List of Unique Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with ‘I’

Name Meaning
Ibadat Ibadat means ‘to worship’
Ibraheem A prophet’s name
Ibraheim Father of a multitude ; father of nations
Ibrahim Father of a multitude
Id It is another variant of the Muslim festival Eid
Idrak Idrak means intellect
Idrees A prophet’s name
Idris A prophet’s name
Iesa A prophet’s name
Iesha Alive
Ifran Ifran means ‘one with an identity’
Ihsaan Beneficence
Ihsan Beneficence
Ihtesham Magnificent
Ihtishaam One with a splendid personality
Ihtsham It is a Muslim name that means ‘strength’ and ‘power’
Ikram Honour
Ikrimah A female pigeon
Iltimas Iltimas means ‘to request’
Ilyas A prophet’s name
Imaad Support; pillar
Imaad Udeen The pillar of the faith
Imad Support
Imad al Din Pillar of the faith
Imam One who believes in god
Imara The Quranic name means ‘to enliven’.
Imen Faith or belief
Imraan A prophet’s name
Imran A prophet’s name
Imroz Imroz is a Muslim name that means ‘today’
Imsaal Muslim boy’s name that means unique or one of a kind
Imthyaz Imthyaz means the chosen one
Imtiaz Arabic name meaning
Imtinan Imtinan means gratefulness
Imtiyaz Great king
Inam Inam is a Muslim name meaning gift or reward
Inam ul Haq The popular Arabic origin name means ‘gift/blessing from God’.
Inayat Inayat is a Muslim name that means kindness
Inayath Bounty
Inayathulla Care Of Allah
Iniat It is a muslim name that means
Insaf It is a Muslim name that means justice
Inshaf Equity; justice
Iqbaal Iqbaal means prosperity
Iqbal Muslim name meaning luck
Iqraam Muslim name that means respect
Iqtidar Igtidar is a muslim name that means power or authority
Iravat Rain clouds
Irfaan Thankfulness
Irfan Irfan means ‘thankfulness’
Irtiza Irtiza means ‘approval’
Is-haaq A prophet’s name
Isa Jesus is referred as Prophet Isa in Quran
Isaâ It is the name of a prophet in Quran
Isaad One who is adjusting and cooperative
Isaam Safeguard
Isam One who safeguards
Isar It is a name that means ‘fascinating’
Isfandiyar The name is similar to a brave Iranian King
Ishaq A prophet’s name
Ishat Superior
Ishayu Full of strength
Ishir Another name for agni
Ishrat Pleasure
Ishtiyaq Muslim name that means ‘to long for’
Isir Isir is a Muslim name that means strong or powerful
Iskandar A helper and defender of mankind
Iskander A helper and defender of mankind
Isma’il A prophet’s name
Ismaaeel God will hear us
Ismaael A prophet’s name
Ismaail Name of a Muslim prophet
Ismaeel God will hear us
Isma’il Name of a Prophet in the Quran
Issam Safeguard
Issar It is a Muslim boy’s name that means ‘sacrifice’
Iyaad A big mountain
Iyaas Muslim name that means
Iyad A big mountain
Iyas Muslim name that means ‘to console’
Izaan The Quranic name means ‘submission’
Izdihar It means flourishing or blossoming
Izz al Din Might of the faith
Izz Udeen Might of the faith

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