name of Arabic origin means ‘beautiful’
Hashim Broker
Hasim One who is decisive haseem
Hassan Beautiful
Hatim Judge
Hawis Hawis means an idea or a concept
Haytham Young hawk
Hayub One who is to be greatly revered
Hazeem A wise and intelligent man.
Hazrat Prophet/jesus
Hilal Moon
Hilel The new moon
Hisham Generosity
Hobb The name of Arabic origin means ‘love’
Houd A prophet’s name
Hud A prophet’s name
Hudhayfah Old arabic name
Humam Courageous
Husaam Sword
Husain Little beauty
Husam Sword
Husam al Din Sword of the faith
Husayn Beautiful
Hussein Little beauty
Huthayfa Old arabic name

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